15 Fantastic Series Movies for Those Who are Tired of Everyday Life

This year promises to be a golden time for fans of TV shows. Everyone – from DC to Netflix – is releasing promising new products, especially fantastic ones, especially because high-quality works in this genre are rare. Their creators have a difficult task: to create a new, most believable and atmospheric space in which the viewer wants to return again and again.

Happy Worthy Life invites you to plunge into the world of cyberpunk and dystopia, where people create colonies on other planets, in a closed room a parallel universe can easily fit in, time travel is real, and superpowers are taken for granted.

1. I do not like it (I Am Not Okay with This), 2020

At the end of February, the premiere of the series based on the comic book series of the same name took place. Do you recognize Sophia Lillis – the young star who played Beverly Marsh in the film adaptation of the cult novel “It” by Stephen King? Here she plays a high school student named Sidney. The usual teenage problems of the main character are exacerbated by the presence of supernatural abilities. Sydney tries to control them, but everything is out of control.

2. Raising Dion, 2019 – present

“Raising Dion” is a superhero and super dramatic series with a famously twisted plot: Nicole Reese has lost her husband and is now raising her son alone by the name of Dion. It’s not easy for her to live like that, and here the boy also has a bunch of superpowers of various sizes – from turning into invisibility to controlling the elements. Now she is doubly harder, because she has to control her son and try to make sure that his gift remains secret. The series is worth seeing because it is not only about mysticism and secrets, but also about the difficulties of upbringing and family relationships.

3. Mars, 2016 – present

The series was shot in the now popular genre of docudrama – the “hybrid” genre of feature films. In form it is a documentary, in fact a work of art. In Mars, the plot alternates with interviews with the leading minds of the planet.
The television channel National Geographic is engaged in production, and the plot is based on the  book by Stephen Petranek “How We Will Live on Mars”. According to the plot in 2033, the first manned expedition will go to Mars. 6 people will create the first human settlement on the red planet. But, as usual, they are waiting for danger and testing. Lovers of “Gravity”, “Interstellar” and “Martian” will be delighted.

4. Pandora, 2019 – present

The series will take us 179 years ahead – in the yard in 2199. An orphan girl named Jax enters the space academy and tries to start a new life. In an educational institution, she is taught to protect the planet from alien threats, but here the past catches up with the heroine and terrible secrets begin to surface. Jax realizes that she has a special destiny, but this one – to save the universe or destroy it?

5. Ghostwriter Messages, 2019 – Present

A ghost starts up at a local bookstore, and a nightmare begins for ordinary people and happiness for a literature teacher – book heroes come to life. 4 friends must deal with the ghost, but for this you need to understand what exactly keeps him in our world. Heroes are waiting for puzzles and secret messages. The series can be watched by the whole family: follow the exciting adventures of friends and carefully follow all the prompts – who knows, maybe you will be the first to solve the mystery?

6. Dark network (Dark / Web), 2019 – present

Fans of the “Black Mirror”, pay attention to this series. The plot revolves around the sudden disappearance of a brilliant programmer. How this happened and who is to blame is a mystery, covered in darkness, which the girl’s friends are trying to solve. Their perseverance is rewarded – they find clues that indicate the approach of the global technological crisis.

7. The Rook, 2019 – present

15 Fantastic Series Movies for Those Who are Tired of Everyday Life
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The series combines different genres: here a detective story, mysticism and science fiction in one bottle. The plot tells the story of a girl named Mifanvi Thomas. Once she wakes up in the rain and does not remember who she is or what happened. It turns out that the girl has supernormal abilities, is connected with the secret unit of British intelligence, and also she receives messages-clues … from herself from the past. She seemed to be expecting something to happen to her, and she was carefully preparing for it. It remains to find out who is behind the killings.

8. Feed (The Feed), 2019 – present

The series is an adaptation of Nick Clark Windo’s book on the influence of corporations. The near future, the human brain is directly connected to the ubiquitous social network called Stream. Memories, thoughts, feelings of people – everything can be instantly shared with each other. And according to the law of the genre, on one terrible day, the “Stream” fails and humanity is in for a real nightmare.

9. A Strange City (Weird City), 2019 – Present

The city in the series is really strange – it is divided in two, there are rich and poor, but the middle class is completely absent. The first, as usual, is good: they have modern gadgets, the best medicine, and the second can not sit still and are looking for adventure. You are waiting for 6 exciting stories with different stories, but they are all interconnected.

10. War of the Worlds (The War of the Worlds), mini-series, 2019

There are countless films and TV shows based on the eponymous novel by Herbert Wells, among them this three-part film from the BBC is different in that the love story became the main plot. George escapes from a failed marriage to his beloved Amy. They want to start a new, happy life, but the aliens have a different opinion – they have long planned an invasion and intend to destroy humanity. The series has a gloomy atmosphere of foggy England of the early twentieth century, the viewer, along with the characters, feels growing horror.

11. Again Once Upon a Time (Il était une seconde fois), 2019

A French series with a sudden combination – it is about love and time travel. Vincent is over 30, and everything seems to be normal in life, but only he has an idea of ​​fix – he wants to return Louise, his former lover. Not just dreaming, he is obsessed with this thought. Once the courier brings him a parcel – a box without a bottom through which you can travel in time. The box carries Vincent to those happy times when she and Louise were still together. This is a chance to fix it. Do you think he will use it? A sort of “Butterfly Effect” with a French flair.

12. Locke Keys (Locke & Key), 2020

In February, the long-awaited premiere of the series took place, and I must say, it turned out a dynamic and atmospheric thriller. The plot starts with a mediocre scene – a mother with three children moves to a family estate off the beaten path to start a new life. But we all know what kind of life begins in such places. So this time, the children discover a portal to another reality, the strength of which is in the magic keys. They give their owners extraordinary abilities. I would enjoy life, but only some people are hunting for keys.

13. The collapse of Utopia (Utopia Falls), 2020

In the future, on Earth there is only one livable place called New Babylon. So that locals do not get bored, a vocal competition is held annually. While preparations are underway, one of the participants discovers the ancient archive and finds out that her world will forever change, and along with that the world around her. A huge layer of culture was hidden from the inhabitants, and now the heroine will have to convey her discoveries through music and dance, and incredible adventures await her on the way.

14. The Fatal Patrol (Doom Patrol), 2019 – present

The series is based on comics about the team of the same name superheroes. The team was selected interesting: a driver who crashed in an accident, received a radiation pilot, a psychopath with 64 personalities inside, a disfigured actress, a cyborg guy and at the head of it all – a crazy scientist. They all met and found for themselves a new meaning of life, and their abilities – application.

15. Devs (2020)

In March, an atmospheric and dynamic series about IT people started. The main character Lily Chan is a computer engineer. She works for an advanced quantum computing technology company. But one day, life makes a sharp turn – her boyfriend disappears. Lily begins her own investigation and, in an attempt to find traces of the crime, stumbles upon a secret unit of developers run by the mysterious Forest. The girl is sure that they are involved in the incident, and indeed, the IT company hides many secrets.

What fantastic series do you recommend watching?

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