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Best Key Principles of Effective Interviewing – Your Chance to Get a Great Job

According to statistics , the employer decides on the fate of the candidate in the first 90 seconds of the interview. In such a short time, only manners and appearance can be assessed, which means that clothing is of key importance. Most people know that the employer will push away untidiness, bad taste, too frank outfits. But sometimes not everything is so simple.

We at Happy Worthy Life decided to find out what recruiters say about how clothes can affect their final decision.

1. The choice of color of clothes affects the perception of others

 5 Key Principles of Effective Interviewing - Your Chance to Get a Great Job

CareerBuilder, the largest career site, conducted a survey among recruiters regarding their perception of the colors of the clothes of job seekers. It turned out that gray color is more often associated with competence and logic, white with organization, black with leadership, and purple and green with self-confidence and creative thinking.

The most “unprofessional” color was called orange. Yellow and red quickly tire of the interlocutor. They speak well of blue: it is believed that a team player will wear it.

2. Too bright clothes can be a kind of marker

 5 Key Principles of Effective Interviewing - Your Chance to Get a Great Job

Excessive brightness or courage in clothes can indicate a desire to attract attention by all means and can cause the opposite effect: you may doubt the brightness of your personality. Recruiters are aware of this. Therefore, even if you get a job where they evaluate your creativity, quick thinking, ability to approach non-standard solutions to issues, it’s not worth looking too extravagant.

It’s better to put the right accents, emphasizing your winning features – an unusual bracelet or watch, glasses, brooch. But there should be no more than two such focal points, and it is important to remember good taste. For example, sunglasses on the head are a marker of bad taste.

3. You can be mentally denied immediately, only when you see that you are “not your own”

 5 Key Principles of Effective Interviewing - Your Chance to Get a Great Job

Well, if before the interview you can find out if the company has a dress code, how it is customary to dress here. On the one hand, the universal style of clothing for many professions is business and strict. But, for example, in a bank a business suit will be very handy, but in an advertising agency you may be a black sheep. Your appearance at the interview should create an impression among others that you are their soul mate and share their tastes. If you are very different, you subconsciously encourage you to refuse.

If you are a representative of the creative profession (photographer, musician, designer, actor, journalist), it is better to allow yourself more free clothes that emphasize your personality. But here, too, it is important not to overdo it. The same goes for startup interviews, which are mainly made up of young professionals and where a strict dress code is not welcome.

4. The recruiter is always noticeable if you put on new clothes that are unusual for you

 5 Key Principles of Effective Interviewing - Your Chance to Get a Great Job

If you bought any clothing specifically for an interview, it is best to wear it at least once in a different setting. Then you can understand how convenient it is for you, and notice possible flaws. Otherwise, new clothes may play against you – for example, if you have not removed the extra thread or forgot about the tags that need to be removed.

The most popular tags are sewn pockets and slots on a jacket, jacket and coat. The slot is intercepted crosswise with a thread in color to preserve the shape of the suit during transport. After the purchase, the threads need to be removed, but not all do it.

5. When the clothes are uncomfortable, it catches the eye

 5 Key Principles of Effective Interviewing - Your Chance to Get a Great Job

Of course, you need to choose your image for an interview, but if you wear something completely unusual for you, it will be noticeable and, most likely, will affect your self-confidence.

Do not choose tight or loose clothing. Give preference to crumpled fabrics: according to statistics, this particular nuance most often affects our self-confidence. Do not do hairstyles or makeup that you are not used to. Even if this contradicts paragraph 3, the main thing is still the comfort that will allow you to open up for an interview.

Do you follow these principles when interviewing? Tell us about your successful and not so good communication with HR managers.

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