10 Cool News From Around the World That We Miss So Much

There are many events happening in the world every day, and sometimes reading the news feed can greatly spoil the mood, because sometimes it seems that only something bad is happening. But in fact, there is also a lot of good news, just not everyone notices it behind the next drama, scandal, crime reports.

We looked through the tapes of the world’s media and selected events that prove that humanity has a lot of reasons to hope for the best.

1. 60 million trees will be planting on the island of Madagascar

More than 60 million trees will be plant in Madagascar in the coming months as part of a national reforestation campaign. On the first day alone, volunteers, soldiers, schoolchildren, students, officials and the President of Madagascar planted about 1 million seedlings on an area of ​​more than 500 hectares. Madagascar is the oldest island in the world, and its forests are home to a huge number of endemic species of animals and birds. This initiative will give a chance to preserve their population.

2. Indian businessman paid off loans of strangers worth a million rupees

An Indian businessman, who wished to remain anonymous, was called a guardian angel on social networks after he called the bank and asked to select several people to repay their loans totaling almost 1 million rupees (more than $ 13 thousand).
Among them was a 52-year-old widow who took Rs 400,000 for business development but was forced to spend the entire amount on brain tumor treatment. The bank said that the anonymous is their longtime client, who especially don’t want his name know by anyone. The media suggested that this person, apparently, once went bankrupt, and therefore wanted to help those who were in a difficult situation.

3. In Minnesota, lawn owners are paid extra for planting wildflowers

Thousands of people in Minnesota have taken part in a pilot program to remove traditional pesticide-treated lawns and plant wildflowers. This is done to increase the population of pollinating insects such as bees, bumblebees and butterflies. To support the initiative, the state government has allocated about $ 1 million. If the program is successful, it will be made permanent.

4. A 5-year-old child who saved his entire family received an award from the Fire Department

A 5-year-old child from Georgia received a award from the fire department after rescuing his 2-year-old sister, his entire family, and even dog. Noah woke up to smoke and flames in the bedroom he shared with his 2-year-old sister. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his sister and got out of the house through the only exit available, an open window. But Noah didn’t stop there — he went back in to get the family dog and pulled it to safety. He then ran next door to his uncle’s house for help. Together, they alerted the rest of the family.

5. Eastpoint banned dogs outside in bad weather

The city of Eastpoint passed a law prohibiting leaving dogs outside at night, or in extremely cold or hot weather.Additionally, a garage or shed can no longer serve as housing for a dog, and chains can’t be used to keep dogs tied up.

6. The planet’s ozone layer is recovering at a record pace

The ozone layer of planet Earth is being restored thanks to the fact that 30 years ago the world stopped producing and using harsh chemicals. The latest data on climate change in the Southern Hemisphere prove that the Montreal Protocol, which banned the use of such substances in 1987, was more than effective. Scientists say that over some areas of the globe, the layer will fully recover in the next 20 years.

7. Loggerhead turtle’s journey tracked 37,000km from South Africa to Australia

A giant sea turtle named Yoshi, freed from an aquarium 2 years ago, she made a determined 37,000-kilometre swim across the Indian Ocean to a turtle nesting site on Western Australia’s Pilbara coastline.
Scientists, who began tracking her journey from Cape Town two years ago, believe Yoshi may have wanted to return to her original hatching site to breed and nest. A research scientist said it was very exciting.
“This turtle spent 20 years in captivity and still, you put her in the water and she suddenly remembers she probably has something to do on the other side of the ocean and just starts crossing it,”

8. Residents of a town in Maine raised money for a 95-year-old woman was swindled

After a con man swindled her out of nearly $18,000 in savings last year, 95-year-old Barbara Hinckley figured she would never be able to replace what she lost. Thanks to the kindness of friends, neighbors and strangers who rallied and held a spaghetti dinner earlier this month to replace her lost savings, her account was boosted by $18,000. Hinckley has a message for others who fall victim to scam artists: “Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed — tell somebody,” she said. “By talking about it, you might help prevent it from happening to somebody else.”

9. In California, a veterinarian has been treating homeless peoples’ animals for free

The 49-year-old animal lover spends his free time driving around California and spotting homeless people with animals. But his goal isn’t to take away their pets — it’s to treat them, for no cost at all.
In 2011, Stewart set up a table at a soup kitchen with his son and girlfriend. Anytime he spotted someone with an animal, he called them over and offered to give their pet a checkup.
For animals who need vaccinations, medicine, or food, Stewart pays for the costs out of pocket. Quane says that homeless people take care of their animals much more thoroughly than ordinary people, because sometimes it is their only source of love.

10. Nebraska doctor lets patients pay for surgery by volunteering

Nebraska-based surgeon Demetrio Aguila pondered how to help people who cannot afford to pay for expensive surgeries, and he came up with a solution. As payment for treatment, he accepts the hours that patients work in volunteer programs. A doctor and his assistants calculate the number of hours required to pay for a particular operation, and for many people this is much more acceptable than saving tens of thousands of dollars. Aguila hopes his mission will inspire more doctors to find creative ways to limit their patients’ medical expenses.

Despite the variety of scales, all this news has one thing in common: good for anybody. Surely you know something positive that everyone should learn about. Tell us too.

What do you think?

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