14 Worthy Domestic Films That You Don’t Mind Spending at the Evening

Recently, domestic cinema is increasingly pleasing the audience with quality work. The directors also make successful auteur cinema like Dylda , which won prizes at international festivals, and super popular comedies such as The Serf, which broke the record and  became the highest grossing domestic film.

We at Happy Worthy Life decided to find out what other films could compete with foreign films, and realized that there were a lot of them.

1. Sober driver

About what: Artem is a simple and kind guy from the province who came to Moscow to visit a friend in search of a better life. A friend offers him to work as a “sober driver.” On the first shift, Artem is asked to bring the beautiful Christina from the night club to her house, but by mistake they find themselves together in a luxury hotel. In the morning, the girl mistakenly takes Artem for a millionaire, and he decides to play along with her. As a result, the guy really falls in love, but each time it becomes harder and harder for him to meet the high bar, so he constantly gets into funny situations.

Why it is worth a look: this is a great and slightly naive comedy from the famous director Rezo Gigineishvili, which tells about our time, in which we sometimes forget that true love cannot be bought for money.

2. Serf

About what: Moscow major Grisha is a typical life-burner who is not used to being responsible for his actions, because he knows that rich dad will always brush him off. However, at some point, the father is bored with this behavior of his son, and he decides to cruelly teach him a lesson. Together with a psychologist, they come up with an educational reality show for Grisha, where he is supposedly transferred to tsarist Russia and becomes a powerless slave. All this time, an unsuspecting guy is surrounded by actors who help him re-learn how to communicate with people, make friends and find his true love.

Why it is worth watching: the film catches on with a relevant topic and gives indescribability to the fact that justice is still possible in this world. The picture looks in one breath, it is light, ironic, but at the same time filled with deep meaning. And also very happy about the appearance on the screen of a new face – actor Milos Bikovich.

Desire Marathon

About what: Marina’s manicurist from Voronezh has 7 cherished desires and the main dream is to marry her beloved and have a perfect wedding with him. But in an instant everything changes: the girl is abandoned by her groom, and her friend offers an unusual plan to return him. For this, Marina must fly to Khanty-Mansiysk. However, a transplant in St. Petersburg and a chance meeting with a young chef Sasha radically changes the girl’s life.

Why it’s worth a look: at first glance it may seem that this is a simple comedy , but in fact it is a spiritually elevating and ironic film. After all, he reminds us of such important things as friendship, mutual assistance and, of course, love. Separately, I want to note the bright acting work of Aglaya Tarasova and Kirill Nagiyev. And the picture is full of non-standard jokes, because the comedian Sasha Gudkov co-wrote the script.

4. Cold tango

About what: the main characters of the film are children of war, Lithuanian Lyme and Jew Max, who miraculously escaped death in 1941. A few years later, Max becomes a policeman, returns home and falls in love with the beautiful Lyme without a memory. But the hope of happiness turns into a tragedy: the girl is declared the daughter of an “enemy of the people.” Now the hero will have to make a choice between love and a sense of duty.

Why it is worth a look: this is the author’s work of director Pavel Chukhrai, who again touches on the theme of broken human destinies during and after the war. The film turned out to be very atmospheric, unhurried and in a good old-fashioned way, so that the viewer himself appears in that era and begins to experience everything that happens with the characters.

5. Text

About what: the life of 20-year-old Ilya suddenly collapses when he is sent to prison on false charges. Having been released after 7 years, he is driven by only one desire – to take revenge on Major Peter, because of which he ended up in jail. Faced face to face with his enemy, Ilya accidentally gets access to his smartphone and realizes that now Peter’s whole life is in his hands. He knows all his contacts, can read his correspondence with his parents, girlfriend and colleagues. At some point, thanks to a smartphone, Ilya becomes Peter for everyone.

Why it is worth watching: the  film has a very good script, because it was shot based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky, who accurately predicted what such an immersion of people in the virtual world could turn into. The acting of Ivan Yankovsky, Alexander Petrov and Christina Asmus also pleases, since each of them appeared here in a rather unusual role for himself.

6. Odessa

About what: the events of the picture unfold in Odessa in the summer of 1970. Boris, an international journalist from Moscow, and his 8-year-old son, Valerik, are arriving to visit their mother-in-law with a father-in-law. Literally on the same day in Odessa quarantine is announced due to an outbreak of cholera, the city is closed for entry and exit. As a result, the guests are locked in the house with a bunch of relatives. Naturally, in such circumstances, old family secrets will be revealed and very unexpected events will occur.

Why it is worth a look: this is a very personal story of the director Valery Todorovsky, based on his childhood memories, so it turned out to be very sincere. The film instantly immerses the audience in the atmosphere of that time – with indescribable Odessa humor and color. And in the picture, brilliant acting transformations are presented. Particularly impressed with the work of Irina Rozanova and Leonid Yarmolnik.

7. Love them all

About what: the main character is a professional kept woman who knows exactly what each of her clients needs, therefore she has three names: Nadezhda, Vera and Lyubov. For each of the men, the girl has her own approach, each has her own unique image. But at some point, the line between deception and real life is erased, and it becomes completely unclear who the main character is: a talented scammer or just a girl who knows how to love. Just in his own way.

Why it’s worth a look: if you like high-quality dramas with elements of a thriller, then this film will not disappoint you. The film keeps in suspense throughout the whole story, and the denouement remains a mystery to the very end. And the picture also has an excellent casting, led by young actress Alena Mikhailova.

8. Ice-2

About what: continuation of the successful melodrama “Ice”. In the second part, the creators offer us to find out what happens in fairy tales after the wedding of the main characters. At first glance, it seems that nothing good. Figure skater Nadia and hockey player Sasha got married and are now expecting a baby. True, due to an injury, Nadia dies during childbirth, and her husband is left alone with a newborn daughter in her arms. Can he survive the tragedy and find happiness?

Why it is worth a look: “Ice-2” was entrusted to the director of fashion, Zhora Kryzhovnikov, to shoot today and did not fail. He gave a very special style and mood to the picture . All characters turned out to be very reliable and sincere. The plot also does not sag anywhere, and even the format of the semi-musical looks quite appropriate. Many critics have recognized the continuation is better than the first part.

9. Fidelity

About what: Lena works as an obstetrician-gynecologist, and her husband Seryozha is an artist of a local theater. At first glance, they are doing well: there is love and tenderness, however, there is no intimacy. At some point, Lena begins to suspect her husband of treason, she is tormented by jealousy, but does not dare to talk about it with Seryozha. Instead of talking, Lena makes a rather strange decision to alleviate her suffering.

Why it is worth watching: the film raises very important questions for each of us and makes us think about why we live with a particular person, what we really want from a relationship, and what love is for us. Also, “Fidelity” is worth a look to all fans of the actor Alexander Pale.

10. Hammer

About what: the famous boxer Victor, nicknamed Hammer, gets into a terrible accident. Now, every battle may be his last. The situation is aggravated by the fact that his familiar bookmaker nicknamed Shark threatens to kill his beloved Victor if he does not enter the ring and lose the fight. Now Hammer will have to not only fight for his love, but also to prove to everyone that he did not knowingly get his nickname.

Why it is worth a look: the picture keeps in suspense until the last frame and causes a whole range of emotions. And the film has a very organic cast, led by Alexei Chadov and Oksana Akinshina, so you believe everything that happens on the screen. Perhaps this tape will push someone to decisive steps, which were difficult to decide up to this point.

What was the last time you watched a domestic film? What impressions did he leave with you?

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