20+ People Talked About Films That They Adore, But Someone Said They Hated It

The famous site about cinema IMDb has anti – rating – a list of films viewers don’t like it, led by the comedy “Unreal”. But surely there are those who love these films, even realizing that they are annoying to everyone else.

We looked at one of the Reddit pages , where users named their favorite films, the reason for which they dislike, they can understand.

  • I honestly love the first two Twilight movies and put them on all the time. I use them when I’m studying/working because they’re relatively calm without a lot of loud noises, and the colour scheme is inoffensive in the background. ratchnad
  • This. I love the scenery more than the movie itself. The scenery + music are enough to make me ignore the terrible dialogue. Also the cgi wolves and even the cgi vampire stuff actually looked great visually. I’m a 31 yr old man and my gf always makes fun of me because I have the twilight movies on bluray. Maestrosc
  • ” Butterfly effect “. Because this movie is fucking depressing. Directors cut traumatised me for weeks. He goes back to when he was still in his mother and wraps the umbilical cord around his neck. fzero127
  • “Requiem for a Dream”. So beautiful and so sad. This is perhaps the only film that I love very much, but I will never review. commaspace1
  • Knives Out. A great murder mystery but I can understand that it’s not someone’s type. Letitia_Wright
  • Sky High. It’s a silly tween movie with silly tween jokes. And I think it’s funny. PM_ME_LIGER_PHOTOS

  • Jennifer’s Body. It has a cult following now (it’s a perfect Halloweeny popcorn movie IMO), but I can totally see why it bombed initially and most people write it off for gratuitous sexy scenes and weird dialogue. RoyalImagination
  • Secret life of Walter Mitty. Tried to get my wife to watch it and she said it was so damn boring. Totally understandable because it’s weird and pretty slow, but I love that movie. D1rrtyharry
  • The Swedish language ” The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ” trilogy. Very faithful adaptation, but the depiction of a main characters assault is brutally realistic. I love the series because it’s a story of an abused persons growth, and vengeance against their abusers. Blanky-Staring
  • “Swiss Army Man .” A beautiful true friendship film. But I understand that it is not for every taste. _Akoran_
  • My wife and I somehow started to watch it, but turned it off: she said that the film was frankly stupid. BossLove1829
  • Korean film “Oldboy”. This is a “slightly” crazy movie, which, of course, will not appeal to everyone. Cursed2020
  • After watching this movie, I exclaimed: “What was that all about? What did I just watch? ” Although, of course, some of the fighting scenes were very cool.  little_hippo

  • “Grave of the Fireflies”. Some people can’t handle that level of sadness. Varvatos_Vex
  • “My big fat Greek wedding” , note that I’m a 36 year old guy, was in the military and now work as a machinist. It’s a cheesy movie but I find it very sweet. Mac2311
  • “The boys that yea “. It’s flaming garbage but some part of my monkey brain says “yes…. you like this”. i watched it once a day for a week and broke up with a now ex because i realized how poorly i was being treated. ladybug 180
  • “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” . Came here for this. I think a lot of people see it as a not that great romance movie, but I saw it as more of a “look what happens when you cling to a relationship that’s bad for you out of habit/fear/whatever.” clocksailor
  • ” Mulholland Drive ”  is one of my all-time favorites, but if someone said they didn’t like I wouldn’t fault them for it. It’s unnerving, confusing, sexually charged, and most of all David Lynchian.

  • ” Solstice”. I watched this movie with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen that had me saying “wow, what an aesthetically pleasing movie with such an interesting plot…..I hate it.” There were so many parts of that movie that made me squirm because I was so uncomfortable. All in all, I think it was really well done and it had me completely captivated the entire time. But I’ll never watch it again. hanner
  • ” What we do in the shadows ” . I love it, it’s one of my favorites and I love the show as well. But when i showed it to my family, they hated it. onlyherefortheparty
  • ” A Knight’s Tale” . I scrolled through this whole post looking for it and no one said it. I personally love it but it really is a terrible movie. Dahlias_and_roses
  • People hate this movie because they expect it to be historically accurate and pick apart all of the inconsistencies. It’s not supposed to be historically accurate. It’s supposed to be fun. squishysalmon
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel. This film is a masterpiece, and I thought most people agree with me. But when my girlfriend fell asleep during a joint viewing, I realized that for some people it might seem too long. falcoBags22
  • “Lucy”. I know that most people hate this movie. It seems to me that this is due to the theory voiced there about human use of only 5% of their brain. And I just accepted this fact as part of the plot, and the film itself is quite pleasant, and the main character has progress, which also happens not always. Yoinkie2013

And can you name the film that you watched with enthusiasm, but someone will does not like it?

What do you think?

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