20+ Courier Stories After Reading Which You Think: “But I Still Have a Good Job in Life”

It would seem that what could be easier than the work of a courier: deliver parcels to yourself and don’t blow your mind. But in fact, delivery workers constantly get stuck in any situation, only endurance and ingenuity can helps them. They put up with irritable customers, carry heavy loads, resist bullies, and all this so that we receive our order on time.

We understand the difficulties of couriers’ work and would like to present you stories about their joys and sorrows.

I work as a courier, carrying an order somehow. The address is not clear, I call the client:

  • How to get there?
  • Where are you?
  • Next to the red sign.
  • Turn right and in a straight line for 200 meters, there will be a man in a striped T-shirt. So go to him.
    Most surprisingly, this guy in a striped T-shirt was the customer.

I work as a courier, and my favorite friends order food and drinks to see me. Twitter

I work as a courier for the delivery of bouquets. The order was for an old grandmother. I brought a bouquet and asked:

  • Can I take a photo? This is the delivery condition.
    So the granny, who could hardly walk, roused herself and said:
  • Photo? How is the photo? I’m without makeup! Wait, son, I’ll paint my lips at least. And she ran away to paint. Overheard / vk

I came to a client who ordered the delivery of Mediterranean food, I went to the door and noticed cash in her hand, I thought: “Cool, tip!” But no, she took the order and asked if I could run to the grocery store to shop. nicnameks / Reddit

I work as a courier. And I am frankly annoyed by clients who order size S clothes for size 52-54, and then swear with me: “The size is wrong, you brought me the wrong thing.” Once I brought a customer to try on a dress XL, not S, and it came up. So she started yelling at me that it was impossible, because she wears S all her life. Overheard / vk

A week ago I delivered 8 large pizzas, 12 soda bottles and 6 salads. When I brought the order, the children went out and took everything. Received an SMS from their father in which he wrote that he would leave $ 25 for a tip. However, his son looked at me and said: “Dad told me to tip you, but I need this money myself.” And just closed the door right in front of my nose. GeminiXVIII / Reddit

I work as a courier. I’m taking a parcel in the car, suddenly at some point I hear a ticking. In a panic, I open the window and throw out the package at full speed. I drive 200 meters and then I decide to slow down and return. I plucked up courage, I went to the parcel, and there was a table clock. I had to go to the store, buy new ones of the same for half the salary. Chamber number 6 / vk

Brought pizza to the student dorm. Two girls were walking by, and suddenly one of them asked: “Is this my pizza?” I had to ask her name, but I was so tired that I just said the name from the receipt. The girls looked at each other, and one said: “Yes, it’s me.” I am fine!” And he handed her a receipt, where she quickly scrawled something and took the pizza. In less than a minute, another girl approached me and asked about her order. I caught up with the girls with her pizza, and they just dropped it and started giggling. © Bakir Hajdarevic / Quora

I worked as a courier for a large company that was engaged in express mail delivery. A client calls me on the phone and with indignation in her voice asks:
– What is it, when you arrive, I’m tired of waiting for you, come faster!
During the day there were probably 5-7 such calls. I always try to meet clients halfway – I came to her earlier, at an inconvenient time for myself and kindly apologized for the inconvenience, and she answered me:
– I don’t care, I’m sitting at home pregnant. 

I’m taking an order for one regular customer: a bouquet of 101 roses for $ 60, payment in cash. Near the entrance peasants :

  • How much, sell for $ 100?
    I said:
  • I can’t, there a man’s wife will come from the hospital.
    They began to threaten that they would take it away. I go up, ring the doorbell, but they don’t open it. I called my mobile, the guy said: “Get down, I’m at the entrance,” and laughs. In short, it turned out to be the same guy, gave me $ 70 and said that I was an awesome guy.

What do you think is the most difficult thing in the work of a courier?

What do you think?

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