8 Secrets That Creators of “Star Factory” Hid From Audience

Recently, one of the participants in the “Star Factory” Rita Dakota took part in a humorous show, where she told previously unknown details about how the program was shot. The girl told about what was fake in the star house, about the attitude of the organizers and how she felt on the project. Much of what she mentioned was a revelation for the audience.

Happy Worthy Life , imbued with nostalgia for the once beloved show, decided to find out how it was filmed and what was hidden from our eyes.

Star House is a former store

The star house in which the “manufacturers” lived was located at Dmitrovskoye Shosse 82. Before it was converted for filming, there was a Soviet-style grocery store in this building that was closed.

It was originally planned that it would take 8 months to prepare for the show, but in the end the deadlines were squeezed by almost 4 times. Due to lack of time, the workers managed to equip only the 1st floor, where the living area was located. But the hardware, under which they took the 2nd floor, did not have time to do. Therefore, the technical staff for some time had to work in outerwear (the room was not heated) and standing, since the equipment room did not even have chairs.

The organizers periodically introduced strange bans

For the “manufacturers” of the 4th season, the project director Lina Arifulina introduced a food restriction. This happened due to the fact that some girls, for example, Irina Dubtsova and Anastasia Kochetkova, began to recover, as stress often stuck. As a result, an alarm was set on the refrigerator, which squeaked if it opened at the wrong time.

And the young singer Rita Dakota was forbidden to cry. Already on the project, she found out that a disaster had happened in her family. At first, the organizers wanted to send the girl home, because they were afraid that she would spoil the atmosphere of the program with her bad mood. But Dakota promised to control herself, and she was left on the project with the words : “Good, but don’t think about crying. If we see that you are crying, you will go home. ”

The relationship between the participants was unplayed

Some fans of the project are sure that all the quarrels or novels between the “manufacturers” are spelled out in scenarios and that one can only guess about their real relationship. However, the participants in the show themselves do not agree with this. For example, singer Alexa said that she was really in love with then only a participant in the show Timati. And the participants of the 7th “Factory” Artem Ivanov and Tatyana Bogacheva even got married, and in 2016 they had a daughter. It is unlikely that such a development of events was invented by the writers of the project.

But, according to the “manufacturers”, relations are almost the only thing that was not artificial at the “Factory”

“It’s all fake. For example, in the middle of the night you turn around, and your bed falls down, and from above they say: “Freeze frame! Replace bed number 6! “Two dudes come out, take out this bed and bring in a new one,” said Dakota.

The house was decorated with greenery, which the “manufacturers” had to take care of. But these flowers were plastic, and the project participants were forced to water them at the request of the organizers, so that the audience couldn’t guess that most of the house was decoration.

If you also dreamed of going through the casting and getting to the “Factory”, then, most likely, in vain

Little Julia Savicheva and Maxim Fadeev.

Shortly before the start of the 2nd “Factory”, journalists told that they found cassettes in the dump of the mountain marked “For casting at the Star Factory” and not a single package was printed.

And if you look at the biographies of the participants, it becomes clear that among them there are quite few people from the street.

  • For example, a participant in the 2nd “Star Factory” Yulia Savicheva admitted to fans that she met Max Fadeev as a child and promised to make a star out of her. And, by the way, kept his word.
  • The “manufacturer” of the 4th “convocation” Dominic Joker long before the casting made friends with Timati and Nastya Kochetkova. According to the singer, Igor Krutoy personally invited him to the project.

Of course, not all “manufacturers” had connections with producers, however, almost all of them managed to try their hand at show business before the project. After all, “Star Factory” is not an expensive project, so the organizers tried to invite trusted artists to it.

  • So, the participant of the 1st “Factory” Alexander Astashonok wrote songs before the show . And Pasha Artemyev starred in the videos, the most popular of which is, perhaps, “Traffic” Zemfira.
  • At the “factory” of the 3rd season, Yulia Mikhalchik, at the time of the start of the casting, a contract was signed with the MUZ-TV channel.
  • A member of the “Roots” group, Sasha Berdnikov, a few years before the show auditioned for the role of a soloist in the group “Ivanushki International”, where he met with the future organizers of the “Star Factory”.

The repertoire for each “manufacturer” was selected individually

Unfortunately, the “manufacturers” could not choose what to sing with whom. Because of this, scandals often occurred in the star house. For example, the winner of the 7th “Factory” Anastasia Prikhodko was extremely disappointed that at the first reporting concert, instead of popular variety performers, the actor Valery Zolotukhin and her “unfashionable” song “Conversation with Happiness” were paired with her . Because Nastya spoke unflattering about the decision of the organizers, she was made one of the first nominees for the elimination.

The music editor of the program, Zoya Kremenetskaya, described the process of selecting the repertoire: “The songs are selected based on how we want to show the“ semi-finished product ”, which facet of his talent to emphasize. True, in the process of working on a song, we can change the artist. Children are very worried when a song is taken away from them, so we never tell them right away: “You will sing it on Friday.” We offer to try, see what happens. ”

According to Zoe, the stars were also selected individually. But sometimes the decision of the editors could be influenced. For example, Irina Dubtsova dreamed of a duet with Vladimir Presnyakov, and her dream was realized at one of the reporting concerts. True, during the preparation for the performance, the stars and “manufacturers” did not communicate much, which sometimes caused force majeure.

Rita Dakota, who said that she had a tense relationship with the participants, fell into one of these unpleasant situations: “I often performed there live, without a soundtrack. Once there was a case when one rock band chose me to perform a song together. I studied it for a week, and when I went on stage, I realized that a completely different composition was playing. I had to improvise. Later, I learned that the team changed the composition and handed me a disc with a new song, which was broken and thrown by another member. “

After the tour, with those who wanted to continue to perform, a contract was signed for a period of 7 years

To break it, it was necessary to pay a fairly substantial penalty, for the musicians it was simply unprofitable.

Despite the fact that the terms of the contract were not the most attractive, for many performers this work really helped to become famous and find their place on the national stage.

Even those ex-“manufacturers,” whose names we don’t see on the music charts, respond with great warmth to the show.

  • “This project gave me everything,” said singer Julia Mikhalchik. “He became my springboard.”
  • “Until now, I have strong relations with many“ manufacturers ”. I think it’s forever. I am extremely happy for the winner of our “Factory,” Elena Temnikova shared with reporters.
  • “Yes, there were difficulties and misunderstandings at the Factory, but I never wanted to leave there, ” said the finalist of the 7th season of the show, Mark Tishman.

Have you watched Star Factory? If so, what season is your favorite? For which of the “manufacturers” did they root especially hard?

Preview photo Star Factory / Channel One

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