18 Mistakes That Burn Your Hard-Earned Money

The stories of dizzy success and the same type of advice on the topic “How to make your first million lying on the couch” are already fed up with everything. It is logical that absolutely everyone wants to be financially independent, but not everyone is ready to do something for this. But you just have to reconsider your daily habits and look at them from a slightly different angle.

Happy Worthy Life worried about its readers and wants to warn them of mistakes that lead to life from paycheck to paycheck. Attention: people without a sense of humor are not recommended to read the article!

1. Spend time uselessly envious of successful people on social networks

18 Mistakes That Burn Your Hard-Earned Money

2. Going badly on a payday

According to the study , spending on payday increases by 25%. As soon as the cherished money falls into the account, we allow ourselves to buy more products, more clothes and so on. Even lunch at work on this day is more satisfying and varied. And how often do you say the phrase “buy from a salary”?

3. Do not delegate your duties. After all, at this time you can invest in yourself

4. Underestimate the cost of the purchased item or hide the fact of purchase, thereby undermining the family budget

Only 62% of men and 49% of women share income information with their soul mate. The rest are not so frank in financial matters. Experts attribute this to the lack of a family culture of money handling and 100% trust between partners.

5. Do not make a menu for a week

This method will save not only your money (because you will know exactly what products you need to buy), but also time. You will no longer care about “What to cook for dinner?” and “What is it to cook from?” The menu is made according to your preferences and budget.

6. Shop alone

Having gone shopping with your  girlfriend , you will not only have a great time, but also minimize the risk of acquiring the wrong product. During shopping, your companion will help you when choosing or dissuade from unnecessary purchases, thereby saving your budget. In addition, stores often hold promotions “2 for the price of 1”.

7. Spend excess water

You will save a lot of money on utilities if you just make it a habit to turn off the tap while washing dirty dishes or brushing your teeth.

8. Do not turn your mind and do not show resourcefulness

  • If a drop of oily cream (even with an expired shelf life) is squeezed onto a dishwashing sponge, then you get a great alternative to a shoe sponge. Moreover, one side can be used to treat smooth skin, and the other for suede or nubuck.

If you have to repair, we recommend that you opt for light shades of paint or light wallpaper. So the daylight in the room will last longer, and as a result, you will not spend excess electricity. In addition, for dark rooms, a greater number of bulbs are needed.

9. Do not update tariffs for mobile communications and the Internet

How long have you been using your plan? We dare to suggest that enough time has passed. But telecom operators are constantly changing the conditions of existing tariffs, sometimes without your knowledge. Do not put off this question in the long box and study the relevant information on the website of your mobile operator.

10. Rejoice at the opportunity to save by purchasing cheap goods

You think that you save money by choosing inexpensive options, but in fact, quality things last an order of magnitude longer. It’s better to overpay a little and buy a product that will last more than one year, rather than a cheap one that will soon require replacement.

11. Overpay for electricity, of which there is no use

  • Unplug the plug. Even if the appliance is not turned on, but the plug remains in the outlet, a small amount of electricity continues to flow. A decent amount runs over the year.
18 Mistakes That Burn Your Hard-Earned Money

  • Wash the windows. Dirty windows “steal” the natural light that enters your home. And then you have to turn on artificial lighting and spend electricity at the same time. Dirty or dusty windows can reduce the natural light in a room by up to 30%.
  • Wipe off lamps and shades. Dirt and dust accumulating on them reduce the efficiency of the lighting device by 10-30%.

12. Ignore cost control apps

13. Take a basket in the store even for small purchases

When you run into the grocery store for a couple of missing goods, do not rush to take the basket at the entrance. Carry products in your hands, and then you are less likely to grab something that you were not going to buy.

14. Feel free to ask about current promotions and discounts.

They don’t take money for demand, and it’s hard to disagree. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the seller, because it also happens that some “tasty” offers are kept silent by stores due to the negative margin.

15. Go shopping with children

16. Do not grow greens at home

Greens are expensive, especially in winter. And you can  grow it on the windowsill in the apartment for free. The most unpretentious greens in care are dill, parsley, green onions, cilantro and salad.

17. Do not visit relatives

18. Do not dare to leave the comfort zone

This does not mean that you need to get to work hitchhiking or go to conquer the Himalayas. You can start small: use the stairs instead of the elevator or start the day with a morning run. Thus, you invest in yourself and your health.

Conclusion: change your habits formed in the process of life, be flexible and resourceful. After all, the rejection of any expenses does not mean savings. Everything needs a systematic approach.

How do you feel about money? Easily part with them or consider every penny?

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