12 New Year Films Created to Warm Your Soul on Cold Winter Evenings

There is very little time left until the New Year, which means that the time has come to eat tangerines, decorate the Christmas tree, watch your favorite Christmas comedies and generally create a festive mood for yourself.

And to help you recharge with a magical atmosphere right now, we at Happy Worthy Life have prepared 12 outstanding New Year’s films that you may not have watched or watched, but forgotten. And if you are tired of watching the same holiday films from year to year, then our selection will definitely be to your taste.

Christmas Confusion (2013)

This cozy New Year story is simply created for those who like to watch a good movie, turning into a blanket, sipping hot chocolate and eating delicious things. A girl named Alice flies for Christmas to meet the parents of her fiancé, an ambitious businessman Will. At the airport, 33 misfortunes fall on her: luggage is lost, and even the phone is out of order. It’s good that the charming stranger Matt comes to the rescue, a chance acquaintance with which turns into an incredible adventure.

New Year Express (2018)

On December 31, completely different people with different destinies gather in one of the Moscow-St. Petersburg train cars, but they all have one thing in common – the hope that everything will change in the new year. This is a sincere New Year movie with an indescribable festive atmosphere, after watching which you really begin to believe in miracles. And the views of New Year’s St. Petersburg provide a special aesthetic pleasure.

In the place of the princess (2018)

A wonderful New Year’s film for those who lack romance at this holiday time. The high-ranking Duchess Margaret is like two drops of water like a “commoner” from Chicago named Stacy. An innocent venture to swap places turned for girls a real gift of fate – of course, not without the help of magic.

Bridget Jones – 3 (2016)

It was 12 years before everyone beloved Bridget Jones returned to the big screen. Overweight problems disappeared, her career finally went uphill, but Bridget Jones would not have been Bridget Jones, if not for her impeccable ability to plunge into stupid stories. Light film, flavored with sparkling humor, will appeal to everyone who loves warm, sincere stories with a happy ending.

This is what happens to me (2012)

A piercing reasoning film that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Two already grown balding sons on the eve of the New Year learn about the incurable illness of their father. After meeting with the doctor, both rush home: one to their apartment in Moscow, the other to their family in Volgograd, but they fall into the notorious Moscow traffic jams, where they talk about life, remember themselves and their childhood. Magnificent dialogues, subtle ironic humor, brilliant acting, the familiar tune from The Irony of Fate – everything came together and made this film a masterpiece of Russian cinema.

The man who invented Christmas (2017)

The young English writer Charles Dickens, faced with creative setbacks and financial difficulties, decides to write and, despite the publisher’s refusal, independently publish the “Christmas Song”, which later became a symbol of forgiveness, mercy and love. This is a touching story about faith in your dream and how a Christmas miracle is created, which, even after hundreds of years, will urge you to do good and never lose heart.

Narrowed-clothed (2007)

Back in school years, Olga was guessed that her betrothed would come to her on New Year’s. After a while, on New Year’s Eve, a man does appear in the heroine’s life, but the dream of happiness could not come true with him. An unsuccessful romance leads to the fact that the girl loses faith in love and is completely immersed in a career. All this is watched by angels who do everything to arrange the fate of their wards. A very kind, life-like movie about true love and friendship and the importance of not stopping listening to your heart.

Best Christmas ever! (2009)

Primary school teacher Paul Maddens (Martin Freeman), who has lost the joy of being, whose life does not work out in any way, is instructed to prepare a Christmas play and is given to assist the eccentric assistant Mr. Poppy (Mark Wootton). In addition, to annoy the old friend, the famous director of children’s performances, Paul declares that they will come from Hollywood to look at his production. Unexpected lies quickly fly around the city and turn into a problem for the heroes, which in fact will be the beginning of a wonderful Christmas story.

Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Brother and sister Teddy and Kate Pierce decide to film Santa’s appearance to prove that he exists. A daring venture results in an amazing adventure, the purpose of which was to save Christmas with Santa himself, his elves and flying deers. This is a very easy, kind and instructive film-tale, which you definitely need to watch before the New Year, and preferably the whole family.

Knight Before Christmas (2019)

A light romantic comedy that fills the heart with love, joy and a sense of magic. The medieval knight, Sir Cole, is accidentally transported to the modern world, where he meets a lonely school teacher named Brooke. Thinking that Cole is suffering from amnesia, Brooke undertakes to help him, not realizing that in front of her is the very prince she had been waiting for her whole life.

Frozen – 2 (2019)

Incredibly beautiful and kind Disney cartoon for family viewing, which will help to escape from everyday problems and regain faith in love, friendship, a fairy tale and magic. In the new part of Frozen, Queen Elsa will have to go on a dangerous journey for the sake of saving her kingdom, and her company will be irreplaceable team: sister Anna, her boyfriend Kristoff, deer Sven and the cheerful snowman Olaf.

Christmas for Two (2019)

Release Date: December 5, 2019.

Fresh romantic comedy, one of this year’s most anticipated Christmas premieres. The beautiful tandem of the charming Emilia Clark and Emma Thompson, who played the mother of the protagonist, the ironic humor and the legendary Christmas tune “Last Christmas” are something that are worth visiting the movie theater on these holidays

Preview Photo Credit By The Knight Before Christmas / Netflix

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