15+ People Who Decided to Start a New Life And Transformed Beyond Recognition

You rarely meet a person who is completely satisfied with his own appearance. Most are not averse to improving something in themselves, losing weight or building muscle. However, it is not so easy to embark on the path of change – it requires great strength and perseverance, therefore those who were able to overcome themselves become heroes in the eyes of others.


We at Happy Worthy Life with great respect look at people who have found the strength to take it and radically change their lives.

“Those who once laughed at me now call me on a date.”

“35 and 38 years old – it’s never too late to change”

“At 13 and 22 years old. I put on bigger glasses “

“Yes, the new glasses suit you very much.” © djeco / Reddit

“I seem to have lost my pendant”

I used to be a fat little goth boy. Now I’m a fit goth boy.

“I practiced intermittent fasting and then switched to counting calories. I started doing cardiovascular equipment, including jogging, weight lifting and yoga “

“Two years of hard work in the gym – and my sister and I can share clothes with each other again!”


“I’m slowly losing weight and getting stronger. Over the past 6 months I have grown to love running! “

“I never thought I’d share my photo, but here I am!”

“I haven’t weighed that much in 20 years, so I can definitely feel the difference.”

“I lost about 100 kg in two years – no surgery or fasting, just a balanced diet with controlled portions. And also healthy eating and training “

“I am learning to love myself ‘before’ as much as I love ‘after’, and this is what helped me to share my photos”

“I lost a lot of weight, but did not lose the dimples on my cheeks – this worried me the most.”


“The wedding dress I bought in 2016”

“It’s very exciting to challenge yourself. I feel like a new person “

Grew out of the acne at least but I guess the eye bags are forever.

“I am proud of my progress. Hope this post inspires someone today. “

“I came across this old video of me. I didn’t realize before that I was really so huge ”

Did any of your relatives or friends change beyond recognition?

Photo by BronzeMedalMom / Reddit


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