President Trump wants to Speech, West Point calls 1,000 students return to the school during pandemic

President Trump, always fond of the flashiness of military rites, declared he wanted to speak at West Point officers’ school, forcing 1,000 students to return to the school during the pandemic.

Before Mr. Trump’s surprise statement, West Point Academy’s graduation ceremony was postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and practitioners went home. The Air Force Academy alone will allow students who are about to graduate to stay in the school, completely isolated, to hold an early graduation ceremony, with a VIP speaker, Vice President Mike Pence.

But on April 17, just a day before Mr. Pence was scheduled to speak at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado, President Trump, who always wanted to stand out above all, suddenly announced himself speaking at West Point.

Last year’s graduation ceremony at West Point, New York. 

It was a surprise to everyone, including officials at the West Point, New York Times quoted people who knew about the incident.

And with Mr. Trump’s statement, 1,000 students across the US will have to return to the campus of New York, even though the state is at the center of the epidemic.

“Mr. Trump is the commander-in-chief, the decision is in him,” Sue Fulton, a graduate of West Point and former president of the trust trust board of the academy, told the New York Times .

“They are definitely happy to have a traditional graduation ceremony, stand together, throw their hats in the air … But everyone is worried about bringing 1,000 people back to New York metropolitan area to do the ceremony … certainly. That’s a risk, ”she added.

US presidents often use graduation speeches at military academies to celebrate policy successes and demonstrate the power of government.

According to the New York Times , after the outbreak, West Point Academy discussed what to do to celebrate the graduation ceremony, including postponement to June. They have not decided anything yet, until April 17 , when reporters asked Mr. Trump about Vice President Mike Pence was about to speak.

At this point, Mr. Trump announced himself to speak at the graduation ceremony at West Point. On April 18, Mr. Trump confirmed his graduation date was June 13. He also said he did not like the graduation image of “social distance”, but rather the “beautiful, close” graduation ceremony.

The White House asserted that the president spoke to the Ministry of Defense, and his statement did not surprise the academy. On April 22, the academy also confirmed: “We are honored to welcome the president.”

But in response to the New York Times , many West Point officials said they were surprised by the president’s “arbitrary” statement. Of the graduation options discussed, there is no presidential statement.

Some academy instructors said the decision to call the school not only annoyed 1,000 students, but also a risk to their psychology, after a tragic school year here. A rehearsal accident killed a practitioner, and 21 injured in June 2019. In October 2019, a practitioner committed suicide.

Practitioners and parents have mixed opinions about Mr. Trump’s decision. In fact, many people will also have to return to take exams, pack furniture.

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