15 Gorgeous Films of 90s Which Many People Have Forgotten

Who among us does not sometimes feel nostalgic for the 1990s? Or maybe you even love films of the last decade of the last century and think that you have already reviewed everything worthwhile? Then, especially for you, we made a selection of tapes from this period, some of which you may not have seen.

We loves films with an intricate plot and with first-tier actors. Here we want to talk about the films in which Sharon Stone, Salma Hayek, Al Pacino, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp and many others have appeared.

To Die For (1995)

Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman) knows exactly what she wants. She wants to be a television newscaster and she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. What she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in cold determination and diabolical wiles. As she pursues her goal with relentless focus, she is forced to destroy anything and anyone that may stand in her way, regardless of the ultimate cost or means necessary. For her role in this film, Nicole Kidman received a Golden Globe

IMDb rating – 6.8

Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)

Seventh-grade is no fun. Especially for Dawn Wiener when everyone at school calls you ‘Dog-Face’ or ‘Wiener-Dog.’ Not to mention if your older brother is ‘King of the Nerds’ and your younger sister is a cutesy ballerina who gets you in trouble but is your parents’ favorite. And that’s just the beginning-her life seems to be falling apart when she faces rejection from the older guy in her brother’s band that she has a crush on, her parents want to tear down her ‘Special People’s Club’ . With a low budget, this picture managed to win 90% of positive reviews from critics of Rotten Tomatoes.

IMDb rating – 7.4

Midaq Alley (1995)

The Mexican film is based on the novel “Midah Street” by the Egyptian writer, Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz. The hairdresser Abel fall in love with Alma (Salma Hayek), and in order to earn money for the wedding, he goes to the USA. Meanwhile, Alma, as a result of a two-year separation, becomes a highly paid priestess of love. This movie won the Ariel (the Mexican Oscar) as best movie in 1995.

IMDb rating – 7.4

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

The real story behind the world of sales. This is a realistic portrayal of what it is to try making a life in high pressure sales with all its highs and lows; promises of fortunes and deliveries of dross. Red-leads and dead-leads are to blame for life’s outcomes. Living with “Objection, Rebuttal, Close”. 

IMDb rating – 7.7

Belle Epoque (1992)

15 Gorgeous Films of 90s Which Many People Have Forgotten
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The Belle Epoque by Spanish director Fernando Trueba takes the audience back to 1931. The deserter Fernando plans to stay for one night with the artist, but four daughters arrive, because of which the soldier is delayed in this house. He enters into relationships with three of them, but later realizes that the best party for him will be young Luz (Penélope Cruz), who is in love with him. In 1994, the film won an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film nomination.

IMDb rating – 7.1

Awakenings (1990)

15 Gorgeous Films of 90s Which Many People Have Forgotten
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Film is based on a true story of the neuropathologist Oliver Sachs. Dozen patients are admitted to the hospital by a doctor (Robin Williams) who have not talked or moved for many years due to the epidemic of encephalitis lethargica. The doctor develops a drug that he tests on the patient Leonard (Robert De Niro). The remedy has been successful – Leonardo and other patients are cured. However, things are not as simple as they seem.

IMDb rating – 7.8

The Ninth Gate (1999)

The main role in the mystical thriller by Roman Polanski was played by Johnny Depp. Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) is a rare books-dealer whose motivation is only for financial gain. He swindles a set of rare and priceless books from a naïve couple, narrowly beating out a rival dealer. A very rich book collector by the name of Boris Balkan (Frank Langella) hires Corso to validate his recently purchased copy of The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows by 17th century author Aristide Torchia. It is one of only three copies that exist in the world.

IMDb rating – 6.7

Enemy of the State (1998)

Tony Scott’s action movie takes him to the USA in the 1990s. Attorney Robert Dean (Will Smith) gets hold of a document revealing a high-ranking official. The secret service finds out about this, they arranges a real hunt for a lawyer. From a law-abiding citizen, he instantly turns into a dangerous criminal.

IMDb rating – 7.3

9. Richard III

15 Gorgeous Films of 90s Which Many People Have Forgotten

Film is based on play of the same name by William Shakespeare. The action takes place in the 1930s, during the crisis of the British monarchy and the popularity of the ideas of fascism. Commanded by the infamous Richard III (Ian McKellen), who rules over a fascist government and hopes to install himself as a dictator monarch.

IMDb rating – 7.4

A Time to Kill (1996)

15 Gorgeous Films of 90s Which Many People Have Forgotten

“A Time to Kill” is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by John Grisham. Tonya Hailey, an innocent little African-American girl is raped and beaten by 2 beer-guzzling rednecks. Her father Carl Lee Hailey is outraged, and figuring he could not see those boys set free, decides to take justice into his own hands and kills them in the court house, in front of numerous witnesses. Now it up to Jake Brigance to get Carl Lee off the hook. He has people that help him, but he is up against tough D.A. Rufus Buckley. Will he be able to prove that a black man can get a fair trial in Mississippi? 

IMDb rating – 7.5

Carlito’s Way (1993)

Film “Carlito’s Way” set in 1975 in New York. Carlito (Al Pacino) is released from prison after serving 5 years instead of 30. He seeks to tie up with his criminal past, but these plans are thwarted by one insistent request from his lawyer (Sean Penn), which will eventually change Carlito’s life again.

IMDb rating – 7.9

Big Daddy (1999)

15 Gorgeous Films of 90s Which Many People Have Forgotten
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Big Daddy is a comedy movie starring with Adam Sandler. He tried on the role of an all-permissive and all-forgiving father, who teaches the boy’s pranks while parents are looking for him. Of course, they become attached to each other, and then the hero gets involved in the struggle for parental rights.

IMDb rating – 6.4

The Quick and the Dead (1995)

The 1995 American Western takes the audience to the Wild West, where Herod and his bandits are rampaging in the town of Atonement. But everything turns upside down when a female cowboy (Sharon Stone) arrives there.

IMDb rating – 6.4

The Bone Collector (1999)

A forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) is after a accident at a crime scene left as a bed-bound quadriplegic and already decides to commit suicide. However, soon an aspiring policeman Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie) appears in his life, who tries to unravel a series of terrible crimes.

IMDb rating – 6.7

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Self-made billionaire Thomas Crown is bored of being able to buy everything he desires. Being irresistible to women, he also does not feel any challenge in that area. But there are a few things even he can’t get, therefore Thomas Crown has a seldom hobby: He steals priceless masterpieces of Art. After the theft of a famous painting from Claude Monet, the only person suspecting Thomas Crown is Catherine Banning. Her job is to get the picture back, no matter how she accomplishes her mission.

IMDb rating – 6.8

Which films from this collection have you not watched yet?

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