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10 Upcoming Movie Premieres on Netflix 2020 – There are many examples of how talented artists pulled a whole movie on themselves. But it happens the other way around: even a very good actor, but not suitable for the role, can ruin the entire tape. Sometimes casting managers do not come from the professional qualities of the performers, but from their recognition, rating and the number of fans that they will be drawn to the movies. So, apparently, it happened with some of the expected premieres, in which cool actors were not on their roles.

We at Happy Worthy Life analyzed the audience’s expectations of the hottest premieres of the near future and found out which actors, according to the fans, will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And from the bonus you will find out whether Vin Diesel will become a new avatar.

Robert PattinsonBatman (Batman, June 2021)

The news that Robert Pattinson will become the new Batman was widely accepted as a joke . And when the information was officially confirmed, the opinions of the audience were divided. Some could not imagine the Twilight star in a new role and even created a petition for Warner Bros asking you not to make this mistake.

Others reacted to the news more positively. For example, actor Willem Dafoe noted that Pattinson has everything that is needed for the role of Batman, namely a characteristic strong-willed chin. And when the filmmakers showed the actor in a new suit , there were even less skeptics.

Zoe KravitzCatwoman (Batman, June 2021)

The partner of Robert Pattinson in the new “Batman” will be Zoe Kravitz. According to fans, her image will be as close as possible to Catwoman, embodied by Halle Berry. And her work, the audience recognized the most unsuccessful .

Berry, who, like no one else knows what a negative feedback is, supported her successor and wrote to her: “Keep shining, queen, and welcome to the family!”

Milla Jovovich – Natalie Artemis (Monster Hunter, September 2020)

When the director of Resident Evil, Paul Anderson, began filming another video game – this time, Monster Hunter – fans never doubted for a moment who would lead the casting list. And indeed, the main role was again given to Milla Jovovich.

Viewers were skeptical of this “appointment” . Some joked that the actress got into a movie by pulling, because she is the director’s wife. But more serious concerns of the fans were caused by the acting possibilities of Jovovich. It is unlikely that the girl will be able to move away from the role of Alice from “Resident Evil” and give out a wide range of new emotions.

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Tom HollandNathan Drake (“The Unknown: Luck Drake”, December 2020)

Another upcoming movie adaptation of the video game is “The Unknown: Luck of Drake” starring Tom Holland. Given the youth of the actor, we can conclude that Sony plans to shoot a story with a sequel. This fact caused the greatest concern among fans. By canon, the young Drake really is like Holland. That’s only with age, the character should lose his naivety and mature, and the actor is unlikely to succeed.

Ansel Elgort – Tony (West Side Story, December 2020)

One of the most anticipated premieres of 2020–2021 is a remake of the famous musical West Side Story, which was staged on Broadway in 1957 and then filmed in 1961. In the original film, the role of Tony was played by the inimitable Richard Beimer (for her he was nominated for the Golden Globe). In the new film, casting was won by actor and singer Ansel Elgort.

Spectators immediately expressed fears that, due to relatively little experience, an actor may not be able to cope with such a well-known and complex role. Especially when you consider that for director Steven Spielberg this is the first experience of filming a musical.

Ana de ArmasMarilyn Monroe (Blonde, 2020, exact release date unknown)

Netflix instructed Spanish-born actress Ane de Armas to bring Marilyn Monroe to the Netflix blonde The visual transformation turned out to be very cool, the only thing that haunts the audience is the Cuban accent of the girl. Fans doubted that she would have time to get rid of him for the role. The girl herself explained that she specially takes additional speech lessons.

Finn Wolfhard – Trevor (Ghostbusters: The Heirs, July 2020)

The actor is associated primarily with the mega-popular series “Very Strange Things.” He is so recognizable that it is difficult to perceive him not as Mike Wheeler. After watching the trailer for the new Ghostbusters, fans noted that whenever an actor appears in the frame, the film begins to seem like another series of “Very Strange Things”.

Jared Leto – Morbius (Morbius The Living Vampire, July 2020)

The previous experience of Jared Leto in comic book films was not very successful. His Joker in The Suicide Squad didn’t really like the critics . They considered the acting game to be too theatrical, and the image itself (acid hair, a tattoo on the face, metal mouthguards on the teeth) was already very hypertrophied.

Now both critics and viewers doubt that the actor will succeed in translating Morbius into the film. The scientist’s character on crutches, who decides on a dangerous genetic experiment and becomes a vampire, was not previously known to the audience. Moreover, his character is rather controversial, which creates additional difficulties in acting.

Natalie Portman – Thor (Thor: Love and Thunder, November 2021)

The franchise star has already appeared in the first two parts of Thor – she played astrophysicist Jane Foster. Portman was not present in the third film, and now her character is returning, but in a new role. In the story, Jane turns into Thor – the lord of thunder and lightning.

Not all the audience enthusiastically welcomed this news. Many fans were not ready to accept Thor in a female form.

Billy PorterFairy Godmother (Cinderella, February 2021)

The extravagant actor confirmed that he began work on the role of the Fairy Godmother in the new film adaptation of Cinderella from Sony. The Internet immediately exploded in jokes: some believe that the remake will turn out to be too traditional, others are sure that the actor should not anger feminists and deprive women of work. However, most agree that the film experiment will be interesting.

Bonus: Vin DieselAvatar 2 (December 2021)

In 2019, the network blew up a video from the set of the new Avatar, in which film director James Cameron and actor Vin Diesel lit up. Users argued hoarsely, whether it is possible for the artist to participate in the film and who he can play. Some fans believe that the role of the brutal macho from “Fast and the Furious” will not benefit Avatar and it is unlikely that Vin Diesel will be good in blue.

Note that so far there is no official data on who the actor will play. Given that all the characters, including Sigourney Weaver, appear again, perhaps Vin Diesel and there is no place on the screen and he will appear in the form of a voiceover.

In your opinion, which of the actors in our collection is not suitable for the role? Who would you replace them with?

Preview photo by ana de armas / Twitter , Zabulon Laurent / ABACA / Abaca / East News

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