20+ Facts About “Enchanted” – a Series Thanks to Which All Girls Dreamed of Becoming Witches When They Grow Up

Remember how we rushed home to catch the start of our favorite series? Today, when all episodes can be easily found on the Internet, you remember this with a smile, and then even the warm weather and girlfriends could not keep us on the street, because the Halliwell sisters had to fight the dark forces of the supernatural world. Spectators around the world shared their interest: the first series of Enchanted alone gathered 7.7 million viewers on the screens.


We at  Happy Worthy Life recall with nostalgia those times when all the answers could be found in the Book of Shadows, and therefore we specifically learned the facts about your favorite series.

  • Work on the series almost put an end to the career of a screenwriter – in 1998, Constance Burge wrote a screenplay for the series about three roommates who live in Boston and, despite being fluent in magic, behave like real ladies. The concept was smashed to smithereens, bringing Burge to a nervous breakdown. Executive producer Duke Vinset stood up for the idea. Thanks to him, the neighbors transformed into sisters, and the emphasis in the series shifted from witchcraft to family values.
  • Demonologists, mythologists and paranormal experts were invited to write a pilot scenario for the project under the working title “House of Witches” .
  • The supernatural abilities of each witch were thought out in advance, and Phoebe had to fly. However, calculating the cost of filming, the creators realized that it would be much more profitable to endow it with the ability to predict.

Shannen Doherty was offered the role of Piper. She brought her good friend to the show, and Holly Marie Combs took on the role of Prue, the eldest of the sisters. The girls conferred and switched roles, because the original characters of the heroines did not suit them.

The role of the younger sister, Phoebe, was initially approved by Lori Rum, and the shooting of the 28-minute pilot episode took place, however, the actress left the project for personal reasons, and she was replaced by Alissa Milano, and the first episode was re-shot, increasing the timing to 40 minutes.

The series takes place in the city of San Francisco. And  the Halliwell Sisters Mansion is actually located on Carroll Avenue in Los Angeles. The pilot series, as well as some scenes from the first seasons, were shot in this house, and then in the pavilions of Paramount Pictures studio, which repeated the interior of the mansion. In 2003, the mansion was sold privately, therefore, earlier shots are shown further in the series.

Before agreeing to the role of Phoebe, Alyssa insisted on signing a contract, according to which she should not be filmed indoors, since she has a fear of enclosed spaces. However, she had to face her second phobia – the actress is very afraid of water, and in the series “The Mermaid”, where Phoebe swims in the ocean, she had a hard time.

Demon Balthazar – hello to Star Wars fans. His appearance is borrowed from the Sith Darth Maul, and in one of the episodes he says: “I am annoyed by your unbelief.” This is a quote from Star Wars, in the film Darth Vader pronounces the words.

Alyssa Milano liked the Book of Shadows so much that she hired an artist who painted murals with drawings from the pages of the book on the walls in her house.

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Despite the fact that initially the girls became friends (Doherty and Combs were even bridesmaids at the wedding of Alyssa Milano), by 2000 the situation on the set began to heat up – the witches quarreled among themselves. The performer of the role of the younger sister Alyssa Milano was at enmity with Shannen Doherty. Everything went so far that the producers seriously thought about how to remove one of the actresses from the role . When Shannen Doherty was arrested for drunk driving, movie bosses finally decided to withdraw her character from the series.

As a bonus, Shannen Doherty was allowed to direct Prue’s death herself. “On the set there was too much drama and not enough passion for work, ” the actress commented on her departure from the show. The scriptwriters decided that photos of the deceased sister should be hanging in the Halliwell house, but Shannen Doherty asked for a round sum for using her image, and this idea had to be abandoned.

After the scandals, “Charmed” was on the verge of closure, and in order to raise the ratings, the scriptwriters decided not to replace the older one, but to introduce a new sister , Paige Matthews to the series . She is half witch, half keeper.

When they announced the casting for the role of newfound sister tried many famous actresses, including she could get all Tiffani Thiessen and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Charming, but still unknown to anyone, Rose McGowan won.


In her book “The Bold,” Rose McGowan recalls that she understood how difficult it will be: millions of fans around the world were indignant because the older sister was leaving the project, so the actress did not want to replace her, but to create her own unique image: “I She knew that she was unlikely to become more popular than Doherty, so the viewer should certainly fall in love with Page. In order not to frighten anyone with my thinness, I gained about 5 kg . ” McGowan did everything right – the ratings of the show went up.

According to the contract, actresses were forbidden to change their image without agreement with the studio. Rebel Rose McGowan dyed her hair red without asking permission. The movie bosses were furious, and then she said : “I didn’t think it was any serious bullshit, think! We have a show about magic. Imagine: I mixed a potion and it exploded in my hands! Bach – and mine my hair turned red! I liked it and I kept this color. “

Passions on the site were seething with serious, and, contrary to the expectations of the fans, the witches did not meet their onscreen lovers. Shannen Doherty met with Julian McMahon – Cole. Alyssa Milano built a relationship with Brian Krause, the performer of the role of Leo. And Piper surprised everyone by falling in love with the illuminator.


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