10 Exciting TV Series to be Released This Spring 2020

In the spring of 2020, dozens of serial premieres are planned. But still, some projects, viewers and critics expect more than others. They will soon become hits of viewing.

Happy Worthy Life advises you not to miss these new non- tv series.

Little Fires Everywhere

Premiere: March 18

Hulu tackled the film adaptation of Celeste Ing’s bestselling book “Little Fires Everywhere.” The main roles in the eponymous series will be played by Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. The plot will be built around the model philanthropist Mrs. Richardson (her role went to Witherspoon) and the daring artist Mia Warren (Washington). These women live in the neighborhood and are clearly not going to put up with each other’s characters. A real fire breaks out between them.

Mrs. America

Premiere: April 15

This series, starring Cate Blanchett, tells the story of the adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment for Women in the U.S. 70s in the last century. The conservative movement activist Phyllis Schleafly opposed this initiative. Anyone who wants to better understand the history of feminism should know about the conflict of the parties.

The Great

10 Exciting TV Series to be Released This Spring 2020
© The Great / Hulu  

Premiere: May 15

The expected project from Hulu will tell about the youth and formation of Catherine the Great, the future Empress of Russia. The main role in the series went to El Fanning. The creators of the story promise not only funny moments and colorful costumes, but also a new look at the personality of Catherine.


Premiere: April 12

“Run” is a promising project from the creators of the series “Rubbish”. He will talk about two teenagers who have concluded an unusual agreement: when one of them sends another message with the word “Run”, the other throws everything and goes to the Central Station. From there, friends set off on an adventure. The code word fires 17 years later. The heroes grew up long ago, ceased to communicate, but did not forget about the promise.

Amazing stories

Premiere: March 6

In the 80s of the last century, a popular science fiction television series with elements of fantasy and horror based on the idea of ​​Stephen Spielberg was released. Apple TV + have prepared a new version of this project with the same name – “Amazing Stories”. The creators of the series promise fresh episodes that will appeal to fans of the Black Mirror and the Shadow Zone.

Noughts & Crosses

10 Exciting TV Series to be Released This Spring 2020
© Noughts & Crosses / BBC One  

Premiere: March 5

Fans of the dystopian genre should pay attention to the new project of the BBC One channel. This is the series ” Noughts & Crosses ” – the film adaptation of the book of the same name by British writer Mallory Blackman. It will take viewers to an alternative 21st century, where society is divided according to race: the privileged part of people (“crosses”) – black men and women – and the oppressed “zeros” – white. Relations between the two groups are forbidden, but the main character of the series cannot resist forbidden love.

Defending Jacob

Premiere: April 24

Defending Jacob is an Apple TV + 8-episode thriller based on the book of the same name by William Landay. His events will unfold around the assistant district attorney, who is investigating the murder of a classmate of his son Jacob. Soon, dad realizes that evidence points to his child.

Through the snow

Premiere: May 31

TNT decided that Bong Joon-ho‘s Snow Through film deserves a serial remake. Those who saw this tape remember that it shows the Earth after a man-made disaster. The whole planet is icy, there remains only a giant train with 3,000 passengers, which rushes without stopping. A separate society was formed in the train, where there are privileged and lower classes.

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker

Premiere: March 20

This mini-series from Netflix tells the story of the first African-American millionaire. She was born in the XIX century, in the first years after the abolition of slavery, her parents died early, and S.J. Walker was forced to make her way everywhere. She was fond of hairdressing and soon founded her own company selling hair care products. The main role in the series was played by the owner of the Oscar Octavia Spencer.

The Undoing

Premiere: May

The creators of Big Little Lies will delight in May the new 6-episode thriller with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in the lead roles. The series “The Undoing” tells about the therapist from New York Grace Fraser. This woman had an ideal life, until her husband disappeared without a trace and was not accused of felony.

What TV series are you watching now? Why do you like him?

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