15 Facts About The Titanic Movie Even the Hardest Heart Will Miss a Beat

Titanic is a legendary film. $ 200 million was spent on the creation of the 194-minute tape . Everyone knows that he was nominated for an Oscar 14 times, and no film could break his box office record for a whole 10 years. But few people know that Cameron did not even let the actors go to the toilet, and Winslet almost left the shooting for good.

We at Happy Worthy Life are loyal fans of the movie by James Cameron, so we are hurry to tell you about the shooting of Titanic. By the way, if you haven’t seen the alternative ending, there is a surprise at the end of the article.

The portrait of Rose written by director himself

We know Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor, but he is not an artist. He could not draw Kate himself, so James Cameron himself, well-known director of “Titanic”, he painted body of Rose. It is his hand with a pencil that flaunts in close-ups in the film. By the way, DiCaprio is right-handed, and Cameron is left-handed. To avoid the blooper, he mirrored picture.

In 2011, the drawing was sold at auction for $ 16 thousand.

There are many hidden symbols in the final scene

Vigilant viewers have long noticed that in the final episode, the clock on the main staircase reads 2 hours and 20 minutes. It was at this time that the real Titanic sank . But not everyone noticed that during the kiss of Jack and Rose, Captain Smith begins to clap the last. This detail is not accidental: it is a symbol of the fact that the captains leave the ships last. Hence, Smith should also be the last to applaud.

Emma Thompson Helps Winslet Nude Scene

The young actress was very worried when she starred naked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate admitted that her colleague in the film Sense and Sensibility helped her tune into the process: “I worked with Emma Thompson, who is a very relaxed person. I saw her undress in front of the camera and realized that it was just part of the story. “

Kate Winslet didn’t audition

Winslet never dream that she would get one of the main roles in a film of this magnitude, but that did not stop her from looking forward to the audition. However, in the first stage, when actor comes in his usual clothes and works with the casting director, she was never invited.

The British star said that she was asked to fly to Los Angeles. In the studio, she was given a real costume, showed her partner who played Jack (it was not DiCaprio), and asked to act out a few scenes. Check out the video above, Kate is adorable there. After the second series of screen tests, Winslet got the desired role.

During filming of the flood, team had no room for error

James Cameron is very attentive to detail, so the interiors of the ship have been recreated in the most meticulous way. Of course, this required large financial costs.

It time out to shoot the scene in which water crashes down onto the beautiful grand staircase, the director’s team was very nervous. The fact is that they had no room for error, because during the take, all the scenery was destroyed by a real stream of water. And no one would have allocated money for the repeated reconstruction. It’s good that they succeeded on the first try.

The actors had a personal swimming coach

15 Facts About Filming Titanic Even the Hardest Heart Will Miss a Beat

The director wanted the cast to be tough enough. And although Kate Winslet was swimming 3-4 times a week, this was not enough. That is why it was decided to provide the actors with a personal trainer. The actress did not embarrass the additional workouts, on the contrary, she enjoyed them.

Kate Winslet refused to wear a wetsuit

During filming of scenes in the water for all actors had wetsuits. They are needed so that people do not get hypothermia, because the water in the pool was only 15.5 degrees. But Kate Winslet decided to live this experience, so she gave up the wetsuit. As a result, the star fell ill with pneumonia and almost left the project, but Cameron persuaded her to stay.

Cameron carefully prepared extras from more than 150 actors

We all remember that the heartbreaking scenes of sinking of the Titanic. It took Cameron over 150 actors to film them. But the most amazing thing is that he took each of the extras aside to give the heroes names and tell about their fate. So director want to make sure that even insignificant characters in the film still had their own story.

Cameron also made sure that each actor was able to portray that era correctly. To do this, he organized a lesson for the extras on manners and customs in 1912. The lesson was moderated by Lynn Hockney, choreographer of Titanic.

History of the “Heart of the Ocean” and its further fate

After the release of the film “Heart of the Ocean” was produced by the jewelry company Asprey & Garrard. Their necklace was sold at a charity auction for $ 1.4 million. Also during the auction, a condition was set: the singer Celine Dion must wear “Heart of the Ocean” for the Oscar. The necklace was then donated to the former National Shipwreck Museum in Charleston, where it is on display to this day.

Costumes of the main characters sold for a lot of money

John Peterman, who bought the rights to the copies of Heart of the Ocean, also acquired the costumes of the protagonists from 20th Century Fox. Among his catch were a pink chiffon dress (which Rose wore on her last day on the Titanic) and a beaded evening dress (which Winslet’s character goes to a party with Jack). Peterman also bought Jack’s wool vest, suspenders and corduroy trousers.

As a result, Peterman sold these suits: for a pink dress he received $ 11.5 thousand, for a red one – $ 2 thousand, and for Jack’s things – $ 9 thousand.

Red varnish on the nails of an aged Rose

As Billy Zane (the actor who played Rose’s rich groom) recalls , Cameron was very demanding and strict on the set. But even he could not resist the charm of Gloria Stewart, who played the elderly Rose. When they were shooting close-ups of Stewart climbing the railing, Cameron suddenly said, “Gloria, what is this red nail polish?” The actress hurried to explain her mistake, but Cameron interrupted her: “It doesn’t matter, I like it!”

The team took one year to create a vintage wardrobe

Another reason to admire colossal work of James Cameron is the costumes of heroes. It was extremely important for him that the outfits fit perfectly. Designers spend a whole year to work with the costumes. Cameron made high demands on the historical accuracy of characters’ wardrobe and spared no expense in improving it. However, director did not save expensive vintage clothes and ask actors swim for hours in cold water.

The film has an alternate ending

As you well remember, at the end we are shown an aged Rose. She stands on the edge of the liner and tosses an expensive Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace into the water. To beautiful music, a blue heart-shaped stone plunges into the abyss. But there is also another version of the ending. We will not retell it, see for yourself.

Do you know anything unusual about filming Titanic?

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