How to Make Money Online and Sell Everything

How to Make Money Online and Sell Everything. If what you offer customers can be sold on the Internet, it’s time to start doing it. There is a chance that it will be easier for your business to survive in a crisis.

Set up online payment

Where to sell?

Your task is to start sales as quickly as possible, so do not waste money and time creating a sophisticated website. A simple landing with a showcase of goods is enough. With the help of popular designers like Tilda or Wix, you can do it in the evening. Place a catalogue of goods on the page, leave contacts for communication and tell us how to pay for the goods and what with delivery. In order not to waste time, use a ready-made example – you just need to enter the name of your legal entity in the text.

You can use the Instagram page as an additional sales channel. It will help show the product face and attract new customers. Here, it’s also worth talking about the terms of payment and delivery: save this information as a separate post, in fixed stories with the ability to go to your landing page or via the link in your profile using the Taplink service.

How to sell?

Refusing online payments is the same as sending a client directly to a competitor, which you can pay through the site. Therefore, the main thing that needs to be done to launch sales soon is to set up Internet acquiring to accept payments online. And then you can generate payment links directly from your account on the payment service website.

Your site doesn’t need a basket: customers can pay for orders directly in an e-mail or messenger. Here’s how it works: the buyer selects the product, writes you the messenger listed on the page, and you send the client a link to pay for the order and agree on the delivery date. If you are engaged in food delivery, offer customers a subscription so that you can pay for a set of dinners right away for the whole week, and not bother with the purchase every day. You can create payment links for both one-time and regular payments, that is, for subscription.

Before connecting to a payment service, find out how many days after payment the money will be credited to your account and specify how the technical support of the payment service works. The best option is round-the-clock support seven days a week, because the buyer is unlikely to wait until you get through to a specialist and solve the problem with payment.

Most entrepreneurs need to carry out calculations using cash registers of a standard form, so you should connect a cloud cash register with a fiscal drive.

Arrange delivery

Of course, contactless. It can be assigned to courier services or to establish on their own. If you choose a third-party service, before concluding the contract, specify the average time of delivery rejection – this indicator helps to understand whether couriers are often late. The closer it is to zero, the better.

The buyer can refuse the order upon receipt, so find out if there is a possibility of a partial return and after how many days the product will return to you. In order not to spend a lot of time on refunds, you can set up a two-stage payment for purchases. This means that after the order, the customer’s card will be authorized first, and then the purchase amount will be blocked on his account. And if within a certain time (up to seven days depending on the type of card) the purchase is not confirmed, the amount will be unlocked and returned to the client.

If you work only with buyers from your city, you can organize your own delivery service – at the same time, employees who remain idle will earn extra money. True, it’s impossible to simply transfer sellers or waiters into couriers – you need to obtain their consent and conclude a written agreement on the temporary transfer to another position.

Do not forget about the safety of your couriers and provide them with protective masks, gloves and an antiseptic. At the same time, explain the rules of contactless delivery: when the courier arrives at the place, he must call the buyer, leave the order at the door and move three meters away. And, of course, no handshakes and payment in cash – only orders paid on the site should go to delivery.

Tell your customers about yourself

An Instagram account is useful for this. It’s better to have a business profile, for this you must have a company page on Facebook. In the profile, you can follow the statistics of publications and analyze what content goes to the audience.

If you know who your typical buyer is, you can connect targeted ads. Also do not forget about contests with the distribution of prizes – for example, gift cards to buy in your store. Finally, start the email newsletters. If you already have a well-formed customer base, regular letters will help to push them to purchase. Those who regularly make purchases can be offered collections of new products similar to those that interest them.

By the way, you can make money not only on sales: everyone who uses CloudPayments Internet acquiring can participate in an affiliate program. Tell your business owners about the benefits of the service, collect applications for connection , send them to your personal manager and get a well-deserved reward.

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