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10 Everyday Things That It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Most people literally have a tendency to store hundreds of unnecessary things in their blood in the hope that they will someday be useful. And despite the fact that this time does not come in any way, useless belongings are not sent to the landfill, but moved to the dacha, where it also lies for years. Usually this habit only eats up the square meters of the apartment and leaves no room for new impressions.

We at Happy Worthy Life know firsthand how hard it is to free your house from trash, but we urge everyone to fight Plyushkin, who lives in each of us. After all, putting things in order is first of all getting rid of unnecessary things. To make it easier to say goodbye to them, we have compiled a list of things to sell, give or throw away.

1. Old pillows

Well-worn, crumpled pillows are uncomfortable to sleep on. And besides, every night for eight hours, head and face touch the pillow. And it is not known how many bacteria have accumulated on it over the years. If there is a feeling that pillow does not hold its shape, it has become not so comfortable and quality of sleep has deteriorated, it is time to buy a new one. Typically, these beddings are changed every 1-2 years. And this is not stupid waste, but taking care of yourself and your health.

2. Expired medicines and cosmetics

If the cosmetics have changed color, or started to smell strange, then you should not use it. Often, bacteria appear in old creams and make-up products, which cause allergic reactions, acne, inflammation, and eye infections.

Expired medical products can be less effective or risky due to a change in chemical composition or a decrease in strength. Certain expired medications are at risk of bacterial growth and sub-potent antibiotics can fail to treat infections, leading to more serious illnesses and antibiotic resistance. Improper storage – such as a damp bathroom cabinet – can contribute to decreased effectiveness in medicines that have not reached their posted expiration date.

3. Air freshener

Air fresheners have become a staple in many American homes and offices, marketed with the promise of creating a clean, healthy, and sweet-smelling indoor atmosphere. But many of these products contain phthalates (pronounced thal-ates)—hazardous chemicals known to cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, and reproductive problems. For safety, you can use an aroma lamp or make an air freshener yourself using essential oils.

4. Old mobile phones and chargers are unknown from what

10 Everyday Things That It's Time to Say Goodbye

Every day, the technique is aging, and if you have not used something for a long time, then it is better to donate, sell or safely dispose of unnecessary devices. Otherwise, they will only take up space in the boxes. After all the technologies they have tried on themselves, hardly anyone will return to a shabby, outdated brick-sized phone in which the only entertainment is playing a snake.

You may have a lot of cables that you no longer use. This could be attributed to the fact that you bought new ones to replace them. It may be because you choose to go wireless, as this is a common trend nowadays. No matter the situation. The task at the end of the day is the same, getting rid of old cables. Yes, everybody can get rid of old cables by simply throwing them away in the trash.

5. Disposable plastic containers from stores

The smallest scratches on them contribute to the growth of bacteria. But even if you managed to wash disposable dishes after use and not damage it, then most often the containers simply take up space in the house, as they are too fragile for constant use. In order to protect the planet from plastic, it is recommended to replace them with glass containers with a wooden or silicone lid.

6. Old underwear

Tell-tale signs of worn out undies are stretching and fading. If you feel like they’re no longer gripping your hips and are shifting around under your clothing, it’s time to trash them.

If white linen has become a grayish hue, then it also has no place in the closet. Better to leave excuses like “I can wear it when alone at home or when walking the dog.” Note that the regular use of the exemplary life of service underwear – from 6 months to a year.

7. Your old tights

They take up space, creating the illusion that your shelves are breaking from tights. But in fact it turns out that there is nothing to wear with a dress. Instances with arrows, puffs and holes can be sewn up and worn under trousers or high boots. But we believe: you deserve the best.

8. Discount store cards

Previously, to receive a discount, you had to present a store card. Now you can download information about it into special applications for your phone and store all discount cards in digital form. To receive a discount, it is enough to show the card to the cashier on the smartphone screen. Conveniently.

9. Outfits for one time

Many girls often buy clothes on the eve of any major event, and after they put them on once, they send them to gather dust for years on the mezzanine. If you are planning a photo shoot, wedding, corporate party or any other large-scale event, then you can rent a dress. And it will be cheaper , and you will not need to find a place to store a bulky suit. If you still want to buy a dress, then you can give preference to laconic models that are suitable for other holidays.

10. Papers, documents that were collected for one reason or another

These are old warranty cards, contracts, certificates, bank statements, recipes, instructions for household appliances, and so on. Many people keep a pile of documents “for every fireman”: what if something comes in handy. If the papers are out of date  – the guarantee has expired, all payment deadlines have passed, you have received a visa long ago – then feel free to throw it away.

What things are you not ready to part with for anything in your life?

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