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20+ Photos That Will Answer the Question “What Will Happen If ?”

Scientific discoveries most often occur in the process of painstaking work. But even researchers sometimes come to phenomenal conclusions, just asking the question “What if? ..”. Of course, not all answers to such questions can be useful to us in real life, but they will certainly help broaden our horizons, and at the same time better know and understand the world around us.

We happy to show you new interesting conclusions that netizens have come to. And bonus, you will find out who will visit you if you do not close the door at high tide.

This is what happens when you vacuum seal garlic.

3. “I used a paint shaker to churn butter and ended up with tiny “butter balls”.”

4. This is what happens when you try to display candles on a hot patio

5. This is how the ocean looks like, in which the water froze very quickly during sudden temperature changes

6. This is what happens to the wrench if it gets into steel strap recoiler.

7. “My father used this spoon for over 30 years from scraping the bottom of cooking pans and pot.”

8. This is what happens when you leave a pack of gummy bears in an 105 degree car.

9. “Mom was making Christmas cake and decided to melt white chocolate in the microwave.”

10. This is what happens to the wooden guitar pick (right) after a year of use.

11. This is what happens when my dog is around static

12. Never try to clean the laptop screen with glass cleaner.

13. Frozen drops of steel that have fallen to the floor

14. Here’s what happens to French fries if you accidentally put them in the microwave for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

15. This is what the shadow of my glasses looks like when sunlight hits them

16. “Granny accidentally put one of her leather gloves in the washing machine.”

17. This is what happens to expired pizza dough

18. This is what happens if you blow a plastic bottle with an industrial hair dryer.

19. Live power line fell, it was so hot that it melted through the sidewalk and turned the sand underneath to glass

20. “My roommate tried to dry her bra in the microwave.”

21. I cracked a coconut without breaking the edible part!

Bonus: This is what happens when you leave your doors open during high tide in San Diego

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