12 Evidence That Our Body Still an Unknown Universe

The human body is still fraught with many mysteries, which are sometimes impossible to solve, but sometimes scientists still succeed. Did you know that the female breast works on the principle of a camel hump, and the heart of a person who neglects physical activity becomes like a monkey? We have in store a lot of other interesting facts and tricks.

We at Happy Worthy Life are ready to argue that among the facts we have found, we will certainly find one that will sink into your very heart.

According to  one theory, the female breast can function as a camel hump: since it consists mainly of fat, in hungry times the body can take nutrients from there.

Some people can control the rattling muscle, which is located deep in the ear and is responsible for the tension of the eardrum. When a person sets this muscle in motion, he hears a loud sound in his ears, similar to thunder.

Scientists have found that redheads are less susceptible to anesthetics: on average, they need 20% more anesthesia during medical intervention. In addition, people with a fiery hair color do not turn gray: the brightness of the shade simply disappears over time, and the hair turns white without an admixture of yellow or gray.

The volume of the breast corresponds to the maternal potential of the girl. According to one hypothesis, the size of the bust indicates a woman’s readiness to become a mother: the more he is, the more likely it is that she can bear and feed her children. In addition, the researchers found that in the body of a woman with large breasts and narrow waists there is a high level of female hormones, which guarantees a favorable course of pregnancy.

Humans are naturally bioluminescent and  glow in the dark like fireflies. But the intensity of this radiation is too low for our eyes to notice.

In the primitive societies of Europe, there were quite a lot of people with steatopygia – an increased amount of fat in the buttocks. This phenomenon is still found, but, as a rule, in areas of South Africa. It is assumed that the female body adapts to high temperatures in this way: it needs a lot of fat to carry children.

Scientists have found a relationship between overweight children and their mothers using paraben-containing cosmetics. In total, 629 women and their babies took part in the study. Children of most women using these products may be obese during their first 8 years of life.

If a person does not perform physical exercises, his heart becomes like a monkey. These primates sleep a lot and are generally not too active. Their heart adapted to such a lifestyle: it has thick muscle walls and an almost round shape. In humans, this organ is elongated. Specialists studied the hearts of people who were engaged in various types of activities (long-distance runners, football players, farmers, and ordinary citizens), and came to the conclusion that the heart of a person who neglects sports is gradually rounded, that is, approaches in shape to a monkey.

Some people, due to a rare genetic mutation, do not experience pain at all  . In the world there are only a few hundred. Despite the apparent attractiveness, this “superpower” has many disadvantages: a person can easily miss the alarming body bells and not notice the onset of a dangerous disease.

The nose, contrary to an established myth, does not grow throughout a person’s life. However, it  can change size and shape due to age-related transformations in bones and cartilage. One of the most frequent changes is the sagging of the tip of the nose, which ultimately leads to its visual lengthening.

There is an olfactory bulb in the human brain that is responsible for distinguishing odors. It turns out that in women this bulb is much larger than in men. This explains why ladies distinguish more scents.

During evolution, women lost more hair than men. It is assumed that this happened due to the fact that the lack of a continuous hairline makes the ladies more attractive and outwardly young. Therefore, such women are more suitable for producing offspring.

Which of the facts did you urgently want to share? Or argue with him?

Photo by Adme, AFP / EAST NEWS

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