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According to the study , 30% of 10 thousand children under the age of 18 surveyed had anxiety disorder. And 80% of them did not receive any treatment on time. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this condition, and one of them is that the parents simply failed to recognize that their child has increased anxiety. Partly because it can be easily confused with regular abdominal pain.

We at Happy Worthy Life hope that you can see your child’s signs of anxiety and help him deal with them.

Children may suffer from anxiety but not know what it is.

Suffering from anxiety disorder, children often say that they have a stomach ache, because at this moment it really appears unpleasant sensations. This is one of the reactions to stress.

These symptoms are the way your body shows that there is a threat that you have to deal with. And since children may not understand what is happening to them emotionally, they only tell their parents what they experience physically.

There are other signs that your child is suffering from anxiety.

  • They are not confident in their abilities . They strive for excellence, and if they think that they cannot do something well, they ask their parents to do it for them. They can also often apologize or try to get your approval and confirmation of the correctness of their actions.
  • They rarely experience hunger because anxiety disorder slows down digestion .
  • They may feel tired , but they have  difficulty falling asleep .
  • Headaches, fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, and chills can be signs of an anxiety attack.
  • They can be irritable, cry and throw tantrums .
  • They refuse to go to school or chat with peers.
  • They may be restless and unable to concentrate.
  • They are constantly worried . They ask questions like “What if? ..” and worry about the distant future. They may also develop certain fears associated with a disaster or loss of a parent.
  • They can be sensitive and perceive everything at their own expense .
  • They become obsessive and do not like to be left alone.

What can cause anxiety disorder

Usually children aged 6 months to 3 years go through separation anxiety . They can become extremely sticky and cry when their parents leave, leaving them in school or kindergarten.

Preschool children may also experience certain fears related to animals, insects, natural disasters, blood and darkness.

Other situations that can trigger anxiety in children are social interactions , transfer to a new school, or stress before a test or exam.

Have you noticed any of these signs in your child? What causes him anxiety? How do you deal with this?

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