16 Evidence That Teaching Children is Still Hard Work

They say that the profession of a teacher requires not only a colossal level of knowledge, but also steel nerves. To all this you need to add a genuine love for the students. Frankly, few people manage to combine all 3 qualities, which is why sometimes teachers find themselves in different awkward or simply strange situations.

Happy Worthy Life knows that a teacher is a real calling, the path to which can be long and thorny. We found those teachers who obviously had to sweat before gaining the trust of parents and the love of students.

  • I am a tutor. Before the holidays, my mother complained to me at the department, saying why I was going to have a rest in the summer, because my parents wanted to go with me to rest, so as not to injure the child with another teacher, and they had a vacation only in October. And I’m a bad teacher, because I took my vacation with my husband in the summer. © Nurzia / pikabu
  • I teach in a preschool. All employees are women under 26 years old. There is one man – he is the dean. Our dress code is not draconian: you can’t, for example, short shorts, bare bellies and all that. Now it’s hot, and most of the employees go in T-shirts. I also decided to wear it. In the evening, the parents came for the children, and daddies looked at me strangely. The next day the director calls me. Moms called her and complained that I could see the neckline. To my objection that the other girls wear T-shirts and nothing, they told me that I look different and the T-shirt looks different on me, which means I can’t wear it. Double standarts! © shakingunder / reddit

  • The girl asked for 2 extra weeks to complete the homework. She said that her younger sister was hit by a car and is now in serious condition. Of course, the teachers allowed her. One teacher even went to their home and anonymously left $ 500 at the doorstep. The story went to the administration. They organized a fund for donations, and the director personally went to the family to offer help. Student’s mother: “She has no sister. She came up with this so that she was allowed to not do homework at school. ” © Sean Thomas / quora
  • Once, in a social science lesson, the teacher asked the class a question: “How do you feel about the fact that some parents keep their children in black gloves?” I, a lover of expressing my opinion, immediately raised my hand and said: “I think this is very cruel! Why go home with mittens, if it’s so warm? And the hedgehogs are probably also very thick, this is a mockery! ” Since then, I think it is better to remain silent, and sometimes I am afraid to answer a question so as not to freeze another nonsense. © ideer
  • I have a few friends friends on facebook. Once I wrote a post about the fact that I constantly have the same nightmare: I am in the chemistry class, the exam is about to begin, but I did not attend classes before and do not know anything at all. A chemistry teacher wrote a comment under a post that his ongoing nightmare is my stay in his class. © Notmyrealname / reddit

  • There were 110 people at the lecture. I talked about human psychology, and specifically about why people tend to do the same as most do. One guy fidgeted uneasily in his place and looked for something under the table and around him. Something clicked in my head, and I said, pointing to the door: “Pikachu over there.” An excited guy shouted: “Where ?!” They laughed for a long time. My son told me about this game just the day before. © Bill Connelly / quora

  • Our math teacher was very strict, so no one loved her. And everyone mocked her in different ways. About 15 years old, I told her that I ruined the notebook with my homework and therefore could not complete the task (in fact, I just did nothing). After class I was asked to stay. Instead of yelling at me, the teacher began to gently ask if everything at home is good, if anyone is mocking me and so on. At that moment, I first realized that she was a person who has her own feelings. I felt so ashamed that we mocked her. Since then, I behaved normally in the classroom. © SilentSamamander / reddit
  • For months I was harassed at school. The occasion was clothing. No matter what I put on myself, the leadership was unhappy. Cardigan? No! Turtleneck? No! You could only wear a shapeless shirt, and everything else was considered “provocative.” I thought a little and found a solution: I began to tie various vintage scarves around my neck to cover my big chest. But the leadership took and forbade wearing scarves! And all because I have a very large chest, which for some reason annoyed everyone. © kissmybunniebutt / reddit
  • It was necessary to write a note to the English teacher about the reason for the absence of the child. “What is the name of the teacher?” “Chicha.” After a moment of confusion, I say that you can’t give nicknames, this is ugly. Again I ask: “What name?” To which the son indignantly: “Mom, well, Chicha! When she enters the classroom, we always say “Hello, chicha!” ”For the rest of the evening, the names of the teachers were memorized. © ideer
  • I’m afraid of trembling my son’s math teacher. If she suddenly calls me to school, then I am always barely going to. While she tells me about her son, I constantly agree with her in order to quickly end the conversation. And when I leave the classroom after a conversation, I immediately run to the cafe to eat a couple of desserts and relax. Mum. 43 years. © ideer

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