5 Best Business Ideas in 2020 You Will Have 10000 Dollars

1. Seedlings and greens

The ideal time is spring and summer, but fresh greens for sale can be grown in other seasons. Starting capital of 3000$ dollars is enough if you deploy a business in a greenhouse with an area of ​​24 square meters or a little more, which will stand on your property. The main expenses will be associated with the purchase of equipment.

You will need:

  • spacious winter polycarbonate greenhouse;
  • seeds;
  • ground soil, fertilizers;
  • cups and pallets for dive;
  • landing tools;
  • LED lamps for lighting;
  • drip irrigation system;
  • infrared lamps for upper and lower heating

2. Online store

It makes no sense to sell something very popular if you do not have exclusive conditions from suppliers: you are easily lost among competitors. Choose a niche in which you are very well versed: this will help to immediately estimate all the subtleties of logistics.

Whatever you decide to sell, first find out if your products are subject to mandatory certification. This is especially true if you plan to sell products of your own production.

Also decide at the start how your customers will receive their orders: you will deliver them yourself, attract a courier service or you will begin to cooperate with a pick-up point. All of these scenarios involve completely different costs.

You will need:

  • Website (you can use the free designer or order the development of an online store);
  • CRM system for working with orders;
  • Warehouse

3. YouTube Channel

Interesting business ideas: YouTube channel

There are several ways to turn video blogging from entertainment into earnings:

  • Look for sponsors and collect donations (donations) for maintaining your vlog (naturally, this will work only if your content is in demand).
  • Collaborate with brands, online stores that are willing to pay for attracting customers.
  • Take part in the YouTube Partner Program to earn revenue from impressions from Google AdSense ads or YouTube Premium subscriptions if your viewer has purchased one.

Anyone can open a channel on a popular video hosting service. The theme of the videos is not strictly regulated. The main thing is that it does not go against YouTube’s policies , and the materials posted are useful and interesting to the audience. Descriptions of modern gadgets, cosmetics, cooking classes, repairs, entertainment content like talk shows or reality shows are in great demand. If you are a gamer, this hobby can be monetized. After all, video games of computer games are also very popular.

You will need:

  • High-quality equipment for shooting (inexpensive camera with a tripod, microphone, laptop, suitable for creating video content);
  • Programs for processing videos.

But the main costs for this business will still not be material. You have a lot to figure out. For example, how to define topics for each video, write scripts, engage an audience, make covers for a video. You’ll also learn how YouTube ranks content and work with analytics.

4. Point rental equipment and tools

A hair dryer or a lawn mower is not cheap, and is required only a few times a year. Therefore, it is likely that people will be more willing to rent them than to buy.

Such a business can be conducted in the pavilion of a shopping center or even in the basement. And if you need more space, it is better to rent a warehouse. Be sure to take care of the fire alarm.

You will need:

  • equipment (you can use it but in good condition) that is always in demand: for starters – one or two drills, a hammer drill, a lawn mower, and so on;
  • storage systems: racks, boxes, as well as covers;
  • minimum set of furniture: counter, chairs for the employee at the extradition and for the client;
  • employee who will issue and receive equipment;
  • repairman (outsourcing).

By the way, at the last point, the first time will work out and save money if you plan to rent new equipment. After all, you can just use the manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Franchise

Perhaps a business from scratch looks like an overly complicated idea. For its implementation, you may not have enough experience and desire to engage in promoting and attracting an audience.

A solution in this situation may be to invest in your business under a franchise of up to 100,000 rubles. Significant advantages: a proven business plan, support from the management company, a ready-made client base, the ability to use a working business model.

This idea is suitable if:

  • in your region there is a high demand for this type of product or service,
  • market niche is not yet occupied
  • the level of competition in it is small.

In the domestic market, you can find franchises for 50,000 rubles, and even cheaper (for example, the production of edible bouquets or children’s sideboards). But this does not mean that for 100,000 you can start several businesses at once.

Be sure to check what is included in the franchise price. You definitely have to spend money on renting a room, and in some cases on consumables. In addition, many franchises have a lump-sum payment – an entrance fee that can exceed the cost of the franchise twice or even more. And if 100,000 rubles is the maximum possible amount for you, it would be logical to look for options up to 50,000 and without a lump-sum payment.

Experienced entrepreneurs are advised to buy franchises that are two years old or more. After all, the first 12–18 months the business is only developing, and the processes in it are being debugged.

What you need to do, starting any business

Entrepreneurship must be legal. Therefore, whatever business idea you choose, it is worth spending time and money on a number of important procedures:

  1. Find out what suits you best – LLC , individual entrepreneur or self-employment – and register your activity.
  2. Open a bank account. You do not have to do this if you do not have an LLC, but for a full-fledged business it is better to have such an account.
  3. Buy or rent an online cash register, if required by law you cannot do without it.

Do not forget about advertising: this will also require additional resources. You can try to advance on your own through social networks and affiliate marketing. But over time, it’s worth finding funds for setting up targeted and buying contextual advertising.

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