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19 People Who Decided to Play Lucky And Finally Hitting the Jackpot

We all sometimes dream winning a million of lottery. The heroes of today’s collection although they did not make it to the cover of Forbes, received generous gifts of fate. Someone has found a precious piece of jewelry or an ancient musical instrument for their group. Others have a lot of valuable intangible gifts.

We Happy Worthy Life smiled at findings of netizens and we wish this happen to everyone at least once.

“We have been together for 5 years and finally played the little wedding we had dreamed of for so long”

“I found and returned to the woman a $ 5,000 engagement ring that she lost in the lake!”

“Finally, my curved toe turned out to be an advantage!”

“I told my fiancé for over 3 years that we didn’t need a dog of our own. I’m so glad we waited, because we were able to rescue our new best friend last month.”

“Just played bass on instagram live with one of the musicians that inspired to start playing. I couldn’t be happier right now.”

19 People Who Decided to Play Lucky And Finally Hitting the Jackpot
 ZachBiggs46 / reddit

“Our cat is back after two weeks in the woods, she is dehydrated and cold but will be alright. Im so happy.”

19 People Who Decided to Play Lucky And Finally Hitting the Jackpot
LotteMolle / reddit

“Last year we drove almost two hours to the country to see the meteor shower but we didn’t see anything, this year I saw around twenty and he saw three. We were very excited.”

“6 years ago I had a cool idea. I sacrificed my vacations, parties and leisure to write a book. And finally it was published on September 15 “

“Today the customer left only a penny in a tip. At first I got angry, but then I noticed that it was a coin of 1889 “

“In my city, people put unnecessary things next to their homes, knowing that they may be useful to someone. We are back this weekend with a Wii and 5 games! “

“Found this in a bag of jewelry from a charity basket.”

“Pulled a bunch of cases of Starbucks coffee, along with some lesser known brands. A few cases of the teas, Pop chips, Pita chips. “

“I was hired to take this old instrument to the landfill. I saved it and played it during the recording of my band’s first album! “

“I bought a ridiculously huge strawberry today.”

What gift of fate do you consider the most valuable?

What do you think?

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