Top 10+ Best Romantic Films You Must to See at Weekend

In romantic films, everything starts the same way: a girl meets a young man, they fall in love, but then insurmountable circumstances arise that prevent them from being together. From film to film, only the meeting places and the reasons that can separate the heroes change. But, if everything is so predictable, why do we viewers watch these tapes again and again? Yes, because we know for sure: these pictures are full of optimism, and love in them always wins.

We at Happy Worthy Life selected films in which chemistry occurs between the charming protagonists that you feel it through the screen. And in the bonus, we’ll talk about melodrama, which is definitely worth seeing for all fans of the genre.

Mon inconnue

Can you keep a secrets?

Dem Horizont so nah

Ode to joy


Long Shot

The Wedding year

Someone, Somewhere

Time Freak

Song to song

Bonus: if you have not seen it, then be sure to check out the melodrama “A Star Is Born”

Romantic stories are great for creating a warm atmosphere. There are many of them, so we are waiting for your advice: what else to see in this genre?

Preview Photo by Adme, Long Shot / Summit Entertainment

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