Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

I Work As A Teacher In A Kindergarten And I'm Ready To Tell 13 Things That My Colleagues Are In No Hurry To Share

Not everyone is given the opportunity to work with young children. It is necessary to have iron nerves in order to listen to the requests and requirements of 25 (or even more) babies and quickly respond to everything. But sometimes iron nerves are not enough.

A kindergarten teacher shared with Happy Worthy Life the secrets of her profession and told what was happening behind the closed door of an educational institution for babies.

I needed to take my daughter to kindergarten

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

To get a place in the nursery for my daughter, I had to wait in line for several more years, but I had no strength to sit at home. During the next walk, I went into a new, newly completed garden in the courtyard and asked me to hire me and Ksyusha to write me in a nursery. After my request, we had the following dialogue with the manager:

  • What is your education?
  • I’m actually doing PR …
  • Come, you will be an assistant teacher.

I agreed, made a daughter and honestly worked for 1.5 years. Then she decided to leave, but did not have time – the manager invited me and asked if I wanted to become a teacher. I thought that maybe the truth is worth lingering: Ksyusha is still small, she can often get sick and it’s better for me to stay in the garden … My daughter’s 3rd year was in school. But first things first.

With a gang one on one

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

I quickly became friends with the kids, and soon they were already happy to run to hug me in the morning and tell me the latest news. Children charge positive, I love to play with them. For example, when we “treat the doll Dasha with tea,” they can pour tea to me a million times, bring it with some rubber bun. They are happy when I “drink” it, they don’t get bored at all.

In fact, the teacher with the whole gang is one on one all day. Often not enough babysitters. You can work alone for months – you need to change clothes and wash at the same time after a walk, get lunch, set the table. And the guys do not sit still – whoever hides under the bed, who is already drowning shoes in the toilet, and they still need to work out, teach something.

How is the day going

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

The undoubted advantage of my work is the shift schedule. Kindergarten is open 5 days a week from 07:00 to 19:00, but the teachers replace each other. If one day I go out from morning to lunch, then the next day I will work in the evening. During the day, I feed, dress, walk with them, bathe, play, conduct classes in modeling, drawing, physical education, music, elementary mathematics.

Usually children are fond of something for 15-20 minutes, then they become bored, and they need to change the type of activity. The teacher decides what to do with the group, but everything should be within the standard. Sometimes we come up with unusual entertainments – show experiences or put together scenes. The garden closes at 19:00, but sometimes teachers have to linger until parents take everyone home.

Quiet hour is not for everyone

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

We always have something to do. Each lesson, walk, additional work must be manually painted every minute. During the sleep hour, we constantly cut out something, glue, write notes and plans, replenish the card index of games, select new exercises for gymnastics, tirelessly look for children’s pictures on the Internet and print them, so that later they can solemnly show them to the kids.

How to educate Educators

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

We have a strict manager, I’m ready to fine for everything. I know that this is not the case in other gardens – there you can distribute children to parents and leave home earlier. Even if they took away everyone at 17:00, you can only go home according to the schedule, after 19:00. And so with regards to everything – discipline.

At any time of the day, teachers can check – see how he conducts the lesson, whether he respects the regime, whether he keeps documents, and whether all the equipment works for him. Morning walks are also a test – parents conduct their test from the windows of nearby houses. They like to shoot what is happening on the phone.

We can receive a comment for any non-compliance.

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

We take points for any oversights in work, in money it’s from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles a month. Comments may vary:

☝ did not have a lesson;
☝ did not keep records every day;
☝ did not update the information for parents at the stand – there are news, memos, useful tips;
☝ left work 10 minutes or more earlier;
☝ not all parents timely received receipts for paying for kindergarten;
☝ during the month there was low attendance and high incidence;
☝ did not take a place in any city competition;
and if the child has an injury, then the educator can be deprived of all allowances for six months – this is about 8-10 thousand rubles a month.

There are no punishments for children. Even this word should not be in the kindergarten

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

If a child is behaving badly, then we can say: “Sit on a bench, rest and think about your behavior.” If he does not sleep and does not give others, he can be “scared” by the fact that he will go to sleep in another group, and really take him there. And if he dabbles at the table – throws food, crumbles bread on the floor – then he is given a broom or a mop to clean up after himself.

And although the teachers, of course, are different, I did not meet those who would offend children and beat, as is sometimes shown in the news. But in the kindergarten, some guys for the first time learn what bans are. For example, my shiftwoman does not allow kids to take toys until all the other guys finish eating. During a quiet hour, everything is forbidden, even books. If the child does not want to sleep, then he should lie with his eyes closed.

Difficulties interacting with parents

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

Relations with parents are different. I try to be serious, restrained and at the same time demanding. Some educators love attack tactics. For example, a situation: a child is injured. And the teacher, instead of calling and apologizing, meets the parent with a frown in the evening and accuses him of not teaching the child how to behave, and he added – he fell down the hill and hurt himself.

I don’t know how, and here is an example: the girl had problems with preparing for the letter. We worked with her, carefully wrote out letters. And here is a long weekend. I politely say to her dad: “If it’s not difficult for you, practice writing at home, please, so as not to lose your skill.” After half an hour, the head calls me – the mother of this girl decided to call and complain that I consider their daughter a “fool” because I gave a task for the weekend. I was deprived of the prize.

Nerve moments

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids
  • Ill children are constantly brought to the kindergarten, because parents need to work. Neither temperature, nor vomiting, nor even bronchitis stops.
  • Parents are watching us – they put a watch on one child with a wiretap. I did not know about this, but my shiftwoman understood what kind of device it was, and prudently removed them from the child and closed them in the closet.
  • Any careless word and action (even which was not) – and you are to blame. One girl told her parents that she was being locked in a toilet in the garden. Although this is not possible – toilets do not close. But still they believed the child.
  • Documentation needs to be dealt with after hours, otherwise you do not have time to follow the kids.
  • Some children are trying to shed. Once during a walk I managed to stop two boys – they tried to get out through the bars to escape to the store. So then one mother scolded me that I had dirty my jacket while I was pulling them out. And I am gray from the mere thought that they could still implement their plan.
  • I worry about every walk: we have a slide, metal carousels and I’m afraid that someone will fall. People will say that you need to look better, but I follow 25 children at the same time, and mothers at home have one or two with difficulty. And still the kids have time to do something.

What a child should be able to do before entering kindergarten – minimum program

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids
  • Ask for a pot.
  • Independently eat, albeit messy, but at least somehow be able to handle a spoon.
  • Dress-undress. At least try, and not sit and wait for the tutor.
  • Behave decently: do not select toys, do not push, do not bite, do not throw sand.
  • Know that you can’t climb onto the windowsills.
  • Forget about diapers.

Little kids – little poor

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

In our group there was an out-of-age smart boy Vasya. He had a dream – to visit a space object, which he considered a building in the form of a ball, which is located near the kindergarten. One fine day, he decided to escape. And he waited for the moment when the guard went to the sick leave. After a walk, when he was already counted, he quietly hid behind the door, then went downstairs and ran out of territory. His loss was discovered after 5 minutes. They began to search, but Vasily was nowhere to be found – he got on the bus and was like that.

When they began to look at the cameras and saw how he, like agent 007, peeked around the corner, crouched, in some places almost rolled over to the nearest shelter. We called dog handlers, a mom with personal belongings. The dogs went on the trail, brought the police to a stop, where the boy had left. He was found quietly swinging on a swing in one of the yards.

Kids are so different

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

Kids with troubled parents are drawn to the new and the good. One morning a hoarse boy came. To my question: “What’s up with the neck?” He replied that yesterday dad and mom quarreled again and he cried a lot. It is very a pity for such crumbs, you try to pay more attention to them, so that at least it is good in the kindergarten.

And there are spoiled children, whom the parents themselves taught what they all owe. They treat teachers as servants, and it’s hard to interact with them. “Your job is to educate,” one mother once told me. “And in general, we Katya can’t cope, so teach her to behave normally.

What can parents give their baby

Kindergarten Teacher Shared 10+ Secrets Education for Kids

Modern parents have one thing in mind – money. It’s easier for them to turn on cartoons for the child and buy a phone so that they don’t spin under their feet and do not get questions. And we thought: why not give your baby time? And they decided to arrange more often the days when parents can participate in our classes: glue something or draw a picture together with grandmother. Such a joint pastime makes children truly happy.

Do you have children? Do they go to kindergarten?

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