8 Unusual Things That Accidentally Found in the Forest

Forests cover 30% of total land area, and most of this area has not been explored. Therefore, often walking through the park or climbing into some wilderness, people accidentally finds sometimes mysterious – unusual things.

Today we will tell you about 8 strange things that people found in the forest.

1. Boulders on trees

2. Bosnian stone

3. Totenkopf

4. Baigong pipes

5. Devil tree

6. “Core”

7. Bronze mask

8. Dancing plant

Jason Freeman and his wife were out riding near Hilton when they came across the bizarre plant rocking back and forth despite there not being a breath of wind in the air.
‘OK that is really starting to creep me out,’ says Freeman, who began filming the weird occurrence. ‘It’s not wind. Look at it go.’

Photo by credit sankax reddit

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