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20+ People Who Smart and Made Their Homes Cooler

A special atmosphere inspires us to return home with joyful. Everyone has their own. Created by our own hands comfort in the house allows us to get to know ourselves better. And organization of space frees the mind from the need to solve small problems and helps to focus on the important: on the family, on the project of dreams of life.


Happy Worthy Life is convinced that the Internet is full of people who know how to decorate the space of their home very simple.

“A place where I am always immersed in “zen den” . June 2019 and June 2020 ”

“I sorted my books by color today and I really liked the result”

“I think I finally figured out the metal shelves of The Home Depot.”

The perfect way to not lose your second toe


I wonder how many days will pass before all kinds of toys in containers mix together.

Using transparent containers instead of packaging will add a million points in favor of comfort

Put my most frequently used spices in matching jars and labeled them. The lids are labeled as well.


When every centimeter is important in the kitchen, you can store food like this

“I decided to give a second chance to this chair, and the result exceeded all my expectations”

To create a more comfortable atmosphere, it is not necessary to place pots plants on the window – they can be placed right in the air

… using curtains

You can recall the knitting skills acquired at school


As well as macrame skill

This is a small look into our bedroom. My wife had me put all the hooks in the ceiling today

From an ordinary warehouse – to a perfectionist’s dream


The dreaded cupboard under the sink has been tamed

“My boyfriend assembled a personal computer, which means cable management for me

20+ People Who Smart and Made Their Homes Cooler
cmalapit4 / reddit

The ideal organization of the workplace: everything is in its place, you won’t lose anything or confuse

“I made myself an organizer for earrings”

“I like my open dressing room so much”

“I gave only $ 1 for a lamp and lampshade”

And how do you create a cozy atmosphere at home?

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