15 New Words Meanings We Constantly Confuse

Our speech is changing as rapidly as the world around us. Every year new words and concepts appear. It is impossible to follow all the trends in the language, therefore, we often encounter unknown expressions. Their misunderstanding often leads to a stupor and makes you feel awkward.

We at Happy Worthy Life made a selection of new words that are increasingly found in modern speech, but many do not fully understand their meaning.

1. Outfit

The English word outfit is translated as “outfit” or “costume” and means a set of clothes , shoes and accessories for a particular event or activity. For example, urban outfit is suitable for easy walks along the promenade, and business outfit for negotiations.

2. Vibe

Vibe in English means the mood or character of a place, situation, music track. A good vibe can have not only a cozy cafe, as in the series “Friends”, but also a tube Instagram account with beautiful photos.

3. Volatility

“ Volatility   is a financial term that has migrated into colloquial speech. For economists, it refers to the volatility and instability of stock prices, currencies, and other instruments. In ordinary life, they say so about the inconstancy of relations, fashion and much more.

4. Diss

Diss  is an abbreviation for the English word disrespect, which translates to “disrespect.” In informal speech, it retains its meaning and is used in phrases like “What kind of diss, buddy?”

5. Dramedy

While watching a movie, you don’t know what to do: cry or laugh, you can be sure that it’s dramedy. As you might guess, the word means a mixture of genres of drama and comedy. Typical examples are many among the series: these are popular hits like “Orange is the hit of the season”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Shameless” and “Force Majeure”.

6. It-Bag

So they call an expensive bag of a famous brand. For example, from stitched leather with a Chanel strap, rectangular with a massive Dior key chain or brown with a recognizable print from Louis Vuitton.

7. It-Girl

It-girl  is not a programmer girl, as it might seem at first glance. So they call a fan of famous brands, instagram star and fashion influencer. It-girl often attends glamorous parties, works in the cinema or fashion industry and always bears the status of it-bag. Perhaps the most famous it-girl is Kylie Jenner.

8. Custom

One of the meanings of the word custom in English is “a thing released in a single copy or in a limited quantity.” Advanced mods love to brag about these things. They often engage in customization of clothing and accessories, that is, they transform them on their own, causing a unique decor. The easiest customization is turning old jeans into summer shorts. Level up – complement them with paintings or stripes.

9. Mural

The word mural in English designates a wall drawing on a building or indoors. Mural is often confused with graffiti, but these are completely different styles of street art. Graffiti  is a vivid inscription, and mural is a full-fledged image. It is murals, not graffiti, that the famous English street art artist Banksy draws.

11. Foody

Foody is a person who loves food. From a gourmet, he is distinguished by his impartiality and love for experimentation. Foody with the same appetite absorbs Asian street fast food and an exquisite roast beef under a glass of a young chardonnay.

12. Fluidity

The word fluid in English has several meanings. It translates as “fluid”, as well as “volatile”, “unstable”, “flexible”.

In modern language, fluidity means blurring gender boundaries. This concept includes both a change in the social roles of men and women, as well as a flexible attitude to the determination of one’s own gender.

13. Heritage

15 New Words Meanings We Constantly Confuse

Heritage is a thing in the production of which traditions were taken into account. It differs from vintage in that the latter was made several years or even decades ago, and the heritage was only recently.

A thing can be called a heritage if it:

  • made on vintage equipment;
  • produced in the traditional way that is passed down from generation to generation;
  • It has an antique design or in the manner of past decades. Like, for example, a tunic in a traditional Arabic style.

14. Shout

Like many modern words, a “shout” came from English and in the original sounds like a shout-out and translates as “cry”. Shout refers to the mention of a brand or person in social networks, on television, in a blog or in a YouTube video. It can be gratuitous, as a thank you or free PR, or barter. In the latter case, the other party must do the partner’s shoot.

15. Agile

“ Agile   is a term in the business world that means phased product development. Mostly it is used by programmers who start small startups at home at their computer and make changes to the product gradually, as necessary. This management model can well be transferred to other areas. For example, the heroines of the series “Two Girls Aground” first saved up money for a startup, then they started baking cupcakes at home, and then they opened a small stall where they started selling them.

The meaning of what modern words, in your opinion, is not completely clear?

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