14 Best Comedy Movies 2020 to Relax

Finding a good comedy to watch is sometimes difficult. Either jokes are vulgar, then heroes are boring and absolutely uninteresting. In this article, we decided to help fans of a fun and good movie. In our selection you can find a funny film, in the company of which the evening seems shorter, and a dull mood rises in two.


At Happy Worthy Life, we love fascinating stories and good humor. We hope that our selection will help you laugh heartily and pass the long evenings.

Late Night Movie

Katherine Newbury, the host of the popular night talk show, is on the verge of being fired. The ratings of her TV shows are falling, and she is not able to understand what is doing wrong. Male colleagues are afraid to upset the formidable boss and remain silent so as not to fly out of work. Everything goes worse nowhere until Molly appears on their team. The girl is not shy of her spontaneity, not afraid to say what she thinks and argue with Katherine. Perhaps her new look at the show can save a career as a TV presenter.

Comedy Special

For more than 20 years, Bruno and Malik have been working with small autistic people and helping teens from difficult families. They believe that there are no strange children, that every child is worthy of love and attention. To help their wards make friends and better adapt to life, they decide to combine street children and autistic children, teaching them how to work in a team. The result of this tandem will amaze even skeptical social workers.

Masterpiece tv shows

Arturo and Renzo are longtime buddies. The first owns an art gallery and sells paintings by painters. The second paints good pictures, but does not recognize creativity on order, hates parties and prefers loneliness. When Renzo’s canvases begin to sell worse, Arturo recalls that the works of artists after death are much more appreciated. And he decides to crank up a brilliant scam to cut down more money.

100 Things

Paul and Tony are rich and love to buy different things. Deposits of clothes, shoes, gadgets, accessories and household appliances – it seems that their apartments have everything except free space. But one day, both wake up completely naked in their empty apartments. And then they remember that at the last party they made a bet on life without the usual things. Now all their property is locked up in a warehouse, and they can only pick up one item per day from there.


Greener grass

This is an absolutely absurd comedy about two rich housewives living in the suburbs. One of them gives her little daughter a friend, because she liked her. And then she sees her son turning into a dog. And it seems that he doesn’t even worry about it, because for their slightly crazy world, everything that happens is within the normal range.

Mysterious murder

After 15 years of marriage, Nick and Audrey finally get to rest in Europe and during the flight they meet an English aristocrat who invites them to spend time on the boat of his rich uncle. While traveling on a ship, a murder happens, and Audrey, who loves detective stories, draws her husband into the investigation of this strange crime.



Two excellent friends deliberately missed all the school parties, preparing to enter prestigious colleges. And they did. And they also found out that their classmates, who always went into the gap, got there without much effort. The level of annoyance of the girls just went wild, and then they decided to catch up in just one night.

The Whistlers 

Christy fell in love with the beautiful Guild so much that he was ready for anything for her. He is a policeman, and she is firmly connected with the world of crime. To help the girl crank up one difficult deal, Christie will have to learn a special whistling language and rescue her accomplice Gilda from prison.

Dear eleanor

Two 15 year old girlfriends Ellie and Max run away from home to travel across the country. They want to find Eleanor Roosevelt and fulfill the last wish of mother Ally, who was never able to meet the first lady of the country.



Naina has been suffering from Tourette’s syndrome since childhood, but she doesn’t give up the dream of becoming a teacher. Pupils laugh at her behavior, school principals refuse to hire, and her mother persuades the girl to try something else. Naina does not give up, and now one day she gets what she wants. She becomes a teacher in an elite school and a class teacher in the group of the most uncontrollable children and notorious hooligans.

Swap places

Rafael and Olivia met in college and were happy until his career went uphill. Gradually, Rafael began to pay less attention to the girl, more and more carried away by work, and after that he completely forgot about his wife. But one day everything changes. Now Olivia is a famous pianist who does not remember anything about her husband, and he is a simple school teacher who must return the love of his whole life.

Tell us about your favorite comedy movies. What films would you recommend watching?


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