18 Principles of Japanese Philosophy of Happiness Will Teach You to Appreciate Every Moment

The concept of “Ichigo ichie” literally translates as ” one opportunity, one encounter.” This is a Japanese philosophy that teaches us how to live one day, but not thoughtlessly, but consciously, creating and experiencing unforgettable moments with others and ourselves. This is a call to return attention to relationships with loved ones, family, colleagues and the world at large, and not only the Japanese, but also people around the world have responded to it.

We learned all about the art of filling every moment of life with joy from the book Ichigo Ichie. The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment, the Japanese Way. ” We want you to be happy, too, so we suggest you get acquainted with the secrets of Ichigo Ichie that will allow you to enjoy the present day. And in the bonus we’ll tell you which film professes this philosophy.

1. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. In order to be able to turn any moment of existence into a better time of your life, you need to remember one simple rule and remember it every time you open your eyes. It sounds like this: every opportunity appears to us only once in a lifetime. If you do not accept it, it will disappear forever. Life is what is happening now or never.

2. Focus on one thing to be successful. When we try to take part in the conversation or read a book, being distracted by mobile phone, nothing happens. Do one thing – and as it look like most important thing in life. And if you follow this advice, then it will be so.

3. Remember that everything that happens to us, even unpleasant things has a purpose. Only we ourselves can thinking positive thanks to our attitude and decisions we make.

4. Get rid of expectation. Prediction is the best way to kill a moment. Any expectations are wrapper does not allow you to see the gift itself.

5. Live in the present. Emotions make us travel in time, sending it to the past, then to the future, and not for the sake of our pleasure. Traveling into the past and future is often painful and almost always useless, because you cannot change what happened and you cannot know what will happen. Here and now – the only place where all the possibilities of the world live.

6. Do not rush things. Desire to accelerate what is happening “pulls” us out of the moment. For example, a lover who dreams of getting his first kiss as soon as possible cannot enjoy his condition because of impatience.

7. Do what you did not do before. One of the ways to fill life with bright moments is to let something new into it. We believe that we can determine our own life by making informed decisions.

8. Stop overanalyzing. When we put everything on the shelves, “dissect” the current moment. Desire to understand why the event made us happy destroys happiness. So just enjoy it.

9. Sit back and watch the miracle of life. Once you break out of the haste, you will open the gates of your life for well-being. Nature surround us with beautiful moments: the golden light of sunset, the first snow quickly melting, the autumn paths of the parks – these sublime moments deserve attention because they enrich the soul.

10. Engage all five senses to capture the moment. Learn to truly listen, watch, touch, smell and taste in order to fill every day with a wealth of perception. It will also help to become more attention to others.

11. Turn meetings into a celebration. Do not wait for special conditions (vacation, birthday) to experience something extraordinary. With the right mood and mood every day can be Sunday.

12. Organize a date with yourself at least once a week: this can become a great for the soul. Give yourself a few hours to think, take notes in a notebook and just breathe to relax, immersed in the world around you with all five senses.

13. Learn to see. It is impossible to survive something unforgettable, walking through the pages on the Internet. Returning home from work or going on business, do not behave like a zombie, buried in a smartphone. Note the little things that you usually overlook: pay attention to the shape of the clouds, the color of the sky, buildings, people.

14. Run away from the routine. Breakfast in a hurry – work – dinner – idleness in front of a TV or computer – a dream. This daily run leads only to apathy. Write a story that will remain in your memory: make surprises, arrange romantic dinners, let happiness burst into the house. The secret to a long-lasting relationship is to share as many aspects of Ichigo Ichie with each other as possible.

15. Forget about age. Everyone can able to start a new life, no matter how old he or she is?. Even an old man can rethink everything and start living: Harry Bernstein began writing his best-selling novel The Invisible Wall at 93, and finished and published the book at 96.

16. Create your reality. If the reality surrounding you too boring and there is no place for Ichigo Ichie , you have a unique opportunity to create another reality for yourself.

17. Ask the right question. If you want to write the script of your own life or just change what is happening at the moment, the question that will help in this will always sound the same: what will happen if? Just by looking at it, we transform the problem into a question. We leave the state of paralysis and change the direction of life, because our thoughts are the first step towards change.

18. Become a hunter for good moments. The world around us have a lot of unique and sublime meaning, since we have the privilege to learn an important thing: everything that we are experiencing now will never happen again.

Bonus: Ichigo ichie in the movies

In 1995, the movie “Forrest Gump” was released in Japanese cinemas, and at the box office it was called: “Tom Hanks is Forrest Gump, Ichigo Ichie.” Thus, in this wonderful country they emphasized that everything that happened to the main character was by no means accidental. He gave himself to every moment, no matter how insignificant, and reaped the benefits.

What principles of Japanese art of joy are worth adopting? Ichigo Ichie, friends.

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