11 Exciting TV Shows That You Don’t Mind Spending at Weekend

11 Exciting TV Shows That You Don’t Mind Spending at Weekend . Since 1933, when the first ever Lone Ranger series was released, humanity cannot break away from television shows. It is only with time that so many projects began to appear that it became almost impossible to understand them.

Happy Worthy Life agrees to be your guide to the world of TV shows and is in a hurry with a new selection of great premieres.

The Trial of Christine Keeler 

  • IMDb Rating  – 6.8

This series is about one of the most scandalous stories that happened in the UK in the 1960s. The main character – a 19-year-old model and dancer Christine Keeler – was accused of having an affair with the country’s Minister of War. Then it turned out that the girl had a relationship with the assistant attache of the Soviet Union in London. Newspapers wrote that in fact, Christine is a spy, but everything was not so simple.


  • IMDb Rating  – 5.8

The plot of the Spanish series “Instinto” is the young and successful Marco. He runs a progressive company that has developed a car that turns wind into energy. To him, the beautiful Eva gets a job. A woman immediately changes the life of not only Marco, but also other heroes of history.

I Am Not Okay With This

11 Exciting TV Shows That You Don’t Mind Spending at Weekend
I Am Not Okay With This / Netflix  

  • IMDb Rating  – 7.6

The series tells about the 17 year old girl Sydney, who is raised by a waitress mother. After the tragic death of his father, the life of a teenager became even more difficult. Sydney is trying to find a common language with family and friends, but it turns out that now she has problems and more serious – suddenly arising supernatural abilities.


  • IMDb Rating  – 7.5

The main character of the series miraculously survives after a brutal attack. When a woman gets better, she does not seek to forget what happened as a nightmare – on the contrary, she is preparing a plan of revenge. Her reprisal promises to be large-scale.

Truth Be Told

  • IMDb Rating  – 7.1

Poppy Parnell, a journalist and author of criminal podcasts, was able to expose a dangerous criminal 18 years ago. Now previously unknown details of the case have begun to surface. It turns out that the offender could be innocent. Poppy decides to re-investigate.


  • IMDb Rating  – 7.8

The series is based on an unfinished novel by Jane Austen. In the center of the plot is Charlotte Heywood, who arrives at Sanditon and begins to search for her place. The heroine meets a man who plans to make a fashionable resort out of this village.

House of flowers

  • IMDb Rating  – 7.7

This black comedy will introduce viewers to a family that is engaged in the flower business. At first glance, the heroes seem happy and carefree, but a real conflict is hidden behind the careless facade. The complex nature of each family member provokes serious passions.


  • IMDb Rating  – 7.3

Belgravia is a historical drama from the creators of Downton Abbey. In the series, we will talk about the aristocratic families of Bellasys and Trenchards. 25 years ago, James Trenchard passed off his youngest daughter as the heir to a wealthy family. Their first-born remained an orphan (mother died in childbirth, and father in battle). James decides to hide the information about the birth of the boy and give it to the education of other people.


  • IMDb Rating  – 6.6

The series with Sophie Turner (“Game of Thrones”) and Corey Hawkins (“The Walking Dead”) in the lead roles. The plot focuses on the heroes who survived the crash of the aircraft, who have to not only get out of the snowy mountains, but also to cope with personal problems.

Prodigal son

  • IMDb Rating  – 7.6

Malcolm Bright is a forensic scientist who has built a successful career. But he is worried about the fate of his father: the latter is serving a sentence in prison for violent crime. Malcolm is afraid that in him, like in his father, there is a dark side.


  • IMDb Rating  – 8.5

A teenage girl who talks about a crime is accused of lying. But after some time, the police returns to business and realizes that they made a terrible mistake.

What series are you watching now?

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