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14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits. Sweden consistently included in the top ten of the happiest countries in the world. Therefore, Swedish parents probably know how to grow a successful and contented person. Children are allowed to eat sweets only one day a week, but you can splash around in puddles around the clock.

We found out the intricacies of the Swedish parenting system and found out how they help grow self-sufficient people.

1. Children are allowed everything

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits

Jump and get your clothes dirty – in Sweden you can do everything that you have forbidden for your child for years. The Swedes believe that this is part of the natural development of the child, which should not be limited. Therefore, to send a child in clean clothes to a kindergarten, and pick it up in the mud is normal practice. The Swedish mother is more likely to blame herself for “wallpaper painting”: she probably did not pay enough attention to the child.

  • Compared to other countries, our children can do a lot. From the age of 4, I played with my friends unattended. Mostly outdoors. Often we drove bicycles, and if the rain was too heavy, we stayed in their room.  Johan Olofsson / Quora
  • In Sweden, their child protection is so severe that if a policeman saw you screaming at your child in the middle of the street, they would actually threaten to arrest you. In the school that I attended (ISSR), there were many children that are good, because of their parents’ kind actions towards them, and then their are some who take advantage of this. For example, I knew some 16 year olds who were pregnant and were smoking. The main objective of these child protection acts are the hope that the children will pass on this kindness to their own children, and then to the rest of the world. In some ways, it works, and in others, it doesn’t. Astrid Allen / Quora

2. The number of teachers in kindergartens change throughout the day

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits

For example, in the youngest group of 15 people, at least 3 educators. That is, there are no more than 5 children per adult. If one of the children has difficulty adapting to kindergarten or other problems, the group will receive another teacher.

The number of employees depends on how many children are in the group at a given moment. Parents indicate what time they work, and can leave the child in the garden only for this period.

  • I have two kids, 5 and 11 years and I´ve spent as much time home with them as my wife has. She had the first month or two and then we split the time with them equally until they where about 2 and we left them at kindergarten part time. We constantly stepped up and worked full time when they where about 3-4 yrs or something. Frank Isaksson / Quora
  • Near my house there is a kindergarten. When children play outside, there are always several educators with them. Passing by, I hear that the children speak Swedish and English. © Chris Ebbert / Quora

3. Parents in a divorce divide the child in half

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits

If the parents get divorced, the child continues to communicate with each of them equally. He lives with his mom for one week, and dad for the next. A kid can be given up to someone alone, only if the former spouse suffers from addictions. A distinctive feature of upbringing: they talk with children a lot and explain what can be done and what cannot.

  • Parents have equal custody rights, and paternity does not depend on whether the couple was married. In general, in Sweden, the child has more rights to guardianship, and not adults to guardianship.  Alan Waller / Quora
  • My brother and his ex have 3 children, and they can’t agree on something, so they often meet in court. But children still spend the same amount of time with both parents. Moreover, the couple has never been officially married. Johanna Appelber / Quora

4. Children are not allowed to be beaten

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits

In 1979, Sweden became the first country in the world to prohibit any physical abuse of children. The maximum punishment a little Swede can get is an offer from parents to go sit in their room and think about their own behavior.

  • Parents’ right to spank their children was actually removed in 1966, in 1979 an express prohibition of it was incorporated into the Parental Code. I was not born when the law incriminating spanking was passed, but we studied the law during jurisprudence class in law school. At the time, more than half the population was of the opinion that parents should be able to spank their children, but the government passed the law anyway. As a result, less than 10% of the public had that opinion in 1994. It is brought up as an example that you can change peoples’ opninions through laws. Parents spanking their children can be charged for battery, which could result in a prison sentence. Ching_chong_parsnip / Reddit

5. Grandparents do not interfere in education

Older residents of Sweden take care of their grandchildren only when they themselves want it. Parents may ask grandparents to sit with their child, but it is advisable to warn them about this in a couple of weeks. Young people have an dynamic life, and finding a half day in a busy schedule can be difficult. It is simply impossible to hear moral advice and parenting advice from Swedish grandmothers.

  • Grandparents rarely live with older children. Sometimes they help grandchildren if they live close. But this is not necessary, because we ourselves take care of the children. Relatives should not be economically or socially dependent on each other.  Valdemar Hedin / Quora
  • When I visit other countries, something strikes me: families of 2 or 3 generations, having lunch together in a restaurant. I have never seen this in Sweden. Ted Dus / Quora

6. There is no gender separation of toys

That in dolls, that both boys and girls can play in cars . In this country, it is not considered that toys should be gender-appropriate. Children are not limited in choosing their favorite color, for example, no one will be surprised if the boy asks to buy him pink clothes or utensils.

  • Children do not need imposed stereotypes, but they need to know how their bodies work and that we are all different. Soon I will have a daughter. And I don’t like it if someone says that she can’t do something because she’s a girl. I’ll buy books about strong women for her so that she doesn’t learn the misconception that “girls can only be cute and play with dolls”.  Maria Fors / Quora
  • There are no toys “for boys” and “for girls”; children are treated equally. Girls are not taught to suppress anger, and boys are not taught that they should not cry or be sad. Boys attending gender-neutral pre-school institutions are better socialized and more willing to make friends with children of different sexes.  Keeley Mountford / Quora

7. From an early age, children take care of themselves

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits

Children learn the simplest things to take care of themselves shortly after reaching one year. Children eat, clean dishes and toys on their own, change clothes – in kindergartens children are told not only about their rights, but also about basic household duties.

  • With freedom comes responsibility. We knew perfectly well what we were not allowed to do on our own, for instance that ice on ponds and brooks is dangerous, or which roads were forbidden due to heavy traffic. We were supposed to look after each-other. And we did. We were also supposed to protect each-other from bullying. But that didn’t always work as well. Johan Olofsson / Quora
  • What does it mean to grow up in Sweden? The fact that from childhood on a person has a great responsibility, because your parents trust you.  Marita Elg / Quora

8. Women in the situation take very few tests, and the doctor does not conduct pregnancy

Pregnancy is usually done by midwives or nurses, not doctors. People are invited to receptions less often than in other countries, and ultrasound is done only once. Closer to the deadline, women in labor are offered to write wishes: in what atmosphere and posture would the woman want to give birth, would she need pain relief, etc.

9. After school, almost no one enters the university immediately

Most often, after graduation , the guys get a job or go on a trip (the money for which they accumulated while working on school holidays). For at least six months, most graduates seek themselves and try to understand what they want to do. If during this time young people understand that university education is indispensable, then they enter a university.

  • In Sweden there are 2 periods for admission to the university. To enter in February, the application must be submitted before the end of July. And in order to start studying in September, documents should be submitted before the end of March.  Shyam Yadav / Quora
  • Usually they finish school at 19, after which you can do whatever you want. You can go to work, go to college or university, go on a trip or something else. It is not customary to put pressure on children to continue their studies.  Jessica Nilsson / Quora

10. Maternity leave is given to both mom and dad

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits

A parental leave lasts 480 days, with each parent required to take at least 90 days. The remaining weeks can be distributed among themselves in any order. Dads think it helps to get to know their own children.

For parents there is a special resource “Katya Stroller”: indicating the place of residence and interests, you can organize a joint walk with other moms or dads.

  • Might not be representative to the entire country, but a male colleague of mine was recently gone for a full year and came back to a pretty sizeable promotion. GrandmaBogus / Reddit
  • Some companies make additional payments (80% of the earnings are paid by the government) on maternity leave. Therefore, it is not so unusual to receive 100% of your usual salary at this time. Sanzet / Reddit

11. Pregnant women are not anxious

Pregnancy in Sweden is not considered a reason to treat a woman in a special way. Without a request, they will not give up their place. But if you ask for help, they will do it with care. Some women in childbirth say that this attitude makes it easier to endure pregnancy – many, for example, continue to go to work until the 9th month

  • Women who do heavy or risky work (such as working on construction sites) are eligible for additional maternity benefits if they decide to go on maternity leave earlier.  Jessica Nilsson / Quora
  • The Swedish healthcare system gives women the opportunity to decide when and how to take time off to care for a small child; also, the system is set up such that your old job will still be there for you even after a quite long absence.. Erik Johansson / Quora

12. Before operation, the doctor makes contact with the child for several months

For some operation (for example, under general anesthesia) a child can be prepared for several weeks. During this period, the child comes to the clinic, communicates with the doctor and nurses to more friendly. An operation is prescribed only when the doctor considers that the child’s psyche is ready. At the beginning the mom sticks funny stickers with analgesic effect on the veins so that the baby would not be scared.

13. Children eat sweets only on Saturdays

14 Tricks Education From Swedish Will Help Grow Personality Traits
pexels   pexels  

For sweets in Sweden there is a special day – Saturday . The tradition says: on this day you can eat as much sweet as you want. On the remaining days of the week, giving sweets to children is not accepted. Thus, teeth are exposed to harmful effects only once a week, and this minimizes the risk of tooth decay. Many adults also continue to follow this rule.

  • By the mid-1950s, authorities decided that the population, especially children, had problems with their teeth. They wanted to improve the situation, so they introduced a rule: children were allowed to eat sweets only once a week – on Saturday. Such a measure made this day special.  Mark Schneider / Quora
  • We Swedes love our traditions. For example, on Fridays we have a movie evening with snacks, and on Saturday we can afford to eat sweets.  Kajsa Berglund / Quora

14. The Swedes have a peculiar idea about the prevention of allergies to gluten.

For a long time, the Swedes did not give products containing gluten to children under one and a half years of age, which is why the number of allergy sufferers in the state increased sharply. After numerous studies, they decided to treat allergies using the opposite method, starting to introduce a small amount of gluten into the diet from an early age. The situation is the same with nuts.

Which of these educational features would you introduce? And which, on the contrary, puzzles you?

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