10+ Family Relationships in Different Countries of The World

Cultural and national differences are not an obstacle to love. On the contrary, it’s even more interesting about the romantic relationship between people in different countries. For example, for Germans, woman is not weak, but very strong and independent person, able to overcome difficulties, and Italian husbands often cook better than his wife.

We have become curious about how people in different parts of the world relate to family and marriage, so we did a little research and compared the relationships of couples in several countries.


Many other nationalities must feel that Finns are quiet and reserved. In many ways, this is true, and some Finnish family values ​​are different from ours. Say, when a Finn meets a girl, she should not wait for him to constantly show initiative in a relationship. Still, there are two people in a pair, each of whom is able to offer something. And for those who are constantly waiting for the first step from a partner, the Finns have the concept of perässä vedettävä: it is an adjective meaning something or someone stretching like a trailer behind a car.

Finnish wedding is pretty much European/Western, quite reserved and simply nice. Guests sit or talk with each other, and the wedding atmosphere is more like a lounge for people to come, enjoy the event and chat. In Kazakhstan in each wedding there is a professional person called tamada who makes everyone laugh and keeps everybody’s attention all the time, and there is a loud music and both the couple and the guests dance. There is no time for them to sit and chat.

The Finns themselves confirm that in many ways they are really as calm and restrained as they are considered:

  • It’s not easy for us Finns to say important words. The older (older than me, and I’ll be 60 soon) generations were not known for the tender talk. It’s a part of our relative lack of small small talk, I think. We take words seriously and we say what we mean and mean what we say. It’s a deep part of the Finnish social culture. Kari Autero / Quora
  • Don’t get astonished if there are some silent moments in your date. Don’t try to fill every silent moment with (your) chit-chat. Just smile and take him in the hand. Silence is golden, isn’t it.  Lasse Torni / Quora


In Italy, a boy and a girl in love may not marry for a long time. This happens for various reasons – for example, young people wait until both begin to receive a stable salary or purchase housing. So many couples in Italy can easily meet for many years.

The stereotype of women spending more time in the kitchen still exists. According to the Nydailynews Italians are the most passionate people about food and cooking in the entire world.

Italian parents generally have a lot of authority over their children throughout their lives. Most Italians seek autonomy and independence, but due to the economic climate, many stay at home for years into their adulthood. Indeed, Italians leave their parents’ home at one of the highest ages in Europe. Even when children move away, family ties are still very strong.

  • In Italy people don’t date. Meeting and matching is not a standardized socially preconfigured process. It would sound extremely weird for a person here to date multiple people at the same time to find the best match or even to have many people they date with in a short time span. It would be judged as being immature and unstable. Alessandro Fais / Quora
  • Italians have this quote “la mamma è sempre la mamma”(“Mom is always mom”) is an italian way of saying that no matter what happens your mom (and family) is always there, to support you. And also that once you become mother, you form a very strong bond with your child, that will remain even if your son have 60 years. Leonardo Ciferri / Quora


In Germany, as in Italy, young people can live together for quite some time before they marry. However, over time, more and more couples usually live together for months or years before they get married. Some may choose not to marry and remain de facto couples. Most Germans marry for the first time in their late 20s.

Meeting new people is relatively easy in Germany and dating practices are similar to other European countries. Teenagers generally begin to socialize with peers at school, within their neighborhood, or through social activities and local clubs. If a man is interested in a woman he can invite her to the movies or for dinner.
Just like anywhere else in the Western world, dates might involve going to the cinema, having cozy dinners, meeting up for coffee, or going to a bar and both of them, most likely, will not consider this a romantic date – just an opportunity to simply get to know the person better

The Germans always tell the truth, even if it is unpleasant. Therefore, it is better not to ask the German lover if he likes your new dress if he is not ready to hear an honest answer. This is due to the fact that among Germans compliments were not accepted for the sake of politeness, not only in pairs, but between people in general. That is, Fraulein or Frau will not tell her friend that she is delighted with her new hairstyle, if she really doesn’t think so.

  • What to advise a girl who is in love with a German guy? Don’t be late for a date and be prepared to split the bill at the restaurant. Dimitri Scholz / Quora
  • Do not expect a German man to treat you like a princess. He expects the woman to do everything herself, because he grew up in an environment where men and women have equal rights. Oliver Maor / Quora


In Japan, dating services are becoming very popular: these are agencies and mobile applications. However, many Japanese people still believe that dating online is not a real relationship, and most couples meet at work, with friends, or at school.

Closer to retirement, many Japanese couples are thinking about living separately, while not divorcing and not ending their warm relationship. This movement is called Sotsukon. Here is what some Japanese people say about such a need for freedom: “I want each of us to pursue our own dreams while we still have the good health to do so.” “I want time to myself without the bother of having to report my actions to my husband.” “I want to be freed from housework.” “I love my husband, but living together in the same house all the time, we take each other for granted. Living apart would make us appreciate and like each other more.”

  • My wife is from Japan, and with age she becomes more and more conservative, more committed to Japanese culture. When we were younger, she behaved freer. By the way, her mother hates me because I’m not Japanese, but she has to endure. Kevin Cameron / Quora


There is an opinion that a partner is not only a love interest, but also the best friend to whom you can trust even the most personal moments of life. However, the French maintain their independence when they’re in relationships but they also always make sure their partner knows they are extremely confident in themselves.
They don’t go to the bathroom with the door open and they don’t feel the need to tell their partner everything. They don’t have to do everything together, and prefer to have at least some separate interests, friends, and routines.

French men are much more interested in fashion than men in any other country. A French man’s personal style is very uniform-y, and he tends to have a closet filled with variations on the same outfit.
In addition, the Frenchman will follow not only his wardrobe, but also the wardrobe of his chosen one: he will comment on the outfit, give fashionable advice, and tell you about profitable combinations.

  • There is a lot of flirting in French culture – it’s just a harmless habit that means nothing for many. I’m glad my husband doesn’t go in for that, as it would really annoy me. Mairi Beaton / Quora
  • When I sit in my goddamn french café, getting served by some angry waiter that will throw me the bill in a disdainful manner, I look at French girls and I feel nothing but pleasure and pride. Vincent Touveneau / Quora
  • My Russian friend, returning from a business trip to France, asked me: “What is happening in your country? I had breakfast at the hotel next to a group of students, and the boys there looked much better than the girls! ”  Graf Wilhelm / Quora

Whose relationship culture do you like more? Or maybe you yourself have experience with a person from another country? Tell us.

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