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45 Ways to Change Your Life. Choose at Least 10 for Yourself

Perhaps there are few people who are 100% satisfied with life. What prevents to change it? We are confident that this requires resources that we do not have. But, perhaps, everything is much simpler.


Life coach Elise Santilli teaches you to establish contact with yourself and make your dreams come true. She has compiled a list of habits that help you live a fuller, brighter, and happier life

1. Meditate every day to purify the mind as well as the body.

2. Make gratitude lists. The more you value the good in your life, the more good things lie ahead.

3. Do not discount compliments, accept help, allow yourself to receive and give love.


4. Before going to bed, let go of the past day and problems with the words: “What was, it was. Tomorrow will be a new day”.

5. Wait 5 seconds before reacting to any situation or behavior of another person. A pause will give you the opportunity to do the right thing, and not act on autopilot.

6. Analyze the information you consume. Don’t litter your life with nonsense.

7. Be attentive to feelings. They guide you on the path to calling.


8. Formulate a vision for life. Why are you here? What do you like to do? What do you want to learn, how do you want to help the world?

9. Realize your worth. It doesn’t need to be proven, live and enjoy life.

10. It’s never too late to change your mind and become who you wanted to be.

11. Share knowledge with others. We can learn a lot from each other


12. Love and accept yourself unconditionally. Don’t wait until you are slimmer or more successful. Get started now. Talk to yourself as a friend, not as an enemy.

13. List your interests, hobbies, and joys. Set aside time for them, like doing housework or grocery shopping.

14. Try to forgive yourself and others, let go of the past.


15. Live in the moment. Feel how the sun’s rays glide over your skin, savor every sip of coffee. This is the only way we can experience life.

16. Doubt beliefs. Most of them are entrenched in childhood and do not help. Start creating your own set of beliefs that will make you stronger.

17. Every morning ask yourself: How can I make this world a better place?

18. Strive for balance. Take and give, act and relax, pamper and limit yourself.

19. Use the power of your imagination. Think of opportunities for the development of life and move in these directions.

20. Accept what you cannot control: the weather, queues, someone else’s opinion. Save your energy for more important things.

21. Don’t let fear and doubt rule you.

22. Strive for growth, but not for perfection. We do not scold toddlers for falling when they learn to walk. Likewise, we should not berate ourselves when we learn a new skill.

23. Promise yourself to live to the fullest. Do what you’ve always dreamed of.

24. Realize your values ​​and let them guide you through life.

25. Keep a journal every day to connect with yourself.

26. Celebrate small victories, they inspire confidence and lead to great achievements.

27. Discover abilities and talents, share them with the world.

28. Try new things. Choose new paths, hobbies, cities and professions.

29. Concentrate on solutions, not problems.

30. Take care of the body. Drink plenty of water, eat right, exercise, and rest.

31. Mentally create a picture of the best version of yourself. Imagine how this person thinks, feels and does. Start acting like him.

32. Appreciate what is. We are surrounded by abundance. Think of the blossoming apple tree, the lush lawn in the park, the grains of sand on the beach.

33. Each morning, choose an intention that will guide you — for example, gratitude, forgiveness, or courage.

34. Put things in order. Get rid of things you no longer need.

35. Spend time in good company. The people around us influence us, so connect with those who dream, make and inspire.

36. Allow yourself to play more and have more fun

37. Stop focusing on results. Redefine your definition of success. If you did your best, you have already won.

38. Take time to reflect on life: what is going well and what needs to be changed.

39. Step out of your comfort zone every day. Fear is a natural emotion in the process of growth and development. Train yourself to act in spite of it.

40. Stop judging others.

41. Set goals and track progress.

42. Being yourself is more important than being part of the team. Promise yourself to live, work, love and create the way you want.

43. Look for things that are related to others, but not different from them.

44. Do everything with love: work, cook food, write songs.

45. Be more open and honest with others. Then they can love you, and not the mask that you are used to wearing.

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