16 People Who Just Wanted to Buy Something Cool on the Internet, and not just that

Employees of the Aligurus publication calculated the total number of orders on AliExpress and found out that in 2019, the eyebrow pencil was the best-selling item. In second place was a protective glass for iPhone phones, and in third – USB-charging. Well, we decided to find out what kind of online purchases people were left, to put it mildly, in shock.

Happy Worthy Life has read reviews of products ordered over the Internet and sincerely sympathize with those who have fallen for the bait of dishonest sellers.

“In one store they sold this jumpsuit for $ 16, and in another – for $ 39. I ordered the one that was more expensive, and it turned out to be just awful. I would never put it on. ”

“My boyfriend’s mom bought a copper kettle on Amazon, and today it’s finally delivered. Well, now she has a new figure for “Monopoly” “

“This is the last time I order something from an unfamiliar seller on Amazon”

“My girlfriend and I are tight with finances, so we can’t give each other expensive gifts. I ordered her a T-shirt on the Internet. Well, now I have neither money, nor time to look for something else ”

“That’s what was in the advertisement – and what I actually got”

“Does anyone know where I can now order a tiny knife and fruit for my new whetstone?”

“Cute” felt pig my mother ordered online. Recieved that ham hock on the right.

“They promised that this costume would make me“ the most fashionable at the party ””

“This skirt cost $ 23. When it was delivered, it turned out that skirt was sewn in shorts with legs of different lengths, and it was 8 cm longer from the right side”

“On the model, apparently, size S, but I ordered myself XL. I think this thing would suit me if my height was 150 cm, and not 179

“I ordered an embroidered backpack on AliExpress, and that’s what I got. I think this is a masterpiece ”

I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face, I’m not even mad.

Waiting and harsh reality

“I ordered a T-shirt on the left in the amount of M – and that’s what I got in the end. I gave it to my 6 year old niece, fortunately, she is a fan of AC / DC “

Be sure to always check the size when ordering treats!

“A $ 60 dress that cannot be returned. On the model, it looks so light, and mine looks more like a giant potato sack. Just lie to me it’s not so bad. ”

Show what was the last time you ordered online? Have your expectations coincided with reality?

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