20 Surprises of Nature That Do Not Fit in Our Heads

Nature never tires of throwing surprises to us. And we are very grateful to her for this, because otherwise it would be boring to live. As soon as we find a pepper that demonstrates 3 stages of ripening at the same time, or, for example, find that limes are drowning in water and there are no lemons, we once again affirm that mother nature is inimitable.

We selected 23 photos of strange and exciting situations, and in the bonus we have a magic shot taken by a really successful photographer.

1. A lone cherry has grown in the middle of a tree

2. “The difference between the summer and winter colors of my horse is obvious”

3. “The smallest maple leaf I’ve seen”

4. The tree “drew” an asterisk in the core of this branch

5. The tomato looks like it was sewn from shreds

6. These Forget-Me-Not’s grew in a heart shape

7. “I caught a fish with scoliosis”

8. These flowers mix yellow, white and burgundy in random proportions.

9. Pepper is half green, half red

10. My iris is misshaped but no known eye problems after 25 years!

11. “My mini cactus produced a flower that lived only one day.”

12. Inside this mandarin was hiding a baby mandarin

13. “My parents’ cactus looks like a person waving.”

14. Every year we get a single red rose growing through the wall of ivy in our garden

15. “I noticed a squirrel with an unusual color”

16. A slice of pepper immediately demonstrates 3 stages of ripening

17. My friend’s garlic is just one clove

18. A perfectly circular rainbow made by my door’s peephole during sunset

19. Petunia looks like a galaxy

20. It turned out that lemons are kept on the surface, and limes are drowning

Bonus: the plane looks like it is flying to the moon

If you have photos of anything that made you exclaim “Wow!”, Please share them with us.

Photo by Hyrla / reddit

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