18 Movie Scenes in Which the Directors Got Confused And Abandoned Special Effects

Some 20 years ago, the directors had to get out to create special effects. Together with the requisites and technicians, they built complex decorations, refined with installation and perspective. But now the green screen and computer technology allow you to create any picture that comes to mind filmmakers. All the more valuable are the films in which the authors decided to abandon the soulless visual effects in favor of the good old tricks and optical techniques.

Happy Worthy Life has found two dozen contemporary films, the directors of which have done their best for you to enjoy a lively picture. And in the end, you will find a bonus that will reveal the secret of shooting a popular series.

1. Bike Chase San Francisco, Matrix 4

The dizzying chase from the Matrix-4, which will be released in 2021, is actually being shot at a turtle speed. The Neo and Trinity motorcycle is attached to the car of the film crew, and in these frames there will not be a single gram of falsehood, except perhaps a drop of cinema magic.

2. Robot TARS, Interstellar

Director Christopher Nolan admits his hatred of computer effects. For example, for Interstellar, he  grew a whole field of corn (and then sold it). Even the angular TARS robot, which could be drawn in 3D, is a puppet .

3. Batman pulls Harley Quinn out of the water, “Suicide Squad”

Margot Robbie honestly trained with a diving instructor and learned to hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes. The scene entered the movie in a greatly reduced form: first, Harley Quinn laughs in the car, and then abruptly finds herself under water, and then Batman saves her. Unfortunately, the skills of Margot Robbie were not useful, but the frames still look spectacular. See for yourself.

4. The battle of Maximus with the tiger, “Gladiator”

Actually, the film’s director Ridley Scott wanted to use a rhino instead of a tiger in this scene, which turned out to be deadly. Filmmakers resorted to combined filming: a stuffed tiger and a real striped beast with a trainer “participated” in them.

5. Aircraft Capture, “The Dark Knight: Revival of a Legend”

The film crew spent several months preparing a trick with hijacking the aircraft, a lot of money and crashed a real plane (with permission of the authorities, of course).

6. Droid BB-8, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Bibi-8 round robot is a puppet. Behind the  scenes there were always 2 actors who pulled the droid by strings.

7. The final scene, “127 hours”

The film is based on a true story: a rock climber, stuck in stones, is forced to take his hand away to save himself. The film crew decided to make an anatomically correct model of the hand instead of computer effects. Apparently, they turned cool – at the premiere people fell into a swoon.

8. Exoskeletons, “The Edge of the Future”

DIY painting techniques assembled 70 exoskeletons weighing 20-50 kg, in which the actors had to run and jump. Injury actors – and those are real. And it took 30 minutes to pack Tom Cruise in a suit, and several times a day.

9. Iron Man saves people who fell out of the plane, “Iron Man – 3”

The people who roll out of the plane are actually stuntmen from  the Red Bull team . These guys jumped parachutes 600 times for a few minutes long scenes.

10. Tom Cruise clings to a take-off airplane, “Mission Impossible: The Outcast Tribe”

Tom Cruise is so devoted to his work that he does all the tricks: the actor climbs on high towers, fights, jumps out of planes or, conversely, clings to them on takeoff without stuntmen .

11. Flying on the Web, The New Spider-Man

It seems that Spider-Man actually exists, and this is not Peter Parker, but a stuntman who deftly jumps on ropes.

12. Theft of a bank safe, “Fast and the Furious 5”

The safe is almost real, only inside it is not money, but half of the pickup. To prevent the safe from hanging out, it is controlled by the driver.

13. The battle scenes, “1917”

“1917” won an Oscar for best cinematography and visual effects for good reason. Behind the scenes is the painstaking work of the old school – the explosions, people and landscapes are real.

Bonus: Jake Schreyer, the director of the series “Just kidding”, shared with his subscribers a video about how the shooting

Do you notice when filmmakers go overboard with computer graphics, or just enjoy the plot of the film?

Preview photo of Edge of Tomorrow / Village Roadshow Pictures


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