9 Chips in Masculine Look That No Girl Will Ignore

A series of experiments by Ioannina Willis and Alexander Todorov, psychologists from Princeton, proves: we only need 1/10 of a second to form our opinion about a person, looking only at his face.

Women are usually not limited to one man’s face and manage to evaluate both the figure and the hairstyle, and many other seemingly completely unobvious details. What exactly does not go unnoticed by their keen eyes?

Happy Worthy Life collected 9 things for you that a female X-ray look will fall on in the first place. Men, be vigilant!

1. Clothing

At the first glance at a man, a woman evaluates how he is dressed. Only 3 requirements are usually imposed on men’s clothing:

  • Cleanliness and neatness. A sweater in spools, a stain of coffee on a shirt and jeans that have never seen a washing machine can deprive a man of any chance to continue dating.
  • Relevance. A man dressed in a tuxedo will look strange at a beach party, as will a guy in shorts during a theater performance. By the way, the second case suggests that the man is also not very familiar with the rules of etiquette.
  • Sense of style. Girls easily forgive guys small errors in choosing clothes, especially since they are always ready to help if a man allows them. But outright bad taste like sweatpants with classic shoes does not please them.

Moreover, scientific studies prove that the clothes we wear can affect our performance, thinking, and even hormone levels and heart rate.

2. Hairstyle

Long or short, straight or wavy, light, dark or with a noble gray hair at the temples – how many women, so many tastes. The main thing is that your hair is washed and styled (styling can also be understood as usual combing, which some men sometimes forget about).

However, individual men, such as Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson, approached the issue of styling very radically, and at the same time they also look courageous and are popular among women.

3. Posture and gait

An energetic, purposeful and confident gait attracts women, because it betrays a successful person in a man who feels himself the master of life and knows how to withstand adversity.

A man who constantly looks down is slouching, shuffling and moving very uncertainly, subconsciously perceived as a person with problems. It seems that he is not the best period in his life, which means that he is unlikely to be able to make a woman happy in a relationship.

4. The figure

Most women like men whose shape resembles an inverted triangle: broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a tucked-up belly. Such a figure signals a woman that in front of her is a strong, hardy and healthy man who can protect both her and future children.

This sheds some light on the theory that men in marriage get fat, as wives subconsciously try to feed them and make them less “appetizing” in the eyes of the opposite sex. However, research suggests that both men and women tend to recover in a happy marriage.

5. Shoes

Men completely in vain underestimate such a detail of their image as shoes. Women manage to examine it no less carefully than clothes and a figure. Torn, dirty and groomed shoes give out in their owner the same sloppy person who does not attach much importance to their appearance.

Sandal socks are another story. Some men also have the habit of not wearing socks under their shoes at all. Together with the rolled up pants it sometimes looks strange. In fact, the choice of shoes can tell about its owner much more than it seems at first glance.

6. Facial expression

You can talk about which features of the male face are the most attractive for a very long time, because every woman has her own criteria of beauty. But that which does not exactly escape the careful female gaze is the expression on the face of a man.

At such moments, a real physiognomist wakes up in a girl who can see the harsh temper of a man behind her thin, clenched lips, insincerity behind her rolling eyes, and a cheerful person and company soul behind small wrinkles in her eyes.

Restrained, and sometimes even slightly thoughtful men like women, because they seem courageous and decisive. But for a serious relationship, according to studies, women prefer friendly and smiling men.

7. Accessories

The choice of accessories can tell a lot about the character of a man. Their huge number suggests that such a man likes to be in the center of attention and impress others. If the accessories are selected appropriately and tastefully, and you like a life full of parties and entertainment, you can be very interested in such a man.

The complete lack of accessories does not mean that you are a boring man. He is simply more restrained and does not like to attract too much attention.

8. Hands

Another part of the male body that women pay attention to even with a cursory glance at the man is his hands. They appreciate well-groomed male hands with long fingers and a beautiful shape of nails.

Bitten nails and barbs give out a nervous and insecure person. Also, according to the state of the hands, it can be assumed how often a man is faced with hard physical work. And also check if this man has a ring on the ring finger of his right hand. And if so, stop the “scan.”

9. Booty

9 Chips in Masculine Look That No Girl Wll Ignore

Sociologists believe that most women, when meeting a man, pay close attention to his ass.

Strong buttocks are an indicator that a man leads an active lifestyle, and his testosterone level is also in order. And elastic booty looks very aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, not only men can turn around after spectacular beauties. Just women do it more restrained.

What would you add to this list?

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