15 Incredibly People Who Proven That Hard Work is Worth It

Lose almost half of your weight, get in shape after heart surgery, renew your vows after 10 years of marriage and multiple miscarriages. In life, you often have to go through difficulties in order to receive the reward in the end.

We at Bright Side support those who had to go through difficult times and would like to remind you that after the black stripe there will certainly have a white one, if you don’t give up.

1. “Today I took out my wedding dress to take some pictures before giving it away. A wonderful reminder of the way I have come! “

Today I got new prosthetics! These will allow me to do activities I did before, such as playing floorball and hiking! Such an awesome feeling!

15 Incredibly People Who Proven That Hard Work is Worth It
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3. “These photos were taken in the same restaurant 2 years apart.”

4. “Looking at my old photographs, I never cease to be amazed. I’ve come a long way. Never give up!”

5. “I wanted to write a YA book about bullying since my experiences in grade school. My cashier job wouldn’t let me use a notebook, so I started writing it on receipts. This year, I finally published.”

6. “I had to post this photo because I reached my first goal – pre-pregnancy weight!”

The inscription on the photo: “10/2019 – 138 kg, 01/2021 – 96 kg.”

7. “Reworked half of the bathroom”

8. “I almost died in March, graduated in May, got married in May, and we left for Thailand. She was with me all the time! I love my wife!”

9. “2020 took most of me with it”

10. “Arch, which my colleague and I recently designed”

Our sweet Toby was found in a ditch and couldn’t use his back legs. Now he’s king of the road in two wheels.

12. “After 11 years of marriage and 5 miscarriages, my parents decided to renew their vows.”

13. “I graduated!”

14. “10 months and 80 kg”

My dog Bug at her chonkiest, versus yesterday.

What achievements in 2020 can you boast of? Do you have photos? Please share them with us!

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