18 People Showed How 2021 Began for Them. And it’s a Fantastic Inspiring Start

Sometimes you have neither the strength nor the time to be interested in something other than your own worries and problems. But it turns out that if you take a moment to distract from them, other people around you can inspire you to new desires, changes, dreams and goals. For example, like the woman who turned her divorce into a holiday for lovers, or the couple who took home a puppy from the shelter, or the girl who fulfilled her dream and entered the pilot school.


We at Happy Worthy Life are sure that a good example is great, and now, with help of this article, we will prove to you that it is.

1. “I am getting divorced and decided to give my wedding ring to a couple who faced adversity in 2020 and will tell me how she managed to overcome them.”

Such an announcement appeared on the Facebook account of a 39-year-old American woman named Christine. Her ex-husband, upon learning of the plan, also donated his ring as a gift to lovers. These are white gold rings with diamonds, one of which costs about $ 3 thousand, and the other – $ 1,000. They will go to the couple who sent their joint photo and talked about the difficulties she faced and how she succeeded overcome them. The winners will be announced on February 14th.

2. “Since my school years I dreamed of becoming a pilot. Today is my first day at flight school “

“January 25, 2021. First day at flight school ”.

3. “In just a few hours, the number of dogs in my house has grown from 0 to 11. Meet Emmy Lou and her 10 babies”

4. “She said yes.”

5. “I have a friend who is depressed. Today, for the first time since November, she made the bed. And now I went to the store myself! “

6. “My aunt sent me a toy that I played as a child, 34 years ago. Just in time: my daughter will be born in 6 weeks. “

7. “My wife and I are taking the baby from the shelter to his own home”


8. “I have lymphoma and have to stay at home. This is what my colleagues gave me. I work with the best people in the world! “

9. “Borderline personality disorder makes me impulsive. She dyed her hair blonde, immediately regretted it, but my mother and sister arranged a photo session for me in the style of the Tinker Bell fairy, and now I feel better. “

10. “I’m a guy, I’m 21. It would seem a trifle, but I bought my first sofa for my first own home, and I’m incredibly happy!”

11. Adopted a cat but left her brother so I had to go back a few days later and get him too.

12. “Today is my birthday and the year of remission. The new hair has grown back and curly! “

18 People Showed How 2021 Began for Them. And it's a Fantastic Inspiring Start

13. “Recent years have been difficult for me. But on Friday I’m closing on my first home


14. “Today my cherished dream has come true: a personal photo exhibition”

15. “I had nothing to buy food, and I published an advertisement for the sale of the phone. After that, a kind person bought a bunch of food for me and my dog. Thanks!”

16. “Grandpa was very depressed after the death of his cat in December. He didn’t want to hear about a replacement, but his mother still persuaded him to take the kitten ”

18. “And now I have a goose! My name is Valentine, we live in perfect harmony “

18 People Showed How 2021 Began for Them. And it's a Fantastic Inspiring Start

What pleasant events did you have in the new year?

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