19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget – How to Manage Family Finance?

A diamond bathtub for puppies, armor for guinea pigs, and fishing gear trimmed with diamonds are full of insanely expensive and completely unnecessary things in the world. But there are those that at first glance seem almost indispensable, and only after purchase it turns out that without them you could easily do without.

We at Happy Worthy Life performed an audit of our houses and apartments and found 19 things that we spent money on in vain.

19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget - How to Manage Family Finance?
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  • Gym membership. Perhaps, each of us at least once in a life issued a subscription – for a month, for six months, for a year. Duration is unimportant, statistics are important : only 10% of all people who bought a subscription go to the gym regularly, the rest drop out. With such a schedule, regular walks will be much more effective.
  • Camera. It seems, more recently, it was fashionable to buy expensive SLR cameras, go to parties with them, take with you on vacation. But since the appearance of Nokia’s first camera phone in 2002, mobile phones have gradually replaced photo equipment from everyday life. And if you are not a professional photographer, then with a probability of 90% you have not picked up a camera for a very long time. Yes, and why? Since 2013, when Phil Schiller introduced the iPhone 5s with auto-HDR and the ability to shoot video at 120 frames per second, cameras were simply no longer needed.
  • Cable TV. Does anyone really watch every day all these 999 channels? Unlikely. Researchers found that, on average, 4–5 programs are enough for each of us to get information and enjoyment. Moreover, they found that the more channels a user has, the less he likes his life. A frightening relationship.
19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget - How to Manage Family Finance?
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  • Water for children . It costs 5-6 times more expensive than usual, the label insists on absolute harmlessness. And this is true, but plain filtered water is no worse. Moreover, exactly the same . So do not be afraid to drink plain water from a mug, not from a bottle.
  • Electronic peephole for the door. Who is warned is armed, right? And if you see suspicious people near your door, you will not open them. But only through a regular peephole you will see them in exactly the same way. Isn’t it better to install a reliable safe door?
  • Products for detox. All kinds of diets and smoothie recipes for cleansing the body are so firmly entrenched in our lives that we don’t even wonder why the liver and kidneys exist in the body at all. And meanwhile, they are perfectly coping with this task themselves. Do not blindly believe advertising.
19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget - How to Manage Family Finance?
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  • Cookbooks. If you didn’t buy it yourself, then surely you’ve ever received a collection of recipes as a present. And since then, he probably stands in your kitchen, never open once. It is understandable: the Internet is full of sites devoted to culinary, on which there are videos, texts, and photographs.
  • Vitaminized water. Those who really care about themselves should not buy such water. Synthetic vitamins cannot replace those that we get with food. In addition, in such drinks there is always a lot of sugar and flavorings, which also does not affect your well-being in the best way. It is better to make tasty water yourself.
  • Extended Warranty. Anyone who has at least once bought household appliances has been offered this service. Yes, you have additional weeks or months of warranty, but in most cases it remains unclaimed . In addition, repairs are often cheaper than extending the warranty.
19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget - How to Manage Family Finance?
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  • Professional tools. A powerful wrench, magnetic screwdrivers, ultra-precise calipers … Without a doubt, all this simplifies the work of the master, but in ordinary life, when you take out tools once a year to hang a shelf, such expenses seem exaggerated. Again, all the equipment can be rented.
  • Shower stall. Even 5 years ago, everyone who made repairs in the apartment tried to squeeze this unit into the bathroom. A mountain of plastic, a built-in radio and TV – it seemed that nothing could be cooler. But time has shown that this bulky contraption is not so useful. It is much more economical to make floor drains and glass curtains.
  • Souvenirs with symbols of the year , especially magnets. Each time, one of our relatives gives us something similar for the New Year. And certainly most of us bring a few of these souvenirs from vacation. But these things do not bring real benefits, but the expenses are quite tangible. We’ll calculate: usually about 20 magnets are hanging on the refrigerator, each costs € 3-4, which means that on average everyone spends more than $ 5,000 on these “jewelry”
19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget - How to Manage Family Finance?
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  • Phones of the latest model. Everything seems to be obvious here. People go bankrupt on new iPhones not because the old ones stopped working or suddenly became worse, we all just want to follow fashion. In reality , new phone models, and especially in recent years, differ from the old ones only in 2-3 minor details. The basics remain the same.
  • Brand things. Expensive bags, designer shoes, as well as a wedding dress, gather dust most of the time in the closet. According to Coastal Wealth CEO Jeremy Straub , expensive items should be bought only if you plan to wear them often and can be used in combination with inexpensive clothes.
  • Unlimited tariffs for phones. The ability to chat as much as you like and “pump out” gigabytes of data, of course, is attractive. But is it really necessary? Especially if there is Wi-Fi. According  to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, on average, residents of 32 countries use only 2.8 GB of mobile Internet per month.
19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget - How to Manage Family Finance?
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  • Laminate. This flooring can be found in almost every second apartment. It is believed that using a laminate is quite profitable, since it is cheaper than parquet or, say, vinyl tiles. But on this his pluses end. And the cons begin. The laminate is afraid of moisture, wears out very quickly, easily scratches, and swelling at the edges of the panels ruined more than one hundred tights. It is impossible to repair damaged areas – only replace. As a result, everything that was saved on installation will be spent on repairs. It is much more profitable, for example, to put a vinyl tile, which is not afraid of water and is close to parquet in terms of properties, and never to remember it again.
  • Professional kitchen tools. Yes, it’s nice to hold a knife in the kitchen worthy of the chef’s hand of a Michelin-starred restaurant, but it cuts exactly like any other that is sold around the corner in the household. You won’t feel the difference. So why overpay?
19 Things That Will Make a Hole in Your Budget - How to Manage Family Finance?
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  • Sleeping bags for cold weather and other professional travel accessories. If you love hiking or are seriously involved in orienteering, then this point is not about you. But if you go out into the countryside every 2-3 years, then buying expensive sleeping bags, climbing tents with carbon fiber stands and other extra-class equipment is not necessary at all. After all, it turns out that you will spend substantial sums on what you will use on the strength of 10-15 days in several years. It is much more profitable to take ordinary amateur accessories. Most likely, you do not even feel any difference.
  • Shoes for exceptional occasions Like formal dresses, shoes will also gather dust most of the time in your closet, “getting out into the light” literally for a matter of hours. But all these hours, you are likely to be terribly tormented, because shoes that are rarely used do not sit well and rub heavily.

And what would you not pay for? Are there things in your house that you have never used before?

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