14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year

A good idea for the beginning of 2020 would be a trip to a ski resort or a walk along the snowy streets, but we see less and less snow, and we only dream of descending from the mountain. A more familiar occupation is New Year’s idleness and watching TV shows: you can do this with a clear conscience during the holidays.

We at Happy Worthy Life, like everyone else, want to ski and sculpt snowmen, but we will watch TV shows. Based on IMDb ratings and a list of nominees for the SAG Awards, we selected the best applicants for viewing.

1. Morning show

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© The Morning Show / Apple TV +  

One of the best TV shows of 2019 with an impressive cast of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. The characters can be watched with pleasure even in isolation from the storyline, but it is also very good.

One of the country’s favorite leaders was fired for harassment at work, which caused the crisis of a successful television channel and gave impetus to a number of events that grew into a tragedy. In the series with a lot of details, the inner kitchen of television shows is revealed, capturing the theme of the crisis of modern media, as well as the #MeToo movement.

IMDb Rating: 8.3

2. Rotation

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© Spinning Out / Netflix  

The first and very winter new product from Netflix in 2020. Kaya Scodelario acts as a promising skater who received a serious injury that broke her career. Now, Kat does not even dream of becoming a world-wide star and moonlighting as a waitress in a modest provincial cafe.

Everything changes the meeting with the bad guy Justin. He introduces the girl to the mentor Daria Glushenko (Svetlana Efremova), who sees Kat’s commercial potential and invites her to try her own skating in pair skating.

IMDb Rating: 8.0

3. Dracula

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© Dracula / BBC One 

Another promising 2020 series released from under the wing of Netflix and BBC One. Filming involved Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss, known for their cult work Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Rethinking Vampire Classics about Count Dracula. The series will take us to 1897, when the legendary bloodsucker resurrects and begins to terrify the residents of Victorian London, making plans to capture the city.

IMDb Rating: 7.1

4. Dickinson

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© Dickinson / Apple TV +  

The new creation of Apple TV + is a free interpretation of the biography of the poetess Emily Dickinson performed by Haley Steinfield. This is the story of the growing up of a brave and young writer, whose poems have no analogues and became clear only years after her death.

The series can be compared with the Hamilton Broadway show – a story from the 18th century in a hip-hop arrangement. Modern music and leisure in the background of the era of corsets emphasize how one of the greatest American poets was ahead of her time.

IMDb Rating: 7.0

5. Politician

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© The Politician / Netflix  

A funny and pungent series from the creator of “American Horror Story” Ryan Murphy, which can be called a comedy “House of Cards.” The plot is filled with events: in each episode so much is compressed that another project would last for a whole season. What is the acting ensemble in the person of Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lang, Zoe Deutsch and Lucy Boynton.

The scene is Santa Barbara’s elite high school, in which there is a struggle for victory in school elections. The impartiality of the series is striking, which is why the viewer considers himself the very voter who must decide the fate of the heroes.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

6. Pass

© Der Pass / W&B Television  

An ideal series for fans of investigations, which can be compared with the very successful for their genre of “Murder” and “Bridge”. The Austro-German brainchild with its stillness and beauty resembles the Alps, now and then flashing in the frame.

Detectives have to deal with a series of murders staging an old pagan ritual. Of particular interest is the relationship between the main characters: the cheerful Ellie Stocker, for whom this is the first serious matter, and the experienced inspector Gideon Winter, tired of his work.

IMDb Rating: 8

7. Christmas carol

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© A Christmas Carol / FX Productions  

A mini-series of 3 episodes, based on the eponymous fairy tale by Charles Dickens. Scruge’s redemption story is painfully familiar, but the producers in the person of Ridley Scott, Tom Hardy and Stephen Knight managed to breathe new life into it.

On the screen we see not a snowy Christmas story, but a gloomy and hopeless reality. Scrooge performed by Guy Pearce is the most non-classical and not like the old man from the original source. Here he is a sophisticated and very beautiful sociopath. However, from this it is only more interesting to observe the atonement of the protagonist.

IMDb Rating: 7.3

8. Modern love

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© Modern Love / Amazon Studios  

The series is based on the stories of real people, which were published in the column of the newspaper The New York Times. Each episode is a separate story about love, the plot is not related to others. Despite the small timing and ease of narration, the producers manage to touch on all relevant topics in the relationship, and even more.

The presence of famous actors gives the spectacle even more interest. Anne Hathaway, Olivia Cook, Andrew Scott, Sofia Butella, Tina Cook, Dev Patel – this is not a complete list of invited stars.

IMDb Rating: 8.0

9. The city on the hill

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© City on a Hill / Showtime Networks  

A leisurely crime drama inspired by the films of Martin Scorsese. The series smoothly talks about life in a typical city of the 90s, suffocating from gang warfare, corrupt police, nepotism and cruelty, which are turned a blind eye.

To change the situation, a new prosecutor, Decorsi Ward, is taking over the support of the dubious but highly respected FBI agent Jackie Rohr, performed by Kevin Bacon. Both heroes represent different times: Ward – the modern order, Rohr – chaos and indifference of the 90s.

IMDb Rating: 7.5

10. Finding Alaska

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© Looking for Alaska / Hulu  

A screen version of the debut novel of the same name by John Green, filed in the form of a mini-series. According to the plot, the dreamer Miles Holter leaves his hometown for the sake of studying at a boarding school, which his father graduated from. There he meets real friends and his first love – an extraordinary girl Alaska Young.

Despite the seemingly huge number of cliches, what is happening does not look commonplace. The series is addictive with its plot and literally forces you to think about such universal matters as friendship and love, life and death, fidelity and honor.

IMDb Rating: 8.2

11. For the sake of all mankind

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© For All Mankind / Apple TV +  

The Apple TV + team presented the viewer with an alternative history of the world. The protagonists of the series are NASA astronauts, who by all means try to win the space race.

It all starts with the scene of a man’s landing on the moon, but instead of Neil Armstrong’s words about the leap for mankind, the speech of cosmonaut Alexei Leonov sounds. The series is not at all gloomy, like other anti-utopias, rather, on the contrary, it shows that, thanks to the ongoing rivalry, the world around is getting better.

IMDb Rating: 7.2

12. See

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© See / Apple TV +  

In the future, humanity was faced with a virus that completely deprived people of sight – now it has become a myth. Generations after the cataclysm, people degraded to the level of the Middle Ages, only occasionally using the remains of technology.

Rumors suddenly diverge: sighted children are born in the family of the leader of the Alkenny tribe (Jason Momoa), which gives impetus to the development of the plot. In the series, I especially want to note the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, the quality of shooting, the novelty of the plot and the game of the same Jason Momoa.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

13. Truth be told

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© Truth Be Told / Apple TV +  

Apple TV + detective series with Aaron Paul and Octavia Spencer in the lead roles. The plot is about journalist Poppy Parnell, who became famous for her key role in the murder investigation by sending the victim’s 17-year-old neighbor to jail.

However, 19 years later, evidence fell into her hands, which made her wonder if she had contributed to the fact that by mistake they had convicted an innocent man. The submission resembles the “American Crime Story”, and the viewer will learn the progress of the investigation through the podcasts conducted by Poppy.

IMDb Rating: 7.3

14. House with a maid

14 Fresh Series with which you should Definitely Start the New Year
© Servant / Apple TV +  

Psychological thriller from the creator of “The Sixth Sense” M. Knight Shyamalan, telling about a strange young couple. To survive the loss of a child, the Turners couple have a realistic doll, for which a nanny is even hired. Over time, the toy comes to life, and the heroes have to figure out what is happening.

Variety in the series brings Rupert Greene – matured Ron Weasley. He plays the role of the brother of the unfortunate wife Turner, who, together with her husband, hides some terrible secret.

IMDb Rating: 7.9

Which of the presented series to watch you choose?

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