15+ Things Familiar to Vietnamese That First Cause Shock and Then Admiration

If you are a fairly conservative person and have long planned to leave your comfort zone, then you should spend your next vacation in Vietnam. It is in this country that they do not hesitate to touch tourists, abandon all fears before crossing the road, and once a year they meet with former ones.

Happy Worthy Life plunged headlong into the study of the life of the Vietnamese, and some of them would not hurt to adopt the rest of the countries.

If in your hometown you are a man of average height, then in Vietnam you will be seen from afar

The Vietnamese are a tiny nation: the average height of men here is 166 cm, women – 155 cm. And if you are taller than 166 cm, then among the locals you will seem, if not a giant, but the catwalk model for sure. For this reason, you should not rely on shopping: many things will simply not suit you in size.

Going to Vietnam, leave the concept of “personal space” at customs

If this is your first time in Vietnam, then the locals may seem to you extremely rude people. The Vietnamese do not hesitate to ask you about age, income and marital status. And do not be surprised if your cart in the supermarket intentionally begins to ram , and in line you will be poked with an umbrella in the back. The fact is that the Vietnamese consider the body a communication tool, therefore, when they lack knowledge of the English language, they try to explain themselves by touching.

Morning starts with egg coffee.

Coffee drink lovers should visit Vietnam, because it is this country that competes with Brazil for coffee production. But do not rush to look for popular network coffee houses. The Vietnamese are advised to opt for small family establishments in which a fragrant drink will be prepared with a soul and according to special recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. If you don’t know what to choose from the menu, start with egg coffee (a whipped protein and sugar dessert), which is extremely popular among both locals and tourists.

“Fair of love” – ​​a meeting place for both future and former lovers

Every year, starting in 1919, people from the most diverse and including very remote provinces of Vietnam come to the village called Hau Wai to the  “fair of love . ” This holiday provides an opportunity for single people of all ages to find their soul mate.

Married women and married men also attend this fair, but with a different purpose – to meet with their former lovers. The Vietnamese understand that each person has his own destiny and that if the relationship did not work out, this is not a reason to cross out the former from life. On these 2 days, while the holiday is on, people meet with their past love, tell each other how they live now, respectfully recall old feelings, and current spouses do not have the right to jealousy.

Moped for a Vietnamese akin to body parts

In Vietnam, a car is a luxury, but a moped is a means of transportation. The average Vietnamese cannot imagine himself without a bike and is able to fit his whole life into a 2-wheeled vehicle: transport a family of 5 people from point A to point B, load even the most outsized cargo (refrigerators, carcasses of bulls, gas cylinders) or simply comfortably accommodate and relax.

A hole in the ceiling is a constant feature of a Vietnamese house

“It is needed for air ventilation. What does this mean for you? All fauna that can crawl into these holes will be regularly visited by you. One morning I went to the washbasin, and from the stand for soap and brushes under the mirror a hefty toad was staring at me. I spent a week there. Well, mosquitoes, of course, will use the same entrance. ” © Bronek / Pikabu

Geckos – Useful Pets

However, among the animals that regularly “visits” the Vietnamese houses, there are real friends – geckos. These creatures, which look more like dragons in miniature, come in order to eat all the cockroaches, spiders and flies in the home.

Vietnamese traffic jams and traffic as a separate type of extreme relaxation

If you have not thought about life and its values ​​for a long time, then you should go to Vietnam and just cross the road. The first impression is guaranteed to be bright. Vietnam has high traffic density, and pedestrian crossings are often ignored. Therefore, tourists are advised to calmly enter the stream, not to fuss, to go at the same pace and show with all appearance that you are one of those people who accepted their fate. If the actions of the pedestrian are predictable, then other road users will be able to go round him. But it is worth remembering that only motorcyclists have maneuverability, and motorists and pedestrian bus drivers do not go around, so it is better to skip them.

Women wear a mask and gloves to preserve their beauty

Flip-flops try to hide the skin as much as possible from exposure to sunlight under clothes and a mask, in extreme cases they hide under umbrellas. Skin whitening products are in great demand in stores, as tanned skin is considered a sign of physical work in the fields and an indicator of a low position in society. Men also try to grow long nails to demonstrate their status and make it clear to others that they are not doing manual labor.

Personal life can be arranged in just a couple of minutes

“Vietnamese girls have no problem getting to know each other. To do this, they simply slow down and pretend that they are thinking or that they supposedly need to look around. After a second and a half, interested guys are running up to them. If the girls go quickly and purposefully, this means that at the moment they do not intend to get to know someone. ” © MikhailPhoto / Pikabu

But the wedding will have to wait 7 years

“There is no such thing that at first they gave birth to a child, then they met and began to decide whether it was time to get married. Traditionally, couples grind and evaluate their relationship for 7 years. During this time, their parents, friends, and various relatives know each other well. Therefore, Vietnamese families are strong. The percentage of divorces is small. ” © MikhailPhoto / Pikabu

Also, before marriage, the newlyweds must take a certificate from the doctor, which will confirm their mental and physical health. A wedding is played for several days, and the number of outfits and photo albums is considered a sign of wealth: the more photos and dresses the bride had, the more elegant the celebration was.

Early Rise and Vietnamese Siesta

The Vietnamese are hardworking: many start working at 7 in the morning, and get up at all at 4 in order to have time to do exercises. Every morning you can see how crowds of people take to the streets, to parks, to the promenade and do wellness exercises.

Few people know that there is siesta in Vietnam, although large companies are trying to get rid of this tradition. But, fortunately for the Vietnamese, the tradition is still stronger, so the lunch break looks like this: half an hour for lunch and an hour for sleep. The working day ends at 5-6 pm, and there is only one day off – Sunday.

Vietnamese learn English not only for communication with tourists

This beautiful lady sits every morning in the park and practices her English. © travemm / Reddit

Middle-aged people and children learn English. Schoolchildren are often given the task of interviewing foreigners who are walking around the city, so if you are in Vietnam, do not refuse to help the kids with the practice. The older generation remembers the French language more.

But the Vietnamese are trying to master the international language, not only for communication with foreigners. The fact is that many films in cinemas are not duplicated into Vietnamese and are launched for rent with subtitles. And modern TV shows fall on pirated sites with a long delay and also with subtitles or do not fall at all.

On buses you can sleep comfortably, but reserved seats – only for strong-willed people

On intercity routes in Vietnam, sleeping buses run, and they have already managed to earn a reputation as a separate attraction of the country. In them, as in trains, equipped with 2-tier beds, there is free Wi-Fi and a dry closet.

And how do you think, such acquaintances on the streets, like in Vietnam, could solve the problem of single people all over the world? Or does such a method look extremely strange in modern life?

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