12 Different Things That Seem to be Sign of Wealthy People, but in Fact is Poor People

12 Different Things That Seem to be Sign of Wealthy People, but in Fact is Poor People.

Wealthy people are treated differently: approvingly, sometimes wary, sometimes aggressively or with poorly concealed envy. The combination of wealth and poverty is one of the main conflicts in any culture. And although in public consciousness poverty often looks like a virtue, no one shows a clear desire to become a beggar. But many want to be provided. But often this desire is not expressed in the search for new ways to earn money, but only in an attempt to look richer than you are.

We are read hundreds of comments and realized what people often do to pretend to be rich.

1. Go on vacation that they can’t afford

12 Different Things That Seem to be Sign of Wealthy People, but in Fact is Poor People

What prevents a person from traveling? Most often, lack of money. This gives rise to a false idea: the rich only do what they travel around the world, and this is certainly a luxury tour. To approach this level, a variety of tricks are used, for example, prohibitive loans.

  • My friend does it. I told him that it’s best to save for a trip. But he takes a loan of $ 20-30 thousand to go on vacation with his wife and children. ONE vacation. Then they come back and begin to work hard again. Imagine: going on vacation, knowing that you get into debt! Absurd. But they both work. © VengefulRainbow / Reddit
  • I know people who are going to Las Vegas for a big party in the style of rock stars, but they themselves are not able to pay utility bills. © jt2ou / Reddit

2. Have luxury weddings

Every couple wants to make their wedding day special. But for some, all originality lies only in the number of zeros of the amount spent. Truly rich people don’t do that. Cindy Crawford, for a wedding with Randy Gerber, chose a very simple short dress and did without jewelry and veils, both were barefoot. Well-known actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spent only $ 142  on the wedding: they just signed documents in the municipality and ate a cake presented by friends. Keira Knightley and James Ryton invited only 11 guests, and for the ceremony, Kira chose one of the dresses hanging in her closet.

  • One of my friends took a loan of $ 250 thousand to arrange a “dream wedding” with a guy whom she had known for 3 months. They divorced in less than a year, and she still has not paid off the debt. © Yuli-Ban / Reddit
  • My wife’s parents paid us the wedding. But since the costs were theirs, they invited all the friends and colleagues of the father-in-law. It looked as if they wanted to say: “Look, what an expensive wedding we can have for our daughter.” My wife and I had to cross out some of our relatives and friends from among the guests, because our father-in-law’s colleagues were more important to them. © [deleted] / Reddit

3. Rent or buy expensive cars that are not able to contain

What is the main component of wealth in the eyes of people? First place – for a personal car. The more affluent you are, the more expensive your transport should be. At the same time, dollar billionaires choose the most ordinary cars and ride them for many years.

  • I work in a branch of a car rental company. Some customers ask to remove the record with our name from the key. This I can still understand. But there are those who DEMAND to be given the same car every time. They are outraged if I offer the same model, but with different numbers. They try to impersonate car owners, they have to rent it again and again to maintain their deception. And so on to infinity. © TigersNsaints_ohmy / Reddit
  • My aunt and uncle are great examples. They bought a new expensive Mercedes, which they cannot afford; live in too big a house. We bought a trailer and rent a place for it in a special parking lot for $ 40 thousand per year. Their children have expensive bikes that they don’t ride. And how do they pay for all this? Credit cards and money: they borrow it from my mother and are not going to repay. © Matttaay2410 / Reddit

4. Buy expensive branded items

It seems that for some people it would be quite acceptable to wear things with price tags outside, if only the others would see how much they are willing to give for ordinary clothes. But since the fashion for this, fortunately, has not yet arrived, you have to choose products that spell the name of a popular brand. And do not care that none of the real rich never do that.

  • Wallet for $ 5 thousand, and not a dime inside. © Spicy-salsa3 / Reddit
  • I worked in a branded store. We had products with a brand name in capital letters, especially for low-income people who wanted to flaunt a label. On the most expensive and high-quality things there have never been such inscriptions. © octokoala / Reddit
  • Such people buy branded things and do not fit them in shape. If you already bought expensive clothes, then spend some money to make it perfect for you. © OxfordComma5ever / Reddit

5. Disregard those who are lower on the social ladder

12 Different Things That Seem to be Sign of Wealthy People, but in Fact is Poor People

Truly wealthy people are usually polite with the service staff and never emphasize the difference in status, they simply do not need it. Another thing is those who are just trying to pass for wealthy people.

  • I work in private aviation. If customers can easily afford to rent a private plane, they are polite, behave with dignity and do not forget to say thank you. Those who have difficulty paying for such a flight can get angry over the little things. Sorry, I don’t care how much you spent, I can’t change the weather! © StormyLetters / Reddit

6. Remind about their “wealth” in social networks

Being rich and seeming rich is not at all the same thing. But it seems that for some users of social networks, the second is much more important. Although it is unlikely that at least one of them saw a photograph of a real millionaire, exposing his condition.

  • Some people literally take pictures with money. Not with expensive things, but with a lot of cash. Sorry, guys, but no one thinks when looking at these photos: “God, he is probably so rich!” Usually we assume that you are the maximum drug dealer of the middle hand. © snoopnugget / Reddit
  • It’s foolish to post photos of an expensive shower in a rented house and not hide cheap shampoo, conditioner or body lotion. Rich people will not use such cheap stuff! © Katrinashiny / Reddit

7. They value things not for quality, but for value

  • To say that you have a taste for expensive things means to admit that the information on the price tag is more important for you. In fact, you have no taste, you just can distinguish between numbers. © Rottenfink / Reddit
  • I found my neighbors in the parking lot when they transferred purchases from the packages of a cheap supermarket to packages from an expensive one before making the way from the car to the front door. © missmeleni / Reddit
  • My roommate buys expensive food, which she hardly pays to avoid “food for the poor.” © OmarsDamnSpoon / Reddit

8. Buying not what is really needed, but what will impress others

The desire to impress others, even to the detriment of their own interests, is a clear sign that a person wants to marry the rich. Truly wealthy people simply do not need this, they, as a rule, are able to plan their spending correctly.

  • My relatives spend most of their salary on designer clothes. At the same time, my grandfather is forced to pay for their house, and their children walk in shoes that are small for them. © probablysulla / Reddit
  • I work as a flight attendant. My favorite situation is when people board a plane with a Louis Vuitton suitcase and board a seat at the tail of the plane, next to the toilet. Honey, you won’t be able to impress anyone here! © unicorn — sprinkles / Reddit

9. Have their own idea of ​​good manners

To be rich means to behave as rich, which for many is associated with strict adherence to the rules of etiquette. It does not matter that these rules do not fall from the sky upon reaching a certain financial level, and you can observe them for any income. And the idea of ​​etiquette in some people is very peculiar.

  • I was at the opera. Usually I sit on the balcony, but on my birthday my mother gave me a ticket to the box, which costs more, to Madame Butterfly Giacomo Puccini. The woman behind me did her best to imitate the rich, as she understood it. She wore a mink cloak, the brilliance of which made it clear that it was fake fur, and a large amount of jewelry. She had a huge box of chocolates, which she ate the entire 1st and most of the 2nd act. Every 2 minutes I heard the ringing of her jewelry, the rustling of paper, and then, since she did not have the mind to imitate the rich with her mouth closed, a splattering sound when she bit off a piece of candy. By the end of Act 1, I wanted to ask Chio-Cio-san for a knife. © Anarchessist / Reddit

10. Buy too much

“I can afford it” instead of the reasonable “I need it or it is interesting” – this is the main principle of the pseudo-rich, thanks to which they can be easily figured out, because truly wealthy people spend money more intelligently, and sometimes even lead an ascetic lifestyle.

  • I have an aunt who makes good money but wants to look very rich as one of her friends. She constantly buys expensive gadgets, but does not even know how to use them. She just needs people to see them. © dollythesheepp / Reddit
  • One friend posted a photo of nine pairs of shoes that he bought on the same day. It looks ridiculous, because the shoes are all cheap, you will not surprise anyone with such a collection. © deltarefund / Reddit

11. Remind me all the time how rich they are.

If a person keeps repeating how rich he is and how much his acquisitions cost, this is alarming. As if he wants to convince him not only of you, but of himself. At the same time, talking about money and the value of things in high society is bad manners.

  • One guy told me that his shoes cost more than my car. This is probably true. But somehow it looks pathetic. © dezzz / Reddit
  • My father’s friend is a private practitioner and makes good money. His wife all the time talks about the cost of repairs in their house, what is the price of furniture. She wears only designer clothes and always tells how much she paid for each thing. They have 3 sons who have no idea about the real value of money. They could not finish a single curriculum because they never took their studies seriously. Everyone has a car paid by his father, everyone wears branded clothes. They did not work a day in their life, but they love to show “their” money. © AwkwardSpacePotatoe / Reddit

12. They try to communicate only with the rich and powerful, and they avoid the “poor”

“Tell me who your friend is, and I will say who you are.” This proverb teaches us to choose friends according to moral qualities. But, it seems, someone decided that it was about welfare. Can communication with wealthy people help to get rich, and poverty can be contagious? Remember that many wealthy people are friends with middle-class people and do not see anything shameful in this.

  • I met people who made rich friends, used their favors, and then boasted to their “poor” acquaintances on their crazy weekend. They worked with me, received the same salary, paid the same bills. But as soon as some wealthy friend or relative invited them, I had to listen about their “weekend at the Gucci mansion.” © MoorePlz15 / Reddit
  • I remember that I was at a dinner where mostly wealthy people were present, and some were even indecently rich. One woman turned to me and began to complain how terrible it was when I was a child to go to public school and constantly communicate with the poor. She tried to show that she belongs to high society, but in fact she showed how rude and unpleasant she was. © TheDragonTemeraire / Reddit

The truth, as you know, is the ability to adhere to the golden mean and enjoy what life gives. And how do your friends go beyond this rule and try to seem richer than they really are?

Preview photo by AGCreativeLab / depositphotos

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