11 Things You Should Not Save Money

People like to save – that’s a fact. However, cost savings are not always justified. Sometimes we get benefits only in the short term, and in the long term we can harm our health and quality of life. No wonder they say that the avaricious pays twice.


We at Happy Worthy Life decided to figure out what things you should not save at the expense of our comfort.

1. Quality underwear

What is under our clothes should be chosen no less carefully than jeans or a dress. You should be comfortable in underwear, it should not cause the slightest discomfort. At the same time, non-natural tissues, an abundance of synthetics and cheap lace can cause skin irritation, redness and itching. In addition, a low-quality bra loses shape much more quickly and ceases to fulfill its function of supporting the breast. In addition, it can make breathing difficult, squeeze blood vessels and impair blood circulation, which can negatively affect health.

In addition, because of cheap underwear, your entire image may suffer – if you have tight clothes on you, ideally underwear should not be noticeable at all . High-quality seamless sets will do this function perfectly.

2. Taxis

Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that a trip by public transport loses in speed and comfort to a taxi ride. However, even if you have a personal car, sometimes a taxi may be a more profitable and comfortable option. For example, if you need to go to the city center, where there may be problems with parking , or you just go to an unfamiliar place, a taxi will be a great alternative to a car. And if you calculate the cost of gasoline, it may turn out that this is also a more profitable way to travel.


3. Wireless headphones

In the modern metropolis, it is quite difficult to survive without headphones – many of us like to listen to music or podcasts almost everywhere: in the subway, on the street, in a fitness club. However, the main minus of the headphones is the wires that are always confusing and clinging to anything , which, due to this, quickly become unusable. Fortunately, today you can avoid unnecessary hassle by simply purchasing good wireless headphones. Those who like to play sports will especially appreciate the purchase – now training will become much more comfortable.


4. Expensive shoes

Shoes should be comfortable , otherwise the quality of life is greatly reduced. And the point here is not so much in tired legs and calluses, but in the fact that when the foot is not in the correct position, the body is forced to distribute the load so that you can maintain balance. As a result, a person may have problems with the joints and spine . Moreover, expensive shoes or boots, as a rule, are made of high-quality materials and taking into account the anatomical features of a person. Their block is designed to make us as comfortable as possible.

In addition, when meeting people, very often people pay attention to shoes. So, having spent a little more money, you can give the impression of a more respectable and successful person.

5. Classes with a trainer in a fitness club


It seems to many that personal training is an extra waste of money, but in many cases the help of a trainer is simply necessary. Firstly, if you are new to sports, it will be better if a professional shows you the correct technique of exercise. And this is not only about safety, but also about the effectiveness of training . Secondly, some people need a special person who will motivate them to go to the gym and perform exercises in full force. Thirdly, a specialist will help to prepare a competent training plan, designed specifically for you, depending on the goal: someone wants to lose weight, someone wants to build weight, and someone just wants to become stronger and more resilient.

At the same time, it is not necessary to constantly take individual lessons, at first you can take 4-5 trainings, and then hire a coach as necessary.

5. Laser hair removal

Of course, if you do a great job with shaving razors, you are not bored with these manipulations every 3-4 days and you do not experience severe pain from shugaring, then you can refuse the laser. Nevertheless, laser hair removal  is the most effective and painless method of hair removal, which allows you to get rid of vegetation forever. Of course, provided that you consult with a specialist and undergo a full course of procedures.


6. Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a great way to save not only time and nerves, but also money. It was estimated that for a full washing machine uses approximately 10-15 liters of water, and  about 30 liters are wasted when washing by hand . Today, when water meters are installed almost everywhere, this difference will be quite noticeable. In addition, the machine will wash your dishes much better and even be able to disinfect it if you choose to wash with hotter water. This is especially true for families with small children.

7. Electric toothbrush or irrigator

To reduce the number of visits to the dentist, you need to protect your teeth and take care of them with great care. A high-quality electric toothbrush or irrigator will help you with this. The brush will help to clean the oral cavity as efficiently as possible: if using a regular brush you can make a maximum of 200 revolutions per minute, then  the electric speed is several thousand rotations . And the irrigator will be useful to those who want to get rid of plaque at home, since this device with the help of a powerful water jet will remove all food debris, as well as massage your gums.

9. Language courses online

New knowledge and self-development is always good. Today there are a lot of tutorials that offer people easily and quickly learn a new language. However, in the case of language courses, self-study is not always better than online courses with a teacher. After all, a clear schedule disciplines much more than the ability to engage in “when and where it is convenient for you”, and a system is needed in teaching a language .

In addition, the teacher will always be able to draw up an individual program based on your goals, point out errors in pronunciation and consolidate the material studied in the dialogs.

10. Orthopedic mattress

Good sleep is the key to health and well-being, so it is very important to take care of all the comfort during sleep. Inconvenient and poor-quality mattress can cause a lot of problems. In the short term, it can lead to poor sleep quality. As a result, you do not get enough sleep, get tired faster and it becomes more difficult for you to concentrate. However, in the long run, things can turn out to be much more unpleasant: a poor mattress can cause problems with the spine.

11. Rocking chair for a newborn

Today, a lot of devices have been invented that are designed to make life easier for mothers and fathers. Yes, some of them will have to be spent, but they are clearly worth it. For example, a special children’s chaise lounge with an adjustable seat will help to relieve parents quite significantly and give them greater freedom of action. You will no longer have to constantly rock the baby in your arms – you can turn on the vibration function in the deck chair.

Also in it you can safely carry the baby and not be afraid that somewhere you will not find child seats or highchairs. Finally, a quality chaise lounge is able to ensure the safety of the newborn while the parents are busy with some business.

Do you remember any purchase that you felt sorry for spending money on, and then you realize that it was the right decision?

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