9 Principles of Life That Rich People Follow and Poor Consider Them Stupid

The tips about reading a lot and working less in the office are, of course, good, but of little use, because this is not all that is needed to become a wealthy person. This requires a special mindset and mood, which is created precisely thanks to certain habits, because it is not without reason that they are similar among millionaires. Like those who barely make ends meet.

At Happy Worthy Life , we are confident that the principles of life for people who succeed are worthy of you to learn about them.

1. They keep their mouths shut

Wealthy people do a lot differently: they do not shout about their money and do not try to demonstrate to the whole world how successful they are.

  • The richest people I know dress extremely cheaply, and if they have expensive things, you won’t know about it because they don’t want to show them. And those who are just trying to impress and show that he is wealthy, on the contrary, flaunts branded things. © Bran_Solo / reddit
  • The rich play down their merits and are “silent” about their financial situation. Their clothes are of good quality, everything is selected with taste, but nothing attracts excessive attention. While branded things hung from head to toe, people crave your attention and want to seem rich. © Back2Bach / reddit

Excessiveness, sometimes comical and ridiculous, betrays the nouveau riche and people who want to appear “their own” among wealthy individuals.

2. Health Care

Any rich person will repeat to you the “mantra” of the district therapist: “Prevention is better than cure”.

  • Wealthy people often use the services of a “medical concierge”: annually pay a fixed amount to a specific doctor to get any help they need at any time, without experiencing difficulties and difficulties. © LarsAlereon / reddit
  • All the high-income people I know focus on disease prevention and health maintenance, not the actual treatment of diseases. Of course, they have access to first-class medical screening, but early diagnosis that can save lives is available to all of us. © Anthon Lund / quora

To be healthy, it is not necessary to be rich. Fresh air, diet and sleep, lack of bad habits – all this costs nothing but your efforts.

3. Know how to share

If money becomes an end in itself, a person loses touch with reality. Therefore, the rich are engaged in charity work and  organize private foundations, which without too much bureaucracy can quickly resolve many issues.

  • People with money understand that great wealth is responsibility. For those who do not understand this principle, life is not a joy. They just live in golden cages instead of iron ones. One of the benefits of middle-income people is that they can enjoy the illusion that money brings happiness. The rich do not have it, so the most important habit that they have is to give their money value by helping others, and not use the status to give meaning to their life. © David Frank Gomes / quora
  • My brother-in-law is a billionaire, he has his own business, but he wears baggy pants and down jackets made of polyester. Once, my brother asked him for a loan and he pulled out a bunch of notes and said that it was a gift, not a loan. He was always very modest and remained himself. Besides the fact that he bought a good house and arranged 3 children in good schools, he does not spend his money, but invests it. © catsasss / reddit

Super, you say, they have money – why not help? But help does not have to be material, the main thing is to show participation in someone else’s fate and do it disinterestedly.

4. They take time to thank

9 Principles of Life That Rich People Follow and the Poor Consider Them Stupid

It’s not even that it’s elementary politeness, without which you never become your own among wealthy people. The ability to be grateful and express gratitude is powerful.

  • All the wealthy people I know thank you to the banker, your gardener, lawyer, scavenger, chairman of the board, because they recognize the vital contribution of everyone to their success. They value everyone and take no labor for granted. They make others feel happy because they have become part of their team. In response to kindness and gratitude, they receive 110% of the effort from those with whom they work. This allows them to succeed and increase their fortune. © Steve Kobrin / quora

As Robert Townsend, the former president of Avis and one of the 20th Century Fox executives, aptly remarked , “Thank you is a seriously underrated form of compensation for work.” Simple words of gratitude help build relationships and can inspire others.

5. Understand the value of education

Remember the expression “If you want to feed a person once, give him fish. Give him a fishing rod, teach him to fish – and you will feed him for life “? Such a “fishing rod” is a good education.

  • One of my family members is a wealthy person’s private equity manager, so I know what I’m talking about. They invest in education like crazy. Children want a Maserati? No, they won’t buy it. Do children want to learn to play the piano? Of course, they will get as many piano lessons as they want, and they will have the best teachers. They invest in the best teachers, the best universities, they want to give a really high-quality education. © Priamosish / reddit
  • My aunt and uncle are rich. They did not buy new cars for themselves, did not spoil their 2 children. But, when I found out how much it cost to train their son at a private art college, I simply did not believe it: $ 100 thousand! I must say, it paid off: he got a job in a major New York advertising agency. © kieffa / reddit

New knowledge and skills are new opportunities for development, self-realization and earning, therefore education is a lifelong investment.

6. Communicate with those whom they want to follow

Millionaires are very attentive to those around them. After all, it is known that like attracts like.

  • “In my environment  , those who already have their own business. We need points of contact with them. If you have no friends out of 10 who have their own business and you are a businessman yourself, you will soon abandon your business, because your environment, your friends simply will not understand you. You will have nothing to talk about, they will drag you into their own world, where you need to work from 9:00 to 18:00, where there is a vacation, where there is SMS 2 times a month about salaries, and they will constantly make fun of you: “I wouldn’t leave work – I would be happy,” says Sergey Kosenko, a young millionaire.
  • The ultra-rich will never allow toxic people to be present in their lives. They will not spend their time with those who are poor and simply complaining about life, because this is the reason that “the poor are only getting poorer.” © Ratna Kumar / quora

Experience is invaluable if there is a successful person nearby who is willing to share it, it is foolish to miss this opportunity – those who are not worried about raising prices for housing and communal services are sure. They find those who are ready to help them and with them on the same wavelength.

7. Do not spray to impress

9 Principles of Life That Rich People Follow and the Poor Consider Them Stupid

Things are no longer a demonstration of status, most of them can be afforded by a person with an average income – on credit, of course, but the fact remains.

  • I did not change my lifestyle after a large increase in income and quickly realized that things could not become a source of redundancy. Too many things begin to put pressure on you. Better to spend on impressions and travel. Memories last forever, things are fleeting joy. And I’m not trying to keep up with friends and neighbors. You never know the truth about the financial situation of another. So, I had seemingly wealthy friends who struggled with debts and had almost no savings. © mwatwe01 / reddit
  • “ Look , I don’t even have watches and rings. I have not worn watches for about 30 years: now I just don’t understand why they are needed, because I can find out the time on a smartphone, ”says Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group and the richest entrepreneur in China.

Demonstrative consumption and life on credit are the destiny of those who do not think about the future.

8. Create an airbag

Too often, rich people have to deal with “gold diggers” and hunters for their fortunes. They learned to rely entirely on themselves and came up with 2 rules that allow you to separate personal relationships from financial ones: do not advertise your income and have a personal account.

  • I live atypically for a rich man: an ordinary apartment, a used car, dress in an ordinary store. With the former, we broke up after 6 years of relationship. She accidentally saw my bank statement, and she and her mother just started using me as their personal bank account. It all started with little things, and then I paid off all the debts of her family. When I asked directly, a friend said that if I love her, I will buy everything that she asks. As you know, she became a former. © MedicGirl / reddit
  • Do not keep all money in joint accounts. Have an emergency savings account only in your name and save some of your earnings there. Earlier, my husband started talking, and I finished the sentence, we sang together, I loved him with all my heart. In my case, there were no warning signs. But after parting, personal income would help me out. If the marriage ends, you have nothing left. © d / reddit

This is not a matter of trust, but expediency. A personal airbag is needed not because one is waiting for betrayal from the second, but because this money will one day be able to help you out, maybe even save the general family budget. And they give a feeling of security.

9. Get yourself comfortable, not expensive things

9 Principles of Life That Rich People Follow and the Poor Consider Them Stupid

Money can provide only a sense of satisfaction, help in solving everyday problems, but as soon as you get everything you need, there will be less and less joy from them, even if incomes only grow. Such is the paradox.

  • My parents are rich. And they earned all this themselves. They have 3 rules: “Do not buy things to impress”, “Do not spend money on luxury cars, as they quickly lose value and their service flies a pretty penny”, “All that you can, invest.” Useless expenses: trips to cafes and restaurants more often than once a week, chasing new gadgets. Seriously, people who have money do not bother with such nonsense – they save. © powerlesshero111 / reddit
  • “I watched people from Apple who earned a lot of money and were unhappy. Some of them bought Rolls-Royce at home, every house had a manager and a manager over them. Their wives did plastic surgery and turned into these strange people, unlike people. It’s not how I wanted to live. It’s crazy. I promised myself that I won’t let money ruin my life, “said Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple and Pixar.

All decisions about expenses should be made based on current financial capabilities and the appropriateness of owning an item, wealthy people are sure.

In your opinion, what principle of life of rich people should be adopted?

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