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18 People Easily Do Without Fashion Designers and Create Masterpieces From Their Clothes Themselves

Sometimes, even from the most seemingly simple clothes, you can create something amazing and stylish. For example, you can paint your favorite jacket, add embroidery to your shirt, or make shorts and a hat from your old jeans. The heroes of our article convince you that you can experiment with your favorite things, and then they will not bore you.

We are at Happy Worthy Life became interested and inspired by this approach, and we will definitely try to transform our things ourselves. Join us.

1. “I have been embroidering this jacket for 300 hours”

2. “Sneakers with Winnie the Pooh, which I painted myself”

18 People Easily Do Without Fashion Designers and Create Masterpieces From Their Clothes Themselves
procrastinatinq / Reddit

3. “Added a spark to my jeans, and now I look like a walking museum.”

4. “I painted my jeans. Piglet and Spring “

5. “Painting on a denim jacket. Artist – me, 2020 “

6. “Finally finished embroidering ramen (Japanese noodles) on a guy’s shirt. Hope he likes it! “

7. “I painted it myself, and I don’t care if someone decides that these are children’s shoes. I love them!”

8. “Turned Daddy’s Old Jeans into a Hat and Shorts.”

9. “I painted a psychedelic scene on a sweater.”

10. “Last week I learned to embroider, and this week I created a llama on my jeans”

11. “My sister borrowed my jeans and after that I had to sew them up.”

12. “Made shorts, hat and bag from the same old jacket.”

“Looks good. The shorts seem to be from a big brand. ”  SatoriTWZ / Reddit

13. “My girlfriend painted my shoes”

14. “I had a limited budget for my 12th anniversary gift, so I painted my husband’s jacket.”

15. “I had fun with paints and white jeans.”

16. “Made a jacket out of old jeans. It took me 7 pairs “

17. “Made a down jacket with Batman from a sleeping bag”

18. “Drew Starry Night on my Converse”

How do you feel about this creative approach? What experiments have you done with your items?

Photo by PSTCrim / Reddit

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