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14 Unusual Landscapes That People Absolutely Love

Life in a big city is bustle and hassle. That is why industrial designers are trying to come up with recreation areas and install all kinds of useful devices. Some of them are more like art and have been in operation for only a few months, while others have a lot of success and become an integral part of the city.

We collected examples of the most useful landscaping for you – from street chargers for smartphones to benches that cheer you up. We bet you immediately want the same things to appear in your city?

14. A combine of a payphone and a library was installed in Manhattan

14 Seemingly Weird Landscaping That People Absolutely Love

13. Old fire hoses turned into hammocks

14 Seemingly Weird Landscaping That People Absolutely Love
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12. QR code on the pavement helped to look into the past

14 Seemingly Weird Landscaping That People Absolutely Love

11. City benches have become a source of good mood

10. Shirts and T-shirts were placed on the road barriers

9. In Amsterdam, they came up with street furniture from plastic waste

8. In Montreal, an orchestra swing was installed

7. The townspeople were offered to rent a chair

6. Brooklyn residents came up with a chat on the fence

5. A pillar of music plays a melody to everyone who refuses a cigarette

4. Detroit grows carrots and cabbages right in the city center

3. You can charge your phone right on the street

2. In Copenhagen, childhood dreams of unusual playgrounds came true

1. In Yekaterinburg, the townspeople can assemble themselves a bench or a bicycle parking

Bonus: if you’re tired of everything at once, welcome to the Park bench bubble.

Are there examples of such improvement in your city?

What do you think?

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