25 Fantasy Movies You Must to See

For those who love intricate plots and complex logical chains, Happy Worthy Life selected 25 fantasy movies, during which you will have to strain your brains. Happy viewing!



25 Fantasy Movies You Must to See
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Despite the seemingly blooming complexity at first, the adventures of Leonardo DiCaprio and his teams in other people’s dreams are extremely structured and incredibly logical organized – but it is still possible to get confused in them, so connecting gray matter while watching is not just desirable, but absolutely necessary .

12 monkeys

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What Terry Gilliam did does not give in to any explanation: taking a seemingly banal plot for a science fiction film, he made a picture that is even awkward to call something fantastic. The picture catches the viewer from the very beginning and, despite the general leisurelyness of the narrative, does not let go until the very end. Bravo, Terry!

The game

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In this paranoid thriller, the famous style of director David Fincher, dissecting reality – layer by layer, has matured, so it is unclear whether there is any kind of reality at all. This is exactly what Michael Douglas’s character does in the “simulator” of reality created by the will of his brother (Sean Penn) to find out what he is capable of and how durable this world is.

Shutter Island

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The film tickles the nerves from dialogue to dialogue, from sound to sound, as if it touches the bowels of the soul and touches it for the most sensitive places, at times tingling them to trembling. And when there is a feeling that everything seems to be clear and the ending is obvious, events dramatically change their turn.

Source code

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A very vital, spectacular and insanely dynamic fantasy thriller. With his strenuous action, he is able to literally rive him to the screen, and with dramatic notes and a pleasant romantic line – to really touch.


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On the one hand, great science fiction, on the other – heartbreaking drama. The film has things that everyone understands, such as family, love, pain, and betrayal. But at the same time, the mysterious depths of space are striking. The director managed to convey his infinity, in comparison with which we are nothing. By combining these opposites, Christopher Nolan created something indescribable and beautiful.



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A group of magicians under the pseudonym “Four Riders” return money, rob banks in front of an amazed audience, play “cat and mouse” with the FBI and Interpol, hypnotize them and make them stare at the screen, trying to guess what will happen next. In general, the scale of tricks here is much cooler than just a map behind the ear.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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Fincher managed to make an amazing film, worthy of the highest rating. The story told to us about a man who was born an old man and died a baby, touches the living and makes you think. An incredibly emotional and human picture, the whole charm of which cannot be described in words, it just needs to be seen and felt.


Mind games

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A magnificent plot opens before us, like a slow curtain. A brilliant mathematician is trying to figure out himself, and we are with him. The viewer builds his guesses, he plunges headlong into the atmosphere of what is happening on the other side of the screen. Is there a line between reality and fantasy? What is the human mind really capable of? All these questions excite the consciousness throughout the viewing.

Reckoning hour

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At the beginning of the film, the protagonist, an engineer, works on complex and classified, but quite harmless and short-lived projects: he did the job – he erased his memory, get a check and live on. But everything changes when he is offered to take up a project that takes three years of his life. Agree or not? Great temptation, especially at stake is a lot of money.

The Butterfly Effect

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Boy Evan adopted a strange illness from his psychopathic father, who is now locked in a house for the insane, he does not remember some episodes of his life, and at these moments rather strange, and even terrible events took place. Having matured and entered college, Evan makes an amazing discovery. Reading the diaries that he wrote in childhood on the advice of a doctor, a young man can return to childhood and change the future with his actions.



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One of the cult films in cinema, which generated a lot of new ideas and polished old ideas to a brilliance, is a masterpiece of science fiction. A picture in which you remember all the moments even after the first viewing – so each scene leaves a deep impression.

Cloud Atlas

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The most pleasant feeling is when you start discussing what is happening on the screen already while watching, long before the finale, when each piece of the puzzle is assembled in the head and the realization that everything is interconnected comes.


Mulholland Drive

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The film consists of pieces, fragments, small parts that make up one whole. An unprepared or inexperienced viewer may simply get lost, taking into account each clue, to make up a common mosaic. This film is what attracts you because it keeps you in suspense from beginning to end, raising questions from the moment of the car accident.

The Fountain

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There is a movie that seems to open your eyes, and for some time under its influence you look at things differently, walk all day and think that some truth has been revealed to you that always seemed to be in front of you, but you stubbornly did not notice. “Fountain” is just such a film.

The jacket

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Emotions gain the upper hand, the soul tends to go up towards something beautiful, you begin to feel inspired and don’t know why, but you feel comfortable and calm, not thinking about the past, not wondering what will happen tomorrow – something like this appears after watching the film “ Blazer”.

Vanilla Sky

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In the center of events is the young son of a rich daddy, cliched by playboy David. Likes to drink, drink and have fun with girls. He is used to having everything in his hands. But fate, or perhaps the Lord God, decided to test it and teach life. Having a terrible accident, the hero of Cruise must cope with a new life, with a new face. But everything is not so simple: poor David begins to suffer nightmares, and then he realizes that something is wrong …

Mr. Nobody

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A dilemma film whose main idea is a matter of choice. Any step, any action is a choice. What would happen to each individual life, if a person had not uttered the necessary words at a crucial moment, if he had done so, and not otherwise, a second later, a second earlier – and this would have been a completely different life …

Primal Fear

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The film constantly surprises the viewer. Although the plot floats very evenly in timing, it does not sag anywhere and does not fly anywhere at the speed of a bullet. But with each subsequent five-minute in the picture, more and more secrets are revealed.


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This film is akin to a hard puzzle that is almost impossible to solve and impossible to leave unsolved. Extremely naturalistic video sequence, coupled with the most powerful charge embedded in the plot, bring the picture to near-earth orbit in terms of the level of severity of sensations and prevent it from coming off from the first to the last frame.

The Prestige

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In Christopher Nolan’s film, we get to know the story of two magicians. Both of them are young, talented, tenacious and grasping. Each of them has achieved success in his field. But competition, public attention and the struggle for first place do not allow them to live in peace and continue their work. Alfred Borden and Robert Anger begin a tough fight for the right to possess the title of best English magician.

Do you think about 25 fantasy movies, and what movie you like almost ?

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